Chapter 3- The Dumb criminals

"Alright, Sherlock, explain to me just how we are going to trap those alien cat creatures without being torn to shreds?" gasped the criminal named Billy.

'Simple, we make them and those kids think the barn is haunted.." said Chestor, as he opened back of their van, "
As you can see here, we have the proper items to do so.. My uncle was not just a criminal mastermind in his heyday, but also a master of disguise, and he handed down all of his best costumes and gadgets to me! Tonight, after everyone goes to sleep, we'll create such a panic, that those fools will run for their very lives!"

"But we won't be able to scare those aliens!" exclaimed Billy.

"No, but they will certainly try to find out what's causing all of the spookiness.." smiled Chestor, "And when they do, we'll lure them to a trap we will prepare especially for them! Here's a shovel Billy, start digging a large hole in the ground, we'll cover it up with large branches, and if everything goes according to plan, it will soon be filled by a couple of alien kat creatures!"

A few hours later, when it started to get dark, Fred drove the SWAT Kats to the junkyard so they could take a look at the old derelict airplane. Razor additionally looked around for a jet engine to replace the prop-job's propellors, and very soon, he found a small one that he could modify in just a few days. He and T-bone also located some electrical wiring to connect the dimentional radar device to the engine.

"Well Fred, if everything goes alright, we'll be leaving for our dimention in less than a week.." smiled Razor.
"But we'll start on this tomorrow, I need to make a few more adjustments on the device.."

'Besides which, I'm beat.."sighed T-bone, "The gravity of your world is a bit heavier than ours.."

"Hmm, yeah, I kinda noticed that when we were on your planet.." said Freddy. "Then you SWAT Kats better get back to the barn and get some shut eye."

"I'm all for that.." yawned Razor. About an hour later, both alien kats were fast asleep inside the barn's hayloft, while the team of Mystery Inc. snoozed on the ground in some sleeping bags. But then Scooby Doo's ears started to perk up, when the dog heard something strange... a low clinking sound. Opening his eyes, Scooby looked around, and saw nothing at first. But then, to his utter shock, something came through the wall.. a pale white ghoul that was carrying a chain. Shivering uncontrollably, Scooby Doo then gasped, "G-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-ghost!"

"Huh?" muttered Shaggy, who suddenly sat up. Spotting the phantom, he shrieked, "Zoinks!" which woke everyone up. Upon seeing the ghostly intruder, Fred and the two girls gasped, and ran over to where the SWAT Kats were asleep. Waking them up, Fred exclaimed, "Guys, we've got to exit this creepy place now, it's haunted!"

"What?" replied T-bone, who upon seeing the chain-carrying ghost, said, "Are you kiddin Fred, that thing doesn't scare us in the slightest! Hey, whatever you are, beat it, we're tired!"

"Yeah, you're probably just a figment of our imaginations, so scram!" added razor.

"I am the spector of this barn..." moaned the ghost..." leave this place now, or be doooooooooomed!"

"You heard the thing, let's get out of here!" shouted Shaggy, as he and Scooby Doo ran out the barn door.

"Oh, come on already..." yawned Razor, "What are you going to do to us anyway if we stay here, huh? Now shut up, before I beat the crap out of your spector hide!Gees T-bone, I think I've been eating too many Mongo peppers lately, they're giving me hallucinations.."

"I know a perfect solution to both of our nightmares.." muttered T-bone, who raised his glovatrix, and fired at the spector, which was not a spector at all, but rather Chestor in disguise. The crook gasped as he was struck by a mini-
net missile, and hit the floor hard. His co-hort Billy suddenly ran into the barn upon seeing this and raised both of his hands in the air.

'Ok, Ok, we surrender, d-don't shoot me too, this was all his idea, PLEASE alien kat creatures, don't tear us into pieces!" he cried, getting onto his knees.

"Huh?" muttered Razor, "Look buddy, whoever you are, just stop whining, you sound like a baby kitten.."

"Ha, I should of known, it was a fake ghost.." said Fred, as he stepped up to Billy. "Just who are you two anyways, and why did you try to scare us?"

