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Epilogue #3

Sweat covered me like a second skin, my muscles burned but I couldn't stop now. The longer I waited the harder it would be for me. Edward is ruthless, refusing to allow me to fight my own battles with him until he deems me ready. I am starting to think he will never find me ready.

"Move that ass Cullen, or I'll bite it." Speak of the devil.

"Is that really motivation for me to go faster, Cullen?" His laughter lightened my heart and I found I could move faster with him egging me on. We'd entered the Tough Mudder, it was a twelve mile challenge and rather intense obstacle course.

"Move that ass Cullen, or I'll bite it." Emmett said, laughing as that too made me pick up my pace. Rose was slightly up ahead her blond ponytail bobbing, a man was speaking to her, his head looking her over while she was staying focused.

"You should be worried about Hale's ass right now. Looks like someone is moving in on your girl." I turn my head back for just a moment to make sure Emmett heard me. He was moving up the pack quicker now to step in between Rose and the guy up ahead. When Emmett, Alec, Jasper and Edward had been injured it had taken them all about a year to fully recover.

Alec, Bree and Jane were in the witness protection program. Jane sent updates, pictures and letters through the Denali's and we sent her things back. Carlisle and Esme haven't been located and there has been speculation that they didn't make it after they ensured the others and our safety. They had given up the helicopters to us... I just hoped they were in hiding and not dead like everyone thinks.

The next obstacle came into view, a cargo net spread across a ditch filled with mud. The challenge was to work together, to get through it all without leaving anyone behind and... I guess to stay clean. Mud seemed to be the punishment if you couldn't get through a challenge, except the very muddy army crawl in the very beginning.

"Can you do this?" I asked Edward. He'd damaged his shoulder, he couldn't rotate it fully and this challenge required some shoulder flexibility. Edward kissed the side of my mouth before slapping my butt, letting me know to get moving. He liked being behind me, keeping a watch on my progress and being able to step in if anything went wrong.

Halfway across the cargo rope web Alice and Jasper caught up with us. Rose and Emmett were waiting on the other side, looking around and jogging in place. The man that had started talking to her wasn't around anymore. A few others were also hanging from the rope and running through the mud instead of attempting the actual challenge.

Jasper took a round to the chest and his upper body strength was still not how it used to be, Alice started off before him after sharing some hushed words. They'd gotten married a week after Edward and I. Rose refused to have a piece of paper define her relationship so her and Emmett were just... together.

We made it across, I was out of breath but Edward seemed fine. I could keep up with him, beat him in hand to hand but endurance was my weakness. Edward could go for hours and I couldn't, he wanted me to improve before we went back to stop the Volturi family completely. They were still going strong and stealing girls according to Eleazar and Carmen. There had been a short time where the family business struggled and almost died out but after the warehouse explosion the business started up again.

Edward swore never to leave me behind again, so here was our compromise. The Volturi needed stopped, we had to stay together and training to take them on as a six pair team against the crime family was a way to fulfill both requirements.

"We have everest and the lake to get through before the end." Rose said right as Alice and Jasper joined us on the other side. I was afraid of the end... there were live wires hanging down in front of the finish line but of course Edward said I needed to get over it. If I were to get wounded I needed to be able to fight through the pain. We continued on, Edward beside me as we ran through the terrain as a team.

Alice was short so her steps needed to be quicker to keep up with Jasper. She did a good job and we were over everest, which was a large pile of rock and dirt quickly. Next, we'd have to jump off the edge of everest into the cold lake and swim across to the live wires. Rose dived in, not wasting time, I followed right after. She'd always led our team so it was a hard habit to break for her not to be first. Carlisle had been the boys leader so there didn't seem to be a problem with those three working together instead of having a leader.

The lake was freezing but I powered through, happy that all the mud I'd collected would be washed off but nervous about running dripping wet through the electrical wires. The six of us were the first group to finish across the lake. A few others kept up with us but it seemed the last mile run and the swim is where the other challengers weren't able to keep their pace up.

