Uncertain Future

A/N: This is the prologue to "Uncertain Future", the sequel to my first story, "Whispered Memories". I got some pretty awesome messages and reviews asking me to post it; so, HERE IT IS! Reviews are much loved!

On the TARDIS…

Rose is sitting in the captain's chair watching The Doctor pilot the old time machine. They were headed for Barcelona, to see the dogs without noses, when they heard a ringing. The two shared a confused look before The Doctor realized what it was.

He jumped across the console room and grabbed the old phone.

"You've got a mobile now?" Rose asked, suppressing a laugh.

"No! This was Martha's. She left in case she needed me for anything," The Doctor explained quickly before flipping open the phone. "Hello?"

"Doctor! You need to bring Rose to Torchwood! Now!" Martha practically yelled.

"Why? What's wrong?" The Doctor asked worried. He could tell Martha was walking briskly, almost running, from the way she was talking.

"I don't have time to explain right now! Just get her to Torchwood! I've gotta go! I need to call Jack and Mickey," Martha said quickly just before she hung up.

The Doctor paled. What was wrong with Rose? Why did Martha need her at Torchwood?

Rose noticed the expression on The Doctor's face. She immediately become concerned. She stood, walked to him, and took his hand.

"Everything alright?" she asked warily.

"I, um," The Doctor ran his other hand through his hair, "I don't know. Just, have a seat and, uh, hold on."

Rose obeyed without arguing. She sat back on the seat and grabbed hold of the rail.

The Doctor made sure she had a good grip before throwing the TARDIS in full reverse, back towards Earth. Despite her tight grip, Rose nearly fell onto the floor. The TARDIS came to a stop after making the familiar sounds of landing.

The Doctor took Rose's hand and lead her to the door. Before opening it, he turned to her abruptly.

"You feeling alright?" He asked as he checked for a fever, then grabbed her wrist and checked her pulse. "Your heart is racing!"

"Yea! Cause you're scaring me! What's wrong?" Rose asked, jerking her hand from his.

"Ask Martha!" The Doctor said as he pulled the TARDIS door wide open.

Martha, Mickey, and Jack were all standing right in front of them. Rose walked out the door and straight to Martha.

"What's going on?" Rose asked impatiently.

"Rose, I need to take a blood sample and run a very simple, very quick test," Martha tried to explain without alarming Rose or The Doctor.

Rose stared at her for a second, then nodded., "Okay, let's go."

Jack led the way into Torchwood. Everyone followed quietly. The Doctor walked silently beside Rose. He was afraid he had made her mad, but she reached for his hand. When he looked down at her, she smiled a weak smile telling him they were alright.

The walk through Torchwood had never seemed longer to The Doctor. They walked past a room that caught both The Doctor and Rose's attention immediately. Neither wanted to relive those memories. They looked at each other, and kept walking.

Finally Jack stopped in front of a door, opened it, and let the others in.

"Rose, just sit up there for me for a minute," Martha pointed at the examination table before washing her hands and putting on the latex gloves.

The Doctor took Rose by her waist and lifted her up onto the table. She smiled at him as a thanks before he retreated to a back wall standing between Mickey and Jack.

Martha took the needle and Rose closed her eyes. Mickey laughed.

"You always were scared of needles!" he joked.

"What a minute! You've seen the end of the world, ghosts, wolves, Daleks, Cybermen, black holes, me regenerate and none of that scared you! But a needle?" The Doctor asked shocked. Rose simply looked at him and stuck her tongue out before squeezing her eyes closed again.

Martha made quick work of Rose's vein and was done in no time. She, Jack, and Mickey quickly left the room with the vile of Rose's blood. The Doctor jumped up on the table with . She laid her head on his shoulder.

"What's this about?" she asked quietly.

"She didn't say. Just told me to get you back to Torchwood," The Doctor explained. He reached over and took her hand, "I'm sure it's alright though."

The two sat completely quiet for the next twenty minutes waiting on the results of whatever test Martha had run. It was so quiet in the room, they jumped when the door opened and all three came back in quickly, in the middle of a conversation.

"There's no doubt Mickey!" Martha said.

"Our equipment is far better than the hospital's! The results are guaranteed 100% accurate!" Jack exclaimed.

The Doctor and Rose looked at each other.

"Oi!" Rose yelled. "Would someone like to explain why you dragged us all the way back here?"

Martha looked at Mickey who looked at Jack who looked down at his shoes.

"Well…" Jack began…

The End…

A/N: Just the prologue for the sequel. As I said in the end of Whispered Memories, this story is going to be significantly longer. 33 Chapters not counting the prologue and possible epilogue. More drama, more comedy, more of my awesome cliffhangers lol any-who...REVIEWS! PLEASE!