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Ianto sighed and blew out the breath he seemed to have been holding all day. He kicked off his shoes and threw his coat haphazardly onto the coat rack. Loosening his tie and undoing the buttons of his shirt, he called out into the seemingly empty apartment "Jack?" Switching on the TV, pulling the tie from over his head and placing his feet up onto the coffee table, he finally sank back into the sofa letting his eyes close. After thinking about calling out again, he smiled. Warm arms wrapped themselves around his neck and soft kisses were creeping up his neck all the way to his ear. A hand crept inside the opening at the neck of the shirt and fit itself snugly under his arm.

"Long day?"

Ianto hummed "Mm, you have no idea."

"You haven't changed a bit." Jack smiled against his ear

"Hmm?" Ianto's head came to rest against Jack's shoulder

"Nothing, just haven't told you much lately how sweet you are."

"Jack, can grown men still really be described as sweet?"

"This one can." Jack wondered around the side of the sofa, hopping over the arm and landing next to Ianto

He opened his eyes at the loss of the warm arms wrapped around him, closing his eyes again as he felt Jack's head rest on top of his own.

"I've missed doing this lately."

"Me too."



"I miss you..."

Ianto smiled affectionately at him, kissing him on the forehead "… I miss you too."

And then the world came thundering down around him again and he jolted upright, his heart hammered in his chest and he put his hand to his face, pulling his damp hair off of his forehead. His hand shook as he lifted the glass of water from the bedside table, his mouth twitching into a painful smile as he looked toward Ianto's alarm clock, when he moved in Jack had hated that thing, Ianto had tried to lighten him up about it and put a lot of smiley faced stickers all over it, he couldn't look at it with anything other than affection. The gut wrenching pain of having to lose Ianto all over again every time he had to open his eyes was the worst part, waking up and finding him gone, still feeling the kisses he had only felt a moment ago linger and then fade.

His hand swept over his face and stayed over his eyes, sobs wracking his exhausted body, it was only when he felt firm fingers sweep gently up his back, round his neck and over his hands to pry them away from his face that he relented, and he smiled "Ianto."

"Hey stranger…Another dream?"

"Good morning."

"Is it?"

He laughed and pulled the curtains apart "Yes…It is."

Jack dug his head into the pillow "I don't think so…"

"You can't stay there all day… Come on, up you get."

"It happened again last night." Jack sat up, rubbing the back of his head and yawning

"Third time this week…" He commented worriedly, leaning against the chest of drawers next to the bed

"I'm alright…" He didn't look convinced "Really, I am… just stressed I think, some things playing on my mind…"

He smiled, though his eyes still looked scrutinizing, and sat on the edge of the bed "You sure you don't want me to stay at home today?"

"No, I'll be fine… You get to work… I'll potter around a bit like always." He laid his hand on top of the younger mans and smiled

"Only if you're sure…" He smiled back, slipping his hand away and kissing him on the forehead before preparing to leave the house

Jack sighed as he heard the door slam shut, this wasn't fair on him. Ethan wouldn't be home for another nine hours at the least; he had enough time to do this.

Setting his keys on the table in the hallway, Ethan wandered through into the lounge "Hello?" No reply "You home?" Still silence. A black cat with white paws and a white stomach wandered lazily from the bedroom to the lounge, yawning and stretching on the way through and wound its way round his legs.

He bent down, scratching its ears "Afternoon, Mac." It was then that he spotted the post it note in the corner of the photo on the mantle piece. It was addressed to him; unfolding it he found Jacks scribbled handwriting.

I need to find the Doctor, maybe he can fix me this time…I know it hasn't been fair on you putting you through this. Don't wait up, money for food on the table. I'll be back soon, I promise. Love you xxx

Placing the note on the coffee table, he sighed and picked up the phone, dialling the Chinese restaurants number, really thinking he shouldn't know it by heart. He sighed and set the table, just one place…dinner for one…again. Thanks dad, love you too.

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