Edward took my hand before the live wires and we went through together, our clasped hands making the electrical current worse by coursing through both of us but I held on tight. Alice finished first, overtaking Rose at the lake and not letting her catch up. They were fighting right now, Rose, well she did have a problem stepping out of her leader role. The FBI wasn't in charge of us anymore and they had assigned her role.

Our completion time was two hours and thirty two minutes. Edward picked me up in congratulations, swinging me around before I latched onto his mouth and forced my tongue inside. I liked being intimate in public. It had taken him awhile to even walk beside me outside of our compound in fear that someone would recognize him, and therefore, me.

We had a personal picture taken before we headed home, our drive back would be a few hours so we left before the bulk of the challengers finished. Any photos of us could be leaked on the internet and we didn't want anything to link us back to our location. We were slightly paranoid about being hunted down.

"I really needed that." Jasper said, moving his shoulders back to work out an ache. "I don't feel so incompetent now." He smiled before opening our volvo wagons back passenger side door. Emmett and Rose had driven down so it was Edward's turn to drive. I took the front passenger seat, buckling in. We'd have to clean the car out since there was so much mud. Alice climbed in, sitting on Jaspers lap. Rose took the middle seat, Emmett behind Edward.

"Me too." I tell him. "I've been training my ass off to be able to keep up with you all." Edward squeezed my knee before backing out.

"Well I would have been first if Alice hadn't-"

"Hadn't what? Kicked your ass across that lake despite diving in last. Go ahead, ask the boys. I dove in after them." Alice bragged, kicking Rose a little in the backseat.

"Don't make me turn this car around." Edward said, eyeing the four of them through the rearview mirror. Rose huffed and Alice grinned. Alice could see the future sometimes, it happened a lot more when she was younger but I had a feeling she knew she would win the tough mudder even though finishing as a group first was the real win.

Everyone bantered the entire ride home. We lived in the very top of the west main street condo, we each had our own room and bathroom, but we shared a living room, music room, kitchen and study (which I called the library). We liked staying together, the boys had lived together their entire lives and after us girls had been left behind, we had stayed together then too.

Of course Emmett went up first, taking the stairs so he could do a quick reconnaissance mission before we all went up through the elevator. The security was pretty tight around here though. Camera's twenty four seven, swipe cards and there was an instant text alert sent to everyone if a door or window was opened when the alarm was set.

Inside I headed straight for a shower, throwing my muddy shoes in a plastic bag beside the sink as I went.

It felt nice to get all this mud and grime off me. My muscles ached, my head pounded but I felt proud of myself. I'd completed Edward's challenge and could endure the whole run with the obstacles. He'd have to agree to us taking out the remaining Volturi now. Then, after Jasper feels like he is back to a hundred percent we'd be out there again.

The light shut off in the bathroom. I froze my hand halfway to the shampoo bottle before the curtain was pulled back and a very dirty body stepped into the shower. Edward didn't like me seeing his body, he had too many scars, he says, but I still find him beautiful. Each mark was something he earned, he'd gotten them fighting for us and that made them wonderful. I kissed his mangled shoulder from the explosion, bringing the bar of soap down across his skin to scrub him clean.

He found my mouth in the darkness, my back against the opposite wall and I grew slick in another way that had nothing to do with the cascade of water. He'd refused to sleep with me until I agreed to marry him. We'd married very quickly after his declaration. I'd waited years to lose my virginity and if marriage was the final step... well it was barely an obstacle.

His fingers caressed my thigh before he brought it up, picking me up off the tub floor. Edward is taller than me, so in order to line up he had to hold me that way. His free hand found my inner folds, he groaned when he found me so slick. I reciprocated, my hands finding his shaft. I pumped twice before pulling him forward to my opening. I needed him inside of me, I ached for him every hour. I arched, pressing my breasts to his chest as his cock slide between my folds, not entering. He liked our skin touching, liked the sensation of our intimates pressed so close without penetration. My lips found his ear and I bit it softly so he'd groan again. I was rewarded with his deep guttural growl and his hand holding me up moving to my backside. That meant he was going to take me now.

