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Chapter 1: Taken

Charlie blamed me for Renee leaving us.

It's the only explanation I could think of. It's the only reason that was almost good enough for the way he treated me. It isn't so awful, especially because I only have to see him when he gets up for work. He works the night shifts at McMasters. It's a sheet metal factory. When I leave for school, I have to be extra quiet since he sleeps during the day. It's rare if he is still up when I leave. This came with one advantage, by the time I was nine, I could sneak anywhere, being quiet was my gift.

Charlie rarely hits me, but when he does, he goes all out. It's been almost nine years since I've seen my mother, and it seems the only time I get a real beating is on the anniversary that we left Phoenix for Forks. Dad didn't want to be around all those memories, he said. I had wanted to stay; we left behind everything, all my friends, all our family.

I guess they weren't my family anymore, since Renee turned her back on me… on us.

His lunch was already packed; I had to make extra for dinner, so he could take it the next night for lunch. Charlie didn't stand for cold cut sandwiches. He also didn't stand for late dinners, and if I didn't kick it up a notch, it would be. His alarm goes off at 6:15; dinner had to be on the table at 6:30.

Today I was making fish with green bean casserole. If it was just me, I would have had French fries. The casserole was baking and I was frying the fish in lemon juice when I heard the familiar long beeps of dad's alarm clock. I turned the oven up and flipped his fish. At least his would be ready. I could just say I'm not hungry. That always made him happy, thinking he was saving money.

We had an average house. Nice sized, not big, not small, the only real down side was that we only had one bathroom. I liked being average though. I liked blending in to my surroundings where no one really takes notice.

I set the table in a hurry, upset that I had misjudged how long dinner would take. I grabbed his plate, flipping the fish onto it, putting two uncooked pieced in the pan, grabbing the oven mitts. I could hear his boots on the stairs. I flipped the oven open, not bothering to wait for the first wave of heat to pass before pulling the dish out. I slopped two scoops onto his plate and put it down just as he entered the kitchen.

He harrumphed; upset he didn't have a reason to yell at me, but he would find one soon enough. He sat down, inspected his fork and after a moment, pushed it into his fish. I turned back to the stove, flipping the two pieces I just put in. I was already on edge.

"Where's yours?" He said gruffly.

"I'm not really hungry. I'm just going to finish cooking your lunch for tomorrow and be done." I said as nonchalantly as I could.

"Cook something else." I looked over at him, and he met my eyes harshly. "I want something else tomorrow. The laundry needs done and the bathroom upstairs is getting filthy." He dared me to disagree. I just cleaned that bathroom yesterday.

I just nodded at him; he scowled and shoved a mouthful of green bean casserole in his mouth. He coughed it up, spitting it back into his plate pushing his chair back and standing up. I was going to get it now.

I turned the oven off, and cowered back. Charlie usually just made me feel horrible about myself, but on really bad day's he hurts me. I wasn't sure what kind of day this would be. I was never sure with Charlie, not anymore.

Before mom left, all I had were happy memories. Going to the zoo, daddy giving me great big hugs when he came home from work, he had been a cop then. All I remember is how happy everyone was. Apparently, my mother hadn't been happy, but I hadn't noticed.

"Are you trying to kill me!" he bellowed. "You're just as slippery and conniving as your mother." I didn't know what I did wrong. The casserole was fine, I didn't see how any of that could have killed him, but I have been screamed at about less logical things so I let it come, just a daily occurrence that barely meant anything anymore.

"You whoring about? You like that I'm not home at night, so you're 'friends'" he put in air quotations "can come over and fuck you. You mean nothing to them, you mean nothing." I looked down, not meeting his eyes as he went on. The topic change was normal. Once he got the ball rolling, it just collected more and more insults until it exploded, sometime he left if a rush, sometimes he hit me.

I didn't have friends at school, not anyone I could really mention anyways. I stayed in the background and let things happen how they should. I knew no one there really cared about me, let alone notice me or talked to me.

Maybe I should be more outgoing, maybe I would never fit in, but one way or another, I knew my father was right. I didn't matter, I probably never would matter. Mom left us too, mom left me behind, and my dad was all I had left. Sure, he was a shitty one, but he stayed.

