Right now I'm on a plane with my family my father, Peter Banning was beside me. Maggie, my younger sister ran up to dad

"Look what Jack drew"

"That's very nice dear what's that?" He pointed to the fire on the plane

"Fire" she replied

"Oh is that our plane?" Dad asked

"Uh huh" she replied

"Who are all these people?" he pointed to the people jumping out and one of them didn't have a parachute

"That's Jack that's Rowan that's me that mom and that's you" she pointed to each person

"Where's my parachute?" He asked Maggie stayed quiet

"Go talk to him" mom said turning around to look at dad

I should tell you my name is Rowan I have short blond hair and I'm fifteen years old and my father's not my favorite person in the world right now he always forgets about us kids and Jack is really mad at him he didn't come to his baseball gameā€¦again but what's new dads always doing this he's never been to one of my ballet recitals and all the school talent shows he couldn't make it so I just stopped getting my hopes up and knew he wouldn't be there

We got to grandma Wendy's house

"Now remember we're in England land of good manners" Dad said knocking on the door

It opened

"It's snowing" the door was slammed again

Jack laughed and I smirked

"Wow real good manners" I said and dad glared at me as the door was opened again

Our parents went out Maggie and Jack were sleeping I went to the room I was staying in and fell asleep

I awoke out of a dead sleep and shot up something wasn't right I ran to the room Maggie and Jack were Sharing

"Maggie, Jack" I called I tried to open the door but it wouldn't open

"Open the door" I banged on the door

Mom and dad ran up I stepped away and dad opened the door that clearly wasn't locked anymore

We searched but couldn't find them

"Peter" grandma Wendy's voice was outside the door we went and looked and there was a note with a dagger

It was from Captain James Hook