I watched the musical two days ago and I'm still obsessed! I wrote some drabbles, but all of them being bookverse. This is following the musical story and ending. I wrote it for a challenge on LiveJournal, the promp was "Outside In - Your pairing, in the POV of other characters". I hope you like it.

Warning: Spoilers for the musical.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything! =(

Her Priority

She told me, the day we left Oz, that she wished we could let Glinda know we were alive and well. I remember saying we couldn't, we would never be truly safe if anyone knew. What I couldn't remember before was the look on her face as I said the words. But now, it's impossible not to, because she has the exact same look.

"She's in danger…" she whispers, almost unaware that I am beside her.

"I didn't say that…" I try to explain, but she interrupts me.

"You just said, the Wizard's followers are making a comeback! You know they blame her. They can't blame me, they think I'm dead, and it's like he said once… they need an enemy. She has the Grimmerie," she looks back at me, the expression impossible to miss now, "I've heard she's getting good with her magic now, and she can even read some of it, but I'm the only one who can tap into its power. All of it."

"Glinda can take care of herself," I try to reason, "She's been doing it, on her own, for the past three years now."

"Yes, because I've been too selfish all this time," she surprises me by saying the words, "It's about time someone took care of her."

I can't reply. Instead, I just stand still, facing her as if I am looking at a stranger. "When did she ever take care of you?" I ask, and soon realize I shouldn't have.

The anger in her eyes makes it obvious, but she still says the words, "Don't go there."

"Why not?"

"Because you wouldn't understand."

"So help me," I see the expression on her face softening, "Help me understand."

"You wouldn't, my dear," she risks a smile, but I see some sadness in it. "Most of the time, I don't understand it myself." She turned, and I knew she had made up her mind. "I'll be careful, I promise."

"I risked everything for you…" I spoke, trying to get her to see, to come back to reality, "And now you're risking everything for her…"

She just smiled. "She was ready to risk everything for me, either. But I didn't let her."

"But you let me."

She didn't reply. Instead, with a sad smile, she got closer to me and kissed my lips so gently that I barely felt it. "Goodbye, my Fiyero. I'll see you soon. I just need to do this."

I almost didn't hear her, and I almost didn't see her leaving. Because in my head, all I could hear were my own words and my realization. You let me risk everything for you, but you didn't let her. And then it hit me, that Glinda was always her first priority. Because, sometimes, being with someone is not the greatest proof that you love them. But being brave enough to stay away, no matter how much you want them close, because you know it will make it easier on them, that is.