After a five and half hour flight, we landed at Seattle Airport. Carlisle was gracious enough to arrange a ride from the airport for us. When we got home, the remaining members of the Council guard had gone back to New York, but Sharif was at Emily's house to greet us.

Jason and Galen ran over to greet their father, and gave him a big hug, and Emily a big kiss.

"I missed you guys,'' Sam said. "Did you have fun with Sharif?''

"He was a blast,'' Jason said, as Jared gave his son, Jimmy, a big kiss.

"I missed you, buddy. So great to be home,'' Jared said to his son. Just then, the phone rang. I happened to be nearest, and answered it.

"Hello, living room of Beta werewolf, Sam Uley on lovely Friday evening in June. Whom may I say is calling?'' Everyone in the room got a nice laugh from my Producers reference.

"Good evening, Jacob, it's Edward, just welcoming you back home. Hope your flight went well.'' I was surprised by his call, and he knew we were at Sam's house, but it didn't matter. He was being very generous and I appreciated it.

"It did, thanks for your help in Romania. You know, Edward, I never thought I would say this, but I think you and I can be friends. You're a decent guy. In fact, your entire family is very classy.''

I had to stop myself. I couldn't say anymore. There was an awkward silence for a minute, and then Edward spoke.

"Thank you, Jacob. You're a very good person too. Bella is happy with you, and that's all I ever wanted for her. If you all ever need anything, we are here for you."

"Thank you,'' I replied, as the oven timer went off.

"Supper is ready, everyone,'' Emily announced, as the pack went to help her set the table.

"I've got to go, Edward. Jake is very hungry, and his supper is ready,'' I quipped. Edward seemed to get a laugh.

"Well, enjoy it. We'll speak soon,'' Edward said as hung up.

"That was Edward, welcoming us all home to this fine county of ours,'' I told my friends.

"Well, that was very gracious of him," said Bella.

Sharif cut in. "That's great you guys are friends with Edward, considering what he is.''

I wondered how Sharif knew, but I figured his father must've told him about the Cullens.

"He's a very classy guy. Come on, time to eat. Thanks for cooking, Emily.''

"You're welcome, as always."

We had our dinner and had light talk. Sharif was leaving the next day to go New York to be with the council.

Mike turned to Jessica while sitting down on the couch. "I can't believe I'm going to be father, Jessica. Soon we'll have a wolfie of our own, and Jake and Sam's kids will have yet, another cousin."

"Yeah, and perhaps they can babysit. He'll have more uncles than anybody,'' she replied.

"Have you thought about any names yet?'' Bella asked.

"We want it to be a surprise. If it's a boy, I'd really like to name him Alexander, so we can call him Alec, and if it's a girl, Florence," she announced.

"Alec Newton—I like the sound of that,'' Mike exclaimed, grinning.

"I'm surprised you're not considering, Isaac,' Quil interjected, to which Mike replied, "Maybe I will, dude. Maybe I will."

A few minutes later, we all headed home, and to bed. My two champions feel asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. I took a shower, and put on my pair of blue basketball shorts—Bella's favorite. I got into bed with my precious wife.

Before falling asleep, she said, "I hope this was the biggest adventure we ever have. But with you, one never knows. I know this though; life with you could never be boring. You are, and always will be, the love of my life. I can't imagine doing it any other way. ''

"Thanks, Bells I can't imagine a life without you either. I have the perfect wife, and two, soon to be teenage boys. I love you, Bella,'' I said, kissing her passionately.

Bella kissed me back, and said, "Our life really is perfect. I love you too. I heard her say, "Good night, Jake,'' as we drifted off to a dream filled sleep.

Nepal, Outside Kathmandu:

The ground shook and rumbled. A fierce north wind blew from the mountains. Something was stirring. The leader of the village turned to his fellow council members, and said, Something wicked this way comes.