Intro- This is a silly sequal to my first silly Scooby fic. The SWAT Kats, while in persuit of Dark Kat's fear ship, are zapped by a bolt of lightning into the Scooby Doo universe! Can Mystery Inc. help the alien kats get back home to Megakat City? Zoinks, I hope so! Rated G.

Chapter 1.

"SWAT Kats!" exclaimed Deputy Mayor Briggs over the communicator, "Dark Kat just stole a vile of chemicals from Pumadyne! He was last seen heading twards his hideout in the mountains!"

"Crud, will that creep never give up?" replied T-bone, as he and Razor were patroling the skies of Megakat City,
"Don't worry Miss Briggs, we're on it!"

As the Turbokat streaked across the sky, Razor used his dimentional radar to locate Dark Kat's fear ship. They couldn't see it from where they were, because they were flying through a horrendous thunderstorm, which was making it a little difficult for T-bone. But he had been through a lot worse storms than this, like when the Pastmaster used his portals to bring monsters from another dimention, called the Dark Zone. But now that the little creep had been sent to the zone by Callie, who was a descendant of Queen Callista, he would bother Megakat City no more. Now all the SWAT Kats had to do was deal with Dark Kat and the other megacriminals.

"I got a fix on DK's fear ship buddy!" exclaimed Razor, "It directly ahead of us, so try to keep the Turbokat straight, and I'll nail that creep with a Banshee missile!"

"Roger that, I'm keeping her steady pal, just fire when ready!" replied T-bone.

"Banshee missile away!" shouted Razor, as he fired the dealy weapon. Dark Kat had no idea that the two vigilanties were right behind him, so unfortunately for the criminal, he had dropped his forcefield. The screaming missile impacted hard into his jet, sending the Fear ship into a nosedive. DK screamed "Nooooo!" as he crashlanded his plane into the ground. The Enforcers were there, including an irritated Commander Feral, who dragged an unconscious Dark Kat out of his jet, and cuffed him. Luckily, the vile of chemicals were still on the criminals possession, inside his coat pocket.
It was then that Feral looked up and growled at the sight of the Turbokat flying away. But then the Commander gasped, as the SWAT Kat's jet was hit directly by a bolt of lightning, and then moments later, it had completely vanished. Feral immediately ordered his troops to search for any debis, but after looking for over an hour, nothing was found. The Commander immediately called Miss Briggs, and told her the grim news.

"Ohhhh Nooooo!" she cried, tears flowing out of her eyes, "Are you absolutely sure about this, Commander?"

"We looked everywhere, there's absolutely no sign of their jet, Miss Briggs.." sighed Feral. "It appears to have been completely incinerated by the lightning. I may not have liked those two interfering with the Enfortcers, but the SWAT Kats didn't deserve to die like that..."

"Unfortunately, we'll have to plan a memorial for those brave kats..." mutted Callie, who was absolutely heartbroken. But unknown to her and Feral, the SWAT Kats were not dead. As soon as the lightning bolt hit the Turbokat, Razor's dimention radar had caused the plane to pass into another reality, although the SWAT Kats didn't know it at the time. All T-bone saw was the ground coming right at him!

"Hang on Razor, we're about to come in for a very bumpy landing!" he gasped, trying to keep the plane steady. The Turbokat first hit a group of pine trees, which sheered off the jet's wings, after which it came to a grinding stop in a large ditch. Incredibly, Razor and T-bone only suffered a few minor cuts and bruises, so as they hopped out of the Turbokat to check the damage, they were both very grateful to still have all of their nine lives.

"Crud, but the Turbokat is certainly history!" growled T-bone. "There's absolutely no way that we can get her flyin' again buddy, looks like we'll have to re-build her from scratch again!"

"All in a vigilanties' day of work pal..." sighed razor, patting his friend on the shoulder. "But let's get under those trees until this storm let's up, I'm getting soaked!"

For about ten minutes, the SWAT Kats took shelter, until the storm started to break up. But when it did, Razor and T-bone stood there in stunned silence, shocked at what they saw.

"Holy Kats, the sky is blue!" exclaimed T-bone. "Crud Razor, you did it again, we're in another dimention! "

"Yeah, the lightning must have shorted out my dimentional radar. At least we know we're not in that other Megakat City where our evil doubles lived, the sky was green there just like ours is..."

"Crud, but getting back to our Megakat City with be a problem, now that our jet is out of commission..." sighed T-bone, "Who knows what sort of life might live in this dimention! They might even not have jets or any other flying vehicles here!"

"We'll just have to find out, partner.." said Razor, "We're also going to need food, and some place to sleep and dry out, my flight suit is soaked right through to my fur!"

"Same here buddy, so let's get a move on.." added T-bone. For about 15 minutes, the SWAT Kats started to walk through the woods, until they came upon a large clearing. As luck would have it, there was a large wooden building in the clearing, and there were several vehicles parked outside it. Hiding low in the bushes, the SWAT Kats could hear voices coming from inside the structure, plus very loud dance music.