Sudden movement brought me back to reality, his hand coming around over my shoulder, I thought fast dropping to the floor and yelping, bringing my hands above my head. I heard a bag wrinkle and my father's laughter. He had just grabbed his lunch from the counter behind me.

"Pathetic." He walked out the door, keys in hand. He didn't have to be at work until 8. I knew what he would be doing until then, hitting up his favorite bar, The Salty Dog. I sighed as he left. Putting what I could in left over bins and pulling out ingredients for dad's lunch tomorrow. Beef stroganoff was always a hit, and I guess I was eager to please since I was going beyond expectations with his lunch choice.

For the first time in twenty minutes, I wished that I could go back in time to when things were happy. I was sure my child like brain had imagined all of that joy, but not all of it, and I knew for a fact then had been happier than now.

I wanted my mommy back.

I cleaned up everything I didn't need, filling the sink was soapy water so I could wash the dishes and cook at the same time. I thought about turning the TV on, but I didn't want to think about much right now.

I was pathetic. I didn't stand up for myself, and I didn't mind my father tearing me down like he did. I embraced it all. If I was a stronger person, I would have packed my bags and left by now. I guess, since Charlie was all I had left, that I loved him. I hoped he loved me too.

No one would understand, no one could, but Dad was all I had left, and that meant something. I wasn't sure what I meant to my father, but he was my family. My one and only person that took care of me and gave me a house to live in and food to cook, he may not make me feel good about myself, but at least he saw me everyday.

Everything was cooking just fine when a hard double knock sounded at the door. My first thought was, 'oh shit, dad got in a bar fight.' I turned everything down a few notches on the stove incase the door took longer than expected. I walked through our living room to get to the door, peaking through the hole. My sleeves rolled up and my arms soapy.

Two men, both tall, one taller than the other who had blonde hair, the other bulkier with black, they were probably cops, or bouncers. They looked tough enough. I didn't see my dad, but that didn't mean much. He had only been gone an hour. He could get in a lot of trouble in an hour. Maybe these guys were just stopping by on their way home to inform me my father would be spending the night in jail.

I opened the door. I had no idea that this would be the moment that changed my life.

"Can I help-" The guy on the right grabbed me, the one on the left jabbed a needle in my arm, hitting the plunger with his thumb, I stared dumbly, wondering for a moment if this was a joke. I slumped, falling into the thicker guy's chest.

"Let's move her. Leave everything how it is, and make sure no one is alive in there." The guy holding me said, as the taller guy pulled out a gun. How lucky was my dad that he left for work early? I was glad he wasn't home for this.

With my dad's well being floating through my head I forgot to worry about myself. Everything went black.


"I'm serious, she's coming to. Should we give her more?" The voice was hazy, like he was talking through a blanket. I felt tingly and my mouth felt like a whole wad of cotton balls had been shoved in it.

"Felix," a pause "we gave her an adult male dose, she is out until we deliver her. Stop flipping out, you'd think this was your first time." This voice was calmer, he had things under control, but he was muffled. I stored the name Felix into my memory bank, hoping I could recall it later if I ever got a chance to rat these bastards out for kidnapping. They should know my dad had no money. Even if he did, he probably wouldn't pay it.

"Demitri," He mocked, using the same tone. "I know she's coming too, she just moved her eyes. This isn't my first time which is why you should trust me." Another name to memorize, I pried my eyes open, I was in a cage. Metal bars above and around me, I was on a black piece of plastic and the smell of piss hit my nose harshly when I moved.

We were in a moving vehicle. Felix and Demitri had drugged me, shoved me in a cage and were driving me somewhere. A few warnings came back to me. In a kidnapping situation, the victim rarely survives, the victim needs to stay alert and run as soon as possible. Scream, if surrounded by people, tell those surrounding people what is going on. Those were all fine and dandy, but what about in this situation. I was in a moving car. Can't run, didn't have anyone to tell, screaming wouldn't do much good since no one was around to hear it. That left just dying, great.

