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Chapter 5: FOOLISHLY Enter the Bitchigo

Previously our great hero Ichigo was transported to a wrestling arena to do battle with Edward Dracula's stupid minion.

Ichigo throws away his Sherlock outfit as it is no use to him in battle.

Ichigo:(Arrogantly) Ha! You stupid fool you think you can best me THE GREAT ICHIGO in combat?

Edward:(ArroGAYntly)YES! I CAN EASILY BEAT YOU! The power of my love for Dracula strengthens me and I will use this love to beat you!

Referee:Okay, stop this nonsense and fight already!


Edward:Here I come!

Ichigo and Edward both pounce on each other. Ichigo is stronger than Edward and he throws him into the ring ropes. Edward is bounced off the ropes and Ichigo grabs him and hits him with a flying piledriver!

Edward:(In pain)Ouch! My neck!

Ichigo:(Smugly)How does that feel you stupid bloodsucker

Edward:Humph! I will just have to use my magic then!(saying this he takes out a wand(not wang) and points it at Ichigo)Expelliarmus!

Ichigo goes flying and hits the ring corner.

Ichigo:How did you use magic?

Edward:FOOL! Don't you know that I am also known as Cedric Diggory and that I studied in Hogwarts!

Ichigo:WHAT! I thought Cedric died!

Edward:I Just faked my death because I was bored there and that stupid Chinese fool Cho was too Chineseish!

Rukia:Ichigo!(throws Ichigo a sun torch) Use this on him!

Ichigo:Whats this?

Rukia:It's a sun torch, vampires are weak to sunlight and this light should burn him!

Edward:(Scared)NOOOOOO! Please don't use it on me or I will melt!

Ichigo:(Grins)HEHEHEHEEHE! Die vampire!

Ichigo points the torch at the gay vampire and turns it on but just as Ichgio does that Edward takes his shirt off and the light is reflected and it turns into a beam and hits Ichigo with extreme force!

Edward:FABULOUS BEAM OF LIGHT!(Says Edward as the beam hits Ichigo)

Ichigo goes flying into the ring ropes and breaks them and crashes into Rukia.

Edward:(Now shirtless and shining)HAHAHAHAHA! You gullible fools you fell for my trap!

Rukia:Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, My head, Ichigo are you all right?

Ichigo:…(No answer)

Rukia:OH NO! HE appears to be knocked out cold! Why didn't the light burn you? You are a vampire right?

Edward:(Still shirtless and shining with might)Why didn't the light burn me? That is because I a GAY vampire a sub species of vampires that are not affected by sunlight due to fabulousness and instead grow shinier and reflects the light!

Rukia:Ichigo wake up! Quickly!

Edward:It's no use, no one has survived my FABULOUS BEAM OF LIGHT and lived to tell about it

As the fools are talking they hear an incredibly weird laugh from above.

Dracula:Bleh heh heh heh heh heh heh!(Dracula swoops down and lands near Rukia outside the ring)

Rukia:Dracula! Where were you?

Dracula: I was watching from above bleh, Edward my GAY friend you have done well!

Edward:Oh dear! You say the sweetest things!

Dracula:Finish them now bleh!

Edward:With pleasure!

Rukia:OH NO! Now what? My powers haven't recovered and Ichigo is dead!

As Rukia says dead Ichigo stands up, his appearance has drastically change and a hideous aura of bitchiness is surrounds him. He is wearing a witch's hat, his eyes are completely black and he has elf like pointy ears and a crooked witchy and bitchy nose with a bright red mole on it!

Ichigo:(In a even more bitchier voice than usual)=Dead you say? HAHAHAHAHAHA!=

Everyone is surprised due to the miraculous recovery of Ichigo and scared of his witch like appearance and the bitchy aura surrounding him!



Referee:What's this?


Edward:There's no way you could have survived my FABULOUS BEAM OF LIGHT! Who are you?

Bitchigo:=ME? I am Bitchigo the inner bitchiness of Ichigo that was trapped inside and now I am free!=

Saying this Bitchigo summons his GAINT! 14.443 mm kitana and is now wearing shinigami robes and he jumps into the ring!

Edward:hmmmm I don't know how you survived but you won't survive another FABULOUS BEAM OF LIGHT!(Saying this he grabs the sun torch and point it at his naked shiny chest and a beam of light is fired at Bitchigo!) FABULOUS BEAM OF LIGHT!

Bitchigo quickly cuts through the beam with his MASSIVE Kitana and slices Edward left arm off!


Bitchigo:(In an eXtremely bitchy tone)=HA! Is that all you got?=

Rukia:*thinks*what's going on? Why does his aura feel like a hollow's?

Dracula:(Shocked)His aura of bitchiness is overpowering bleh!

Edward:(Still in pain)WHY YOU!(Takes out his wang(I mean wand) with his remaining arm and points it at the bitch) DIE!AVADA KEDAVRA!

Bitchigo is hit by the killing curse! But instead of dying nothing happen to him!

Edward:(Shocked)WHAT? Why are you still ALIVE?

Bitchigo:(In mocking bitchy tone)=HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You fool I am a hollow I am already dead!=


Due to Edward spell invisible slashes attack Bitchigo but he intercepts them all with his HUGE kitana and then slashes Edward's wang(I mean wand) in half and punches him in the face. He goes flying into the ring ropes and becomes entangled with them.

Edward:*groans*oHhh my face

Bitchigo then points his BIG kitana at him from the west and prepare to finish him off!

Bitchigo:=Wicked Bitch of the west!=(The mole on Bitchigo's nose glows bright red and he screams as a bolt of pure bitchy darkness is fired on Edward)

The inner bitchiness of Ichigo attacks Edward and his mind is assaulted by evil and FOOLISH thoughts and he is in eXtreme bitchy pain!


Bitchigo:=WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Why should I stop?=


Dracula:(Sounding surprisingly concerned)STOP BLEH STOP!

Bitchigo stops his Wicked Bitch of the west attack but move towards Edward and points his LARGE kitana at him!

Bitchigo:=Okay! It's time for you to die anyway=

Bitchigo is about to stab the GAY vampire wizard but is stopped by both Rukia and Dracula!

Rukia:STOP! Don't kill him!

Dracula:Don't kill him bleh!

Bitchigo:=Hey! Let go of me=(he says as he tries to push them off)

Rukia:*Thinks*what do I do to stop him?

As they are all struggling the referee screams!

Referee:WAIT! Ichigo you are not yourself (He takes out something) here take a look at this and remember who you are!

End of Chapter 4:
What's going on? Why has Ichigo turned into a witch like bitchy creature? Why is Dracula worried for Edwards's sake? And what has the referee taken out and who is he really? Find out in the next chapter of The FOOLISH adventures of Ichigo and Dracula!

P.S: Bitchigo's Bitchiness is over 9000!