"Hm, sounds like a party is going on..." smiled Razor, "I wish we could join it, but we'd probably freak out whoever is in there..."

"I'll say, so let's wait awhile longer until they're done, it's getting dark now.." T-bone muttered. Thirty minutes later, the music stopped, and the partygoers started to file out of the building. There were a total of 20 individuals that came out of the structure, 19 of them teenagers, the 20th a large great dane. The SWAT Kats immedeiately recognized the dog, and the four other human teens with him, because thanks to the Pastmaster, Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby Doo had wound up in Megakat City just a year ago. The SWAT Kats listened, as Fred said, "It sure was nice of that farmer to let us use his barn for the dance!"

"Yeah, thanks for paying for the food guys, the party was awesome!" exclaimed one of the other teens with him.

"Your welcome Charlie, see you guys in school next week!"exclaimed Shaggy, who waved as all of their friends left.

Once the four teens and their dog were alone, Velma said, "Well, looks like it's up to us to clean the place, before the farmer comes back next week."

"C-Can't we wait until tomorrow morning , this barn is creepy at night.." gulped Shaggy.

"Reah.. " said Scooby, "C-Creepy.."

"Oh stop it you two, there's nothing scary out here, it's actually peaceful, come to think of it.." said Fred.

"But wh-what about g-ghosts.."muttered Shaggy.

"Shag, for the last time," sighed Velma, " it has been scientifically proven that wraiths, spectors, phantoms, and ghouls are a sheer myth. In other words, there's no such thing as a ghost!"

'Y-yeah, b-but what about that skeleton sorcerer the P-Pastmaster! He exists!"

'Shaggy, that was in another dimention, remember? But thanks to Callie, that skeleton was banished to the dark Zone..." said Daphne.

"That reminds me, I wonder how our friends, the SWAT Kats are doing.." pondered Fred outloud.

'Not very good at the moment, I'm afraid.." said Razor, as he and T-bone stepped out from behind the bushes.

"RIKKKKKKES!" exclaimed Scooby, as he jumped into Shaggy's arms. "It's the Rat Rats!"

"Shhhhhh buddy, not so loud!" whispered T-bone, "We don't want anybody except you and your friends to know we're here! That's why we waited until the others left!"

"Zoinks, but why ARE you here?" gasped Shag, who knew that these alien kats were friendly, but their presence on Earth still startled him, as well as the others.

"Let's get into the barn and we'll tell you the whole story.." sighed T-bone. "Razor and I need to dry out our fur.."

"Er, sure thing SWAT Kats.." said Velma, "Are you two hungry, there's some food left over from our dance.."

"Famished!" exclaimed Razor, as they went inside. After he and T-bone ate, and told the team of Mystery Inc. exactly what had occured to them, Fred said, "Oh great, then you've got no way to get home?"

"Afraid not, the Turbokat is history.." sighed T-bone. "The wings were sheered off, and the engine is shot. I don't suppose you human kittens know where there's a spare jet plane lying around?"

"Um, no.." said Daphne. "But just so you know, we're not called kittens, we're human teenagers.."

"Oh, sure, sorry.." smiled Razor.

"Wait, yes, I do know!" exclaimed Shaggy, "About a mile from here, there's a junkyard!Scoob and I explore it all the time! And there just happens to be an old derelict army plane in the back. It's an old propellor job, not a jet, but it's still a plane!"

"Cool, maybe I can convert it into a jet, if I had the proper tools.." muttered Razor.

"Which we don't, they're back in our hanger, remember?" sighed T-bone. "Crud, looks like we are stuck here forever.."

'I have some tools in the mystery machine.." said Fred.

"Freddy, I think they mean high-tech tools, not your father's old hammer and socket wrench.." sighed Velma.

"Did you say a socket wrench?" Razor replied, "Perfect, I'll need it to remove the propellors from this old airplane, so I can attach a jet engine to it. Did you see an engine in this junkyard Shaggy?"

"Oh sure, the U.S. Army throws all sorts of used things in there.." smiled Shaggy. "Engines, cables, electrical wires, all sorts of things..My uncle is in the army, so he gives me and Scoob permission to look through the yard for things... like spares tires for the mystery machine.."

"If we make you guys a list of stuff, can you get it for us?" asked T-bone.

"Sure, if we can find them.." said Fred. "Just stay here in the barn where it's safe, we don't want our government to know about you, despite shaggy's uncle being an army soldier..."

"Fred, if I know my Uncle, he would want to help the SWAT Kats get home!" exclaimed Shaggy.

"It's too risky.." said Velma, "We've got to do this ourselves, Shaggy, understand? Your uncle is just a private, there's nothing he can do for us right now. So let's all get some sleep, we'll go look for your supplies first thing in the morning, SWAT Kats.."

"Thanks.." smiled Razor. "You guys are alright, you know that?"

"Your welcome.." grinned Scooby Doo. "So are you, Rat Rats!"