"We're almost at the transport doc. If she's moving, she won't remember a thing later." I couldn't tell who was who, and when I tried to recall their names, I drew a blank. My eyes closed and I had to fight off sleep. I needed to stay alert.

The car, or whatever this was I was in, began to slow. Had we arrived where I would die? Were they going to kill me and throw my body in a dump? Would I be one of those girls? Would I be a face on a poster forever?


Cold, I was cold. I pealed my eyes open as something tightened around my foot, I was lying on metal. The same tightening sensation happened to my other foot. I was in an awkward position. I tried to straighten myself out, but I just tugged at my restraint and went back to the same position.

My restraints? What the hell? I pealed my eyes back again, it was harder this time. Like my eyes desperately wanted to stay closed but I need to get out of these feet restraints so I could close my legs. I looked down trying to get a look at what was happening.

These drugs were making me think slowly.

I was naked! No wonder I was so cold on this metal table. Wait… where they going to rape me? I heard about people being kidnapped for sex. I didn't want to be raped! I would rather just be killed, quickly please and thrown in a dumpster.

My head rolled back, thumping on the metal. The ceiling was grey, the walls a darker but similar shade, I saw a flash of metal to my right and when I turned my head in that direction, slowly and weakly, there was a man holding an instrument of torture.

Oh. My. God. Please don't let them torture me.

"Be careful there little one. Wouldn't want you to hurt your head." He was speaking to me as if I was a child, although, I was young, younger than him, it made me mad that he was treating me like this. I should have been mad that he was about to shove that thing inside me.

"She's been fading in and out." A voice from above my head, the same one from inside the car, his name had been… Felix! Yes, I remembered. I was distracted for a moment as cold metal entered my body, I gasped, and tried to push off the table with my hands, and they just flopped off the table, hanging there. I felt scraping, a tugging.

"Virgin." The guy beginning his torture said. I shuddered. Why in the hell would that matter? I fought some more, actually getting my arms to cooperate for all of four seconds, but enough to get me to sit up. Two men, the same ones that had taken me, forced me down.

What the doctor had put inside me, was pulled out, and plopped on a table. It was heavy because it made all the other metal instruments jump.

"Finish up!" Demitri said, I watched as the doctor went over to a burner full of hot coals, they were glowing red. It looked like a long metal stick coming out of it; the Doctor gripped the handle and pulled it out.

It was a brander. I was going to be branded like a cow, like meat, and given away. I tried to push away, I tried to fight Demitri and Felix, since I knew what was going to happen next. The Doctor positioned himself, held my foot and pushed the brand on top of it.

I smelt the burning flesh before I felt it. I gagged, and a scream came out, the after effect from the pain hitting me hard. I gasped and he pulled away. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see Demitri and Felix's face as this happened.

Something cold was put on my foot, and I felt a small tugging sensation, were they bandaging me up? I opened my eyes again, trying to look and see what was happening to me now. I still struggled against the two men.

"Give her a half dose. She's a fighter." Demitri said, he must have been the leader of the others. I memorized his face for a second before the other spoke.

"He's going to love to break her spirit." Felix replied. What the hell did that mean? Holy shit, was I a gift? Was I being trafficked? What was it called…? Human Trafficking? That was worse, I would be raped repeatedly, and death would have been too kind.

I felt another needle, this time in my thigh. I went under again.


I gasped sucking in water, I struggled. They were going to kill me! Had I slept through the raping part? I really hope so. Two people were holding me underwater. It was cold, and I was still naked. I pushed off the bottom, this was a big tub. They pulled me out, I clung to the first thing I could, the side of the tub. I guess since my life was in danger, the adrenaline would overcome the drugs.

"Jesus." Felix said, but he wasn't close, I tried to look around, but I couldn't focus. I guess the drugs were still in my system enough to stop myself from being fully functional. "Demitri," He yelled, a door opening. Great, they were getting back-up to kill me. I flopped myself out of the tub, the two people that had held me down, actually helped me out. Their hands were small, and soft, they had to be girls.

I could see outlines. Where they trapped too? What if I was a concubine for someone in another country? What if it was something worse? Like that movie Hostel. Someone would buy me to kill me, I would be worth more because I was an American and I was a Virgin.