"Well, um, Chestor here wanted to capture the aliens, and give em to the police.." said a still nervous Billy. "Ya know, for a hefty sum of cash. But I told him it was too dangerous, but he wouldn't listen to me.."

"Oh, really.." muttered Velma, "You know something, it sounds like your hiding something fella..."

"Who, m-m-me, No, of course not!" Billy gulped.

"I think not.." she replied. "Don't these creeps look familiar to you Fred?"

"Well I'll be!" he exclaimed, "They're Billy and Chestor Bungle, the two bank robbers! You guys stole a million dollars from the Coolsville bank two weeks ago!"

"And I have a hunch that they hid the money somewhere in this barn.." Velma stated.

"Oh, you mean this?" said T-bone, who pulled out a large suitcase from underneath the straw. "I found this awhile ago, but I was so tired, I decided to wait until tomorrow morning to tell you kids about it."

"Thanks, we'll give this to the cops after you guys go back to Megakat City.." said Fred.

'megakat City, where's that?" asked a dumfounded Chestor.

"Oh, it's just a hop, skip and a jump into another dimention, you can't miss it.." grinned Razor, showing his sharp fangs, "Want to see it, there's over three million of us there.."

"N-No th-thank you..." gulped Billy.

"So, what should we do with these two until the police arrive?" asked a curious Daphne. "We don't want them to get away and tell anyone about the SWAT Kats."

"The one on the ground isn't going anywhere, nobody can break through those nets.." said T-bone, "As for Mr. whiner here, I suggest to you, that you stay put in this barn and don't make any more noise, or I'll shred you to pieces!

"Y-yes, M-Mr. alien kat creature, I understand c-completely.." Billy gulped.

"Listen, our names our Razor and T-bone, and we're thinking beings, not creatures," sighed the smaller SWAT Kat,
"Sheesh, are you dumb.."

"Speaking of which, where are Shaggy and Scooby?" pondered Velma, who suddenly heard two tiny voices calling her, Daphne's and Freddy's names. They and the SWAT kats ran outside, and in moments they found the boy and his dog, who had fallen into the hole that Billy had dug to capture Razor and T-bone.

'What are you two doing down there?" sighed Fred.

"Panicking actually.." muttered Shaggy. "Can you get us out, we fell in here when we ran from the it gone, by the way?"

"It was a fake ghost, Shag..." said velma. "Just hang on a minute, while we get a rope from the mystery machine.."

Once Shaggy and Scooby were pulled out of the hole, everyone returned to the barn and had a good night's sleep, because the two criminals were smart enough and scared enough to not cause any more trouble. They were kept as prisoners inside the barn for the next week until the SWAT kats were finished with fixing up the plane. Razor even gave it a paint job, and when all was said and done, the new Turbokat was ready to blast off.

"Wow, it looks even better than your old jet!" exclaimed Shaggy.

"Thanks to my own inginuity.." smiled razor,proudly. "Well then, I guess this is goodbye guys, thanks for everything!"

"You too, it was great seeing you again!" exclaimed Velma, who gave both SWAT Kats a warm hug, as did the other teens. As for Scooby, he gave T-bone and Razor each a slap on the paw, and growled,"Rick some tail, Rat Kats!"

"That we will!" they smiled, as they boarded their new jet. The sleek craft blasted off, and then using his dimentional radar, razor set the proper coordinates for their own dimention, and with one blast of the speed-of heat engines, the SWAT Kats were back, high above megakat City only a few hours after they had first dissapeared. Upon seeing the Turbokat from her office window, callie screamed in delight.

"SWAT Kats!" she exclaimed over the communicator, "You're alive!But Commander Feral said your jet was destroyed by the lightning bolt!"

"Na, we just took a little trip into Scooby's dimention.." said Razor. "It's a nice place, but I wouldn't want to live there, right T-bone?"

"Yeah, but I'm still gonna miss that cool dog, buddy.." smiled T-bone. "Scooby dooby doo..."