#1 Starlight
Characters: Zulekia and Darriin.
Song Inspiration: Melodies of Life (Final Fantasy IX)
Warnings: Extreme Fluff

The stars that speckled the dark blue sky glittered happily, mixing their lights with the shine of Moon's and casting a faint, white glow across Copperhorn Mountains. Even the creatures of the area were subdued, opting to laze around and bask in the moonlight with their mates, friends, or families. It truly was a wonderful night.

And the veiw is just great… Darriin thought happily, letting his amber eyes wander from the stars to the object of his affection resting curled beside him: A young Shura woman with eyes like pale amethyst and hair as dark as his own. Though her cat outfit left little to be imagined, he was focusing solely on her lovely, sleeping face. With the creatures so docile, there was no need to worry about an attack (though the two kept their weapons close at hand).

Zulekia had little to worry about anyway when Darriin was close enough so that they could share body heat. It rarely got below freezing in Copperhorn, but it did get cold at night.

Pushing himself up onto his elbows, being careful not to disturb his sleeping beauty, the young human unfastened his bounty coat, gently laying it across her body. He had plenty of cloths on under it to keep him warm; there was no need for Zulekia to get sick.

Said Shura mumbled cutely, tiredly reach up to pull her boy back down to the ground with her before cuddling into his side. Darriin chuckled lightly as he did her bidding. He raised a hand up to her face, stroking a bit of dirt from her cheekbone. Leaning over once again, the male placed a chastise kiss on her exposed forehead with a whispered, "Sleep tight" before resuming his position and gazing once more at the stars.

It was indeed a lovely night.