The Beginning of the end

Chapter 1

It all began on a ordinary day in in the zoo, the lemurs were partying like usual, the penguins were cleaning their HQ and the other animals were all doing their own things. The zoo was closed so they were all able to have a break and do what they wanted but this break soon came to a end when a loud explosion rocked the zoo, all the animals including the penguins rushed out too to see what was the source of the noise. What they saw amazed them, bright orange fireballs raced across the sky with trails of fire behind them. The animals amazement was soon replaced by fear when one of the fireballs hit the sorvierner store which exploded in a large fireball, the animals scattered and ran for cover as small fireballs struck parts of the zoo. The reptile habitant was one of those destroyed by the fireballs along with part of the Zoo's clinic. The shower of destruction ended with the largest fireball landing somewhere in the middle of the city and destroying part of a mall.

Meanwhile in the HQ the penguins stood together as they heard the final explosion far off in the distance and then just nothing except for their TV, car alarms and screaming. " I..Is it over skippa? " the youngest of the four said to his leader, " I think it is young Private, I don't hear anymore explosions" said Skipper as he listened for anymore explosions but there was none.

"Skipper look at this!" said Kowaski, the smartest of the four as he watched the television, Rico, Private and Rico all turned to see what Kowaski wanted them to see.

It was a news report, the young blonde hair female reporter continued with her report as the penguins carefully listened. " The space shuttle known as the Icarus 5 has malfunctioned and burnt up over new york city, scattering its wreckage all over the city. All of the Icarus 5 crew have perished in this tragic accident, we also have news that several parts of the wreckage have struck the central part zoo and other parts of the city but the largest piece of the Icarus have hit a mall and we confirmed it was the part of the shuttle that was carrying samples from a comet that came close our planet so the CDC had been called in… " The reporter was able to say before the power in the zoo was plunged into darkness, the power lines in the zoo were damaged and finally gave out. But this was wasn't the only problem they had to face in the upcoming months cause this is the day the world as they knew it will collapse around them and rest of the inhabitants of the central park zoo.

Sorry this chapter is so short and that I haven't posted a chapter after such long time. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! ^.^

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