"Demitri, get your dick out that women and come here! She's awake again!" He screamed again. Oh man, I was going to be raped; I was going to be one of these women. Did anyone passing through get to have me? Was it like a prostitution ring? But I thought they said I was a gift or something like that?

I heard a door slam, and I crowded into one of the girls laps, wrapping my arms around her neck. She responded, pulling me tighter. I'm sure I was getting her all wet but she just let me rest my head on her shoulder as I shivered.

"It'll be alright." She whispered. "It's fine after you get used to it." I cried out, for the first time since this has happened, I let tears fall. I was going to get raped. I was going to be tortured and they were going to keep me alive.

"What's your name?" I asked, happy that one person was being nice to me. If I spoke to her, I could focus on something else instead of my fate. Things would be alright if I just held a conversation. The drugs were still affecting my mind.

"Angela, but you aren't staying here sweet. You are moving on to a better place." I remembered her name. I felt another needle go in my shoulder. Had she meant they were going to kill me? Was that better place heaven?

I lost control of my arms, but Angela put me down softly. She was so gentle, I opened my eyes to try and see her face but it was pointless I felt the blackness coming over me again.


I was so weak.

I had tried and tried to open my eyes but it was useless. We were moving again. I wasn't in a cage, but I was tied. I guess they figured I wouldn't wake up again. They were wrong. I didn't have a high tolerance, well I guess I did, but I never did any drugs before, I don't know why I could fight through it.

"Turn down here." Demitri directed. "You have to stop at the gates. They will inspect for any weapons or unwanted passengers." The driver did as he was told, he stopped.

"Purpose of visit?" I'm assuming the guard was the one that asked.

"Delivery." Felix responded. The doors opened, I was expecting this to be my stop, where Felix and Demitri parted from me, but he just pushed me over. I still couldn't move.

"Nice outfit." The guard commented. I knew I had some form of clothes on, but I doubted that I had much on. It felt like underwear, and a bra, I'm sure there was a little more too it, but I couldn't open my eyes, I was working on it though.

The doors closed, and the guard moved on, after another minute, he gave the all clear and I heard metal clinks. Was there a gate? I was going to some rich guy's house? Oh man, this could be Hostel, or the concubine thing, or, I swallowed a dry gulp, a sex slave.

"Did she just make a noise?" Felix asked, I'm sure someone was inspecting me.

"She couldn't have, she has two doses in her. All the others are out with one." Demitri responded, a bit of curiosity in his voice. So there were other girls? This had to be human trafficking then.

"She's a bundle of surprises and fight. I bet she's a sex kitten." Felix said a whole new tone to his voice I never heard before. Was that lust? "A real fire cat."

Oh man, I was a sex slave, but not to either of these men. I was being delivered. I was a gift. I didn't try to swallow again; I just dealt with the uncomfortable cotton flavor in my mouth. I didn't want them to suspect anything when I ran, if I could.

How would I get passed the gate? Let alone, how would I do anything when I couldn't even open my eyes? I didn't want to risk it now. What if it was too late later? It's not like it would really matter, I couldn't move anything.

I couldn't even feel my foot. Was that from the tranquilizer or had they numbed it? I moved it just a little and pain shot up my leg. Nope, it was from the drugs. I held in my wince, and shuttered a little. I waited for them to comment on me again, but they didn't.

We drove for another ten minutes it felt like. So running that distance with my foot, without a guarantee that I would make it passed the gates? I didn't think I would get out. I was trapped, but I wouldn't let my 'owner' have me. I would fight. He didn't own me. I wouldn't let him.

We stopped moving. The guys were out, and I could hear muffled talking outside of the vehicle. I tried to listen, but it was to no use. Whatever it was, I would never know. The door opened at my feet, and a rough hand pulled me by my knee. I grazed over a seat belt buckle and couldn't help but arch my back. Shit. I was still loopy, that's for sure.

"Demitri, she's moving again." He cursed. So that meant Felix was the one carrying me? He curved his one arm under my legs, and the other around my back. He picked me up, the sensation made my head spin and for a moment, I almost slipped under again.

