Chapter Two

"I remember the towns people were almost back to normal after the vampires were locked away in the tomb, well most of them" Damon began as if narrating the story. Bonnie, Damon and Stefan were linked together mentally and what Bonnie was seeing were their memories. 1864 to 1869 was what she was interested in most. She saw how Emily had helped Katherine escape and made the Salvatore Brothers into vampires, well helped them in their transition.

Stefan and Damon had heard the rumours; people were suspecting that a lot more than vampires existed in the world. Emily had taken charge of the Apothecary once owned by Pearl, and with the help of Anna, helped the other witches gather supplies for their spells. But too many people were now practising black magic and using it for evil intentions, misusing the power for selfish purposes like love spells that back fire and even more serious black magic like voodoo and putting hexes on people they hated. People were aware and they were planning to eradicate the witches again like the Salem Witch trails of 1692, Emily along with them.

Bonnie was jolted back to present time and Stefan and Damon opened their eyes as well, Elena had been watching them the whole time.

"Bonnie? Is everything ok?"

"Is that how Emily died Stefan?" Bonnie asked.

"Yes" he said with a sigh, he didn't want her to know.

"They discovered that Emily had destroyed all records of sales at the Apothecary, covering up all evidence that could've lead the Sherriff to finding out just who the witches were"

"Oh my god" Elena said.

"And there's another bomb" added Damon

"What are you going to tell her Damon?" asked Stefan, protective of Elena, but Damon just ignored his brother and continued.

"It turns out Emily Bennett had a child a few years earlier and had given her daughter to Katherine to keep safe and hidden"

"What?" Bonnie and Elena said in unison, then Bonnie put two and two together.

"Emily knew she was going to die, she had to carry on her bloodline"

"And how did you know this Damon?" Stefan asked, turning toward his brother

"Because Bree told me, you remember Bree don't you Elena?"

"Yes from Atlanta"

"Well she's Emily's daughter"

"Wait, how is that even possible?"

"She did kind of an immortality spell but it wore off a while back when she met me and over the years, having had so much of my blood, a little ironic don't you think?" he said with a grin.

"You know Emily's daughter?" Bonnie asked Damon

"Correction, knew, she's dead"

"What?" Elena and Bonnie said in unison for the second time

"Yeah, an unfortunate accident, she was found on the floor of her bar missing her heart" and everyone looked stunned. But Damon just shrugged and added

"Sounds like a werewolf to me"

"Wait, werewolves are real too?" asked Elena

"Yes" Stefan replied before Damon could.

"Are there any in Mystic Falls?" asked Elena, she was really interested.

"Yes but he hasn't made the transition, I'll tell you later" Stefan told her.

"is it someone we know?"

"I'll tell you later I promise, right now we have to finish this for Bonnie" he looked from Elena to Bonnie.

"Are you ready Bonnie?" he asked her.

"Yes, let's go back"

They all held hands, Elena included this time, and their minds travelled back to Friday the 13, 1869, the date known as Black Friday because of the retail sales worldwide that had caused so much death and destruction, several people were trampled on their way to the sales, the death rate hit the hundreds, and this disaster took the worlds eyes off another event; the destruction of all the witches, but as Bonnie and Elena discovered, all the women who burned to death were innocent, they were only human. As Grams had told Bonnie, no one could ever destroy a real witch, only they ones who pretended. Then a thought hit Bonnie, if witches can't be destroyed by humans, then how did Emily die?