"Yes!" I hissed, his head entered me slowly before he rocked forward, my head hitting the tile wall behind me. My legs tightened around his hips, my feet pressing into his buttoxs and I pressed back against him. I wanted him to ride me, to make me see stars and lose feeling in my legs again. Edward was of the bigger persuasion and it had taken me some time to get used to his size. He slammed into me, fast and deep making sweet pained grunts and groans as he did so. I fought back, arching and gripping at his skin, marking him.

"Say it." Edward hissed into my ear, I was so close, my legs spasmed every time he pressed forward. I opened my mouth to answer him, to give him what he wanted but I was so close, my voice sounded hoarse and squeaky.

"I love you, Edward, I'm yours." I screamed, my orgasm rocking me, my nails digging into his upper arms and my back completely off the bathroom wall. He continued on, his arm coming up to balance himself against the wall above me, his other moving behind my back. Edward could tell when I was about to orgasm, he liked his name screaming out of my mouth. His hips and thrust were keeping me up against the wall. I sucked on his ear, panting before regaining some of my leg control and pressing back against him again.

He may have prolonged my endurance physically but I couldn't hold back my orgasms.

Another hit and he groaned as I chanted his name this time, soft waves of pleasure instead of the explosion the first one had been. I didn't lose control of my legs or our rhythm, keeping up with his thrusts. He started to grunt, his breaths coming in short burst which is his tell that he was about to cum.

Edward became very silent after he came, leaning into me, his hips slowing before stopping completely but still holding me up off the tub floor. I kissed his neck twice, slowly unwrapping my arms and then my legs from around Edward's body. He kissed me a few times, taking my lips harshly, making them ache.

He had a hard time accepting the good things in his life. Edward believed he was neither capable of love nor that he deserved it. He had returned to me broken, thinking worse of the world than before but still being Edward. It had taken him a very long time to tell me about this and once he had we found a way to combat his disbelief. When Edward had first awakened he didn't believe I was real, he had hallucinated me for years and right before he and my hallucination would kiss, she would disappear. So, when something wonderful happened he would kiss me, usually hard, to get his mind to believe what just happened.

I exited the tub, got the floor all wet and flipped the light back on before getting back in the tub. Edward gave me a serious look about having turned the light back on, he didn't like being so exposed and knowing that I could see his scars. He swam with a shirt on, that's how upset he was about them.

"Thank god that was you." I said, smiling broadly. "It was so dark it could have been anyone sneaking in here to take advantage of my body." Edward laughed, rolling his eyes at me before pulling me into him and ducking me under the stream.

"How is it that you can always make me smile." He asked, grabbing the shampoo, squirting some out and coming up to soap up my head. I grinned, earning a chaste kiss before I answered.

"I know you too well, Edward." We washed each other, paying special attention to our naughty areas that were extra sensitive. A great thing about this condo, the water never ran cold after hours of running. Edward and I were very wasteful. He kissed me a lot, over and over but I didn't think it was to remind him that this was real.

Edward knew what this meant.

I was ready, Jasper was almost healed and soon our break from the mafia world would be over. Edward would be going back, only I would be joining him in his fight. He didn't want it to be true, he didn't want me to risk my life.

"It will be alright, Edward." He shut the water off, grabbed the towel on the rack and wrapped me first, before going back for another. Edward didn't speak, he rubbed at his bronze wet head and shut the light off again with his free hand.

"You don't know that." He hissed, angry that I had brought it up again. Eventually the Volturi needed to be stopped, we had to be the ones to do it. We had the FBI backing us up here, he knew everyone involved and I was angry enough to want to kill some human trafficking bastards!

"We can stop them. It will be alright, Edward." He dropped his towel, pulling me to him before placing me on the counter. His fingers found my core, smoothing over my clit as he groaned into the side of my neck. I guess we'd talk about it later. My fingers found the light switch clumsily, knocking over our toothbrushes as I flipped the switch, the bathroom illuminating. He growled, but continued on his mission without pause, leaving the light on.

We'd figure something out. Edward knew how to distract me but he could only keep this up for so long... and I loved every second of it.


Human trafficking is a very serious and very awful occurrence that happens all over the world to young children, women and men. To learn more or join the fight, visit this website below. (Get rid of the spaces).

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