Okay, everyone. This is my first Hunger Games fanfiction so no one make fun. I know some of it is not as realistic as it would normally be, but I tried my hardest. Please do not read if you have not read Catching Fire. Also, if marriage and pregnancy make you uncomfortable, you may not want to read this. Anyways, please enjoy!

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That goes for the sequels, too: "Hourglass" and "Gravity."


"Miss Everdeen, I'm afraid you are wanted back at the hospital," A cheery blond nurse poked her head into my room. It was not unusual to get checked up on every few hours or so. I was just allowed to leave my hospital room three days ago, but I still needed regular checkups seeing as how just a week ago I nearly died in the violent Quarter Quell. The people from district thirteen had saved all of the remaining survivors, all the while I slowly bled to death.

"Sorry, Gale. I guess I will see you at dinner then," I sighed, upset that the first time I had been alone with my best friend, nurses had to come along and ruin it.

Gale shrugged and walked beside me to the hospital, like he always did. Normally my sister Prim went with us, too, but even she had to grant me and Gale some alone time.

We walked together in silence, only the click-clack of the nurses heeled shoes on the hard linoleum floor. The halls of this giant sanctuary were only mildly familiar to me. I know on the west end was the giant, high-tech hospital with their fancy supplies and machinery that could cure anything from a head cold, to a ruptured organ. Sleeping quarters were on the south end. That is where everybody slept. Me, Prim, Mother, survivors, Gale, Gale's family, Peeta's family, and Peeta.

Peeta. Hearing his name, even in my head, hurt. I hadn't seen him since he said goodbye to me when it was my turn to unroll the wire that triggered or enemies' deaths. Yet, it didn't work. Someone cut the wire and we were attacked. The memory of Peeta's face before I left him to do my job was permanently burned into the insides of my eyelids.

No matter how much I missed him and wanted to see him, nervousness clawed at my stomach every time I think of when we will see each other next. According to Peeta's charade for the Capitol, we are married and have a baby on the way.

"Here we are, Miss Everdeen," The blond nurse said kindly, opening a door for me on the left of us. I squeezed Gale's hand once before I went into the hospital room.

As usual, a tall, crinkly-eyed doctor greeted me. "Hello, Katniss!"

"Good evening, Dr. Longarden." I greeted the man. We formed an awkward kind of friendship since I spent most of my time in the hospital.

"How are we doing? Please take a seat," Dr. Longarden motioned to a long papered table against the wall. This, of course, was practiced every time I went here.

I sat at the end of the uncomfortably sticky table and held out my left arm, also something I always did here so the doctor could see how I was healing.

Dr. Longarden took my arm in his rough hands, examining the wide pink scar. After a few minutes of checking the scars' color-and-refill and other tests, he dropped my arm.

"Well, Katniss, it seems as though your arm is all the way healed and no longer needs daily checkups, or should we say 'hourly' checkups." The doctor laughed his throaty chuckle. "Now, the eye on the other hand… Let's have a look at it." He took his finger and let it hover above my right eye.

When I sent an arrow through the chink in the force field and electrocuted the whole dome, some matter flew down and burrowed itself in my eye, causing the need to replace it.

My eyes followed the direction the doctors' finger moved.

"Good, good. I see you are adjusting to your new eye well. You may—excuse me for a moment," Dr. Longarden held up a finger as a shrill ringing filled the air. He crossed the room and picked up the telephone. "Dr. Longarden here," he answered. "Yes, she is. I will. Thank you." As the doctor hung up the phone, he said, "Katniss, you are wanted in room 2B. But before you go, I wanted to tell you that you are in great health and no longer need to come here regularly until further notice,"

A while ago I would have been confused by these instructions, but I knew my way around well enough to find it. In the south side where people sleep, there are five sections of rooms. Dr. Longarden wanted me to go to room #2 in sector 2. Easy enough. I don't know why I needed to be there, or who needed me to be there, but all the same I left the hospital unit and made my way to room 2B.

Once I got to the south end, the hallways started looking more like a hotel then a business building. Finding sector two wasn't that hard, seeing as how there was a large, brass number 2 above the hallway. I walked to the room second to the end and knocked on the door.

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