This is my first story, so any advice or comments would be awesome. Also, people who are familiar with the books know that Bartimaeus uses footnotes when he narrates. Because Fanfic doesn't have them I'm using text in {} brackets instead.


My essence welcomed the rest and spread out taking in the healing of the other place. Although Nathanial had discharged me for a few weeks before he was called back that was hardly enough time for it to heal properly after being degraded by the two years of servitude. My essence shuddered, thinking about Nathanial. Why would he do something like that? Pulling a Ptolomy on me and expecting to have redeemed those exhausting two years during which he acted like such a magician? Mind you, the last few days were an improvement. Of course, only when he was showing potential did he go and get crushed. The iron girders were meant to finish off Nouda but hundreds of pounds of metal coming down couldn't have been too good for Nat either, iron or not.

After some amount of time, I began looking at the events in a different light. Their world thought I was dead, all record of me would be marked with "Deceased" and I may never be summoned again! All eternity to drift around in the Other World, it was a very pleasant thought.

Just as I was pondering whether eternity was long enough to fully restore my poor essence I felt a familiar tug. Oh no you don't. And I tried to resist, but as usual I was dragged unwillingly back into their world. My essence needed something to be compressed into and I decided an incarnation of my opinion of the situation. It was a thick black cloud with the odd spine sticking out. Lighting flashed within occasionally and a pair of glowing red eyes peered out peeved.

"What do you want." The cloud said, annoyed and unceremoniously, or at least until it saw the person who'd had the nerve to summon it.

A scrawny boy with sandy brown hair stared up at me, flinching every time I let loose a flash of lightning that lit up the dreary room.

Well, This was familiar.

The boy was a small, spindly character who couldn't have been much older than ol' Nat when I first had the pleasure of meeting him. I sprang a huge head and a few taloned claws, {Both taloned and clawed. I think that's pretty impressive.} hoping to shock the kid out of the protective circle he was sitting in so I could go back and return to my peace.

It had the intended effect and the squirt would have leaped up to run for his closest parental figure if he hadn't tied his ankles and a wrist to heavy weights.

I decided this kid wasn't worth my usual wit and briskly checked the pentacle for any mistakes. There was something a bit unusual about it, but no problems, so I decided to do the usual thing for these sorts of situations. Act too big, of too small for the person. Most of the time magicians don't actually summon someone like a high level djinni and have them work on the first summon.{Though, I can think of an exception right off the bat.} They usually call them up, see if the being is worth their time then send them back until they decide. Honestly, it's as if they're window shopping, but I have a feeling I've mentioned this before.

I decided that the best way to deal with this kid was to scare him into dismissing me. I made a show of stepping out of the cloud, with several more taloned claws, and puffing out my chest.

"Who do you think you are, summoning me?" My voice boomed throughout the room, rattling the windows long after I'd stopped talking. It was a bit of a let down how the kid seemed to keep his cool.

Well, sort of. He looked like he might have wet himself, but he was still managing to talk in a steady voice, which makes him one up from quite a few adult magicians I've dealt with.

"Who am I?" He said, he paused, probably for dramatic effect. I was never a huge enthusiast for this, why couldn't people just get to the point? I motioned for him to get on with it and he continued. "I am John Mandrakes' son."