"Let him decide, she's a few steps away from not being our problem anymore." I was limp in his arms, I tried to lift my head but it was useless. It was uncomfortable with my neck like this. That was the least of my worries, but the drug was starting to affect my thinking again.

I wasn't carried very long when I was dropped, or thrown on the floor. I willed my body to respond, but I just landed in a heap on the floor, it jarred my shoulder and my hip, my foot hit the floor, but other than that, I would say I was fine.

"Just hoping it would set her sleeping again." Felix said, if anything, he made me wake up just a little bit more. I tried to move, but my hands and feet were tied, all I ended up doing was falling like a turtle on my back. It was useless trying to get up. I felt something bubble forth from my throat and a laugh came out. I was stuck on my shell. How funny!

"She's fucked up still. You don't have to worry about that." Demitri replied. I must be at my final destination.

"Go get him." Felix said.

"No, he's psycho. You go get him." Demitri replied. Great, my master was crazy. Two of the biggest guys were afraid to go get him. A cough sounded from a distance.

"I hope you weren't talking about me." The voice was predatory, a growl and threat wrapped up in one. I had to open my eyes, I tried, but I blinked. Light flashed and it hurt me. It was too bright. I tried again, and I could keep them open. Focusing was another matter though.

"No Sir," Demitri said, I could see him straighten up on my left.

"Is this my early birthday present?" The new guy walked forward, as Felix slipped by above me, he disappeared through the stairwell.

"No Sir," Demitri said, as the guy came into view. He had a crew cut, sandy blonde hair and stubble, the beginning of a beard. He wasn't half bad looking with his sharp features, but he had a cruel hint to him, he face screwed up in anger as he heard what Demitri said.

"I want her." The angry man asked as he reached out to me, touching my bare side with his short calloused fingers. I shied away, adrenaline kicking in as I realized just how much danger I was in at the moment. The drugs were definitely affecting my thoughts.

I pushed off the floor, rolling onto my stomach. It was sloppy, and I grazed my chin on the carpet. I couldn't keep my head up.

"She's still fighting." Demitri said. "We gave her double the dose and she's still awake." I couldn't look around now. Stupid. Stupid. I put myself in a worse position.

"Give her more." The angry guy said, it was a simple solution.

"That would be nearing the lethal dosage; we don't want to risk her. She's already had too much, it could damage her." Oh, Demitri explained. So I could have brain damage, maybe that's why I couldn't move how I'm used to.

The angry guy flipped me over, pushing my shoulder, when he had me how he wanted me, I felt his hand go across my stomach. A cry bubbled up, and it came out as a short soft groan. I managed for my tied arms to come up and I tried to push him away, it was weak, but that was all I was capable of.

"Did you hear that? Oh, she wants me." His hand went lower, dipping below the elastic of whatever kind of underwear I was wearing. This time, the adrenaline pulsed through me fully. I wasn't going to be raped! I sat up, pushing him back and getting free, taking him by surprise. I slinked back like a worm, pushing with my tied feet. I ignored the pain shooting up my leg from my brand; I wasn't going to let him touch me. He recovered quickly, and if I thought he was angry before, now it was scary.

He caulked his fist back ready to punch me. I closed my eyes bringing my arms up awkwardly for protection. I braced myself, I waited, and it never came. When I knew it wasn't going to happen I opened my eyes. The angry man was on his back, another man I hadn't met was above him on one knee. He pushed himself up, offering a hand to the angry man.

"She's mine." The new man said, and the angry man swatted the new man's hand away, acting a sore loser. "James." The new man warned, offering his hand again, and he took it this time, pulling himself up. So the angry man's name was James, and he wasn't the one that owned me. Well great, I think.

"You're dismissed." The new man said to Demitri and Felix, they took their leave, Felix winking at me as he passed. I heard one say to the other how much fun Edward was going to have.

Edward was the new man. My owner's name was Edward. He turned to me then, and I had to look away, glaring. He had bronze hair, piercing green eyes and an angled face, all tied together with a straight nose and a strong jaw line.

He was hot, and I hated him already.

That's the last thing I remembered before it went black again.