A/N: If you have not read My Personal Sun I suggest you read that first or this story may be confusing and some things may not make sense. This story takes the place of Breaking Dawn. Also I don't own Twilight Stephanie Meyer does and all credit for characters goes to her with the exception of original characters who belong to me.

It was a beautiful overcast morning in La Push. I was walking through the forest with my Jacob. When we arrived at the meadow, Percy was playing with Sam's son Jason. All of sudden ,vampires surrounded us. There were about fifteen of them, and I didn't recognize a single one.''

''Percy, get over here'.' Jacob ordered. He slipped one arm around me ; the other was around Percy, holding him in front of him while Jason got behind Jacob.

''Now, Jacob, you have a choice. Give us your son and you will all live. Don't, and you will see all that you care about taken from you.'' The tallest vampire snarled at him with authority. Clearly, he was their leader.

''Go to hell, leech. I 'll never give you my son.'' Jacob said with warning in his voice, starting to get angry. He couldn't phase, or he'd hurt Percy and Jason, as well as would know we were in danger. The pack would be here in no time to save us. A few seconds later, they arrived, and the fight began.

''Guys, move.'' Jacob said as he phased, ripping through his clothes, becoming a beautiful russet wolf. The battle went on for a few minutes. A vampire used what seemed like power over wind, water and metal. I thought this was strange, as vampire powers don't work on werewolves. I watched as Sam, Embry, Quil, Paul, and Mike fell. Then I watched as Jacob fell to a vampire's bite. Colin, Brady, Leah, Seth, and Jared couldn't take them all on. There were simply too many of them. The remaining pack members phased back and surrendered, which werewolves would never do, but it didn't matter because my world had ended. I ran over to Jacob's body in tears with Percy and Seth following. Jason ran over to his father. I put my ear to his heart and listened as it slowed. I wanted to feel his warmth one last time. He was dying, and there was no way to save him. He looked up at me with a look as if to say, "Take care of Percy and I will always love you both.

"Jared and I will take care of Percy and Bella.'' Seth said with sadness in response to the look Jacob gave me.

''Jacob, please, don't leave us.'' Jared said with tears in his eyes.

''Jacob, nooo! Don't leave me!'' I cried as his heartbeat continued to slow. And then it stopped and his eyes closed. He was gone.

''Jacob, please come back. I need you; you're my best friend." Seth said in tears.

''Jacob, come back! I can't be without you. I love you.'' I said, crying.

''Daddy, please! Wake up! Wake up!'' Percy cried as I noticed the most ominous storm clouds I had ever seen overhead. Something was very wrong, but I didn't care. My entire world had been taken from me.

''Welcome to the New Age. Soon we will bring down the old regime, eliminate all you mutts, and start a new one without any of you to interfere. We shall rule once more,'' a vampire said.

I continued to cry when all of a sudden, I heard a calming, husky, reassuring voice and I felt warm hands shaking me.

''Bella, Bella, wake up.'' The husky voice said as someone was shaking me.

''Come back, Jacob. Don't leave me alone. You said you'd never leave me.'' I cried.

''Bella, wake up. You're having a nightmare.''

''Get off me monster!" I yelled.

''Honey, it's me. It's Jacob. I'm right here.'' Jacob said as I heard the clicking sound of the lamp.

I woke up and immediately embraced Jacob, and he put his burning hot muscular arms around me. After such a horrible dream, being in the warmth and safety of my Jacob's arms couldn't have felt better, and I just breathed in his woodsy scent.