FallenReaperWolf Stories

Hey everybody so i have loads of story ideas and i know how they are going to end but the only thing i'm stuck on is which to start first so please review and tell me which one you want and that will alow me to choose which tory to start first. You may what to put the order in which you think the stories will start on.

Im also going to try something that i haven't seen being done before, i like to put a tune to my imagination so i'm going to put links to youtube around my stories so if you want you can listen and get the atmosphere of my story, of course you can completely ignore them, i don't mind either way.

One more thing most of my stories will be based around the romantica couple when i inclued the other couples they will be all together. More stories may be added.

To view the music copy the links and place w w w . y o u t u b e at the beginning (obviously without the spaces but it dissapears without the so..).

Existing Through Memory

(Tsubasa Tokyo Revelation - Synchronicity - . com/watch?v=Zofjv3-XF60)

"This all started when i met you" ~ ?

"This all started when i saw into your eyes" ~ Earth/Light

"This all started when you came into existence" ~ Darkness/Cosmic

"This all started when i let you die" ~ Fire

"This all started when you died for me" ~ Water/Wind

"This all started when you accepted me" ~ Ice

"This all started when i saved your life" ~ Lightning

Misaki has been having a strange feeling lately and has developed a habbit of suddenly stopping and turning his eyes towards the sky, he can't place where this sudden uneasiness has come from but what he dosn't know is that Shinobu and Nowaki are having the same problem.

Memories have a habbit of chaging people and soon a simple item will change all of the couples world,

nothing is impossible since not everything is known.

Forever Loyal To You

(Kingdom Hearts II - Dearly Beloved Trance - . com/watch?v=my_W9ZHIUFI)

"I will always follow you, my life is yours for as long as i live"

A life he saved long ago has young Usami Akihiko gaining a special neko servent but unknown to him the neko boy's bond to him is already unbreakable. However with so many disaproving eyes in their direction how will they ever be able to truly be together?