"Some people just can't take a hint" I muttered walking inside ignoring all the stares nobody had moved so I turned around looking at them

"What?" I asked innocently

"Nothing dear" mom said walking to the kitchen

"So what would everyone like to eat?"

"How about Pizza?" I said and everyone agreed we ordered 2 cheeses and one pepperoni

"So…about Kyle" dad started

"Not now" I said folding my arms

"He'll never leave you alone you know" dad said I sighed

"I know"

We ate our Pizza and I went upstairs sitting on my bed I looked around

"Will we ever go back...to neverland?" Maggie was at the door

"I don't know why?' I asked she smiled

"It seemed nice I mean if you forget the whole us being kidnapped" I laughed a little

"We might go back…someday"

"I hope someday is soon"