"Lovi! Lovi!" Antonio's cries filled the house over and over again. Still no answer.

Where is he? Every door he tried held another empty room.

"Where is he?" he yelled at France, who was currently laying on the floor with a bloody nose.


"I checked every room in this house! Where is he?" If looks could kill, France would be dead and buried twice by now.


Every room flitted through Antonio's mind, bedrooms, bathrooms, the attic… he hadn't checked the attic.

"I so swear, if you did anything to him…" France shook his head quickly.

Back up the stairs he went calling Lovino's name the entire way, but still no answer. He grabbed the door knob, only to find it locked.

Running back downstairs, he screamed "Where is the key?"

"I-I d-don't-" France was cut off by another deadly gaze from Spain. "H-here." He handed it to Antonio who was back up to the door in record time.

He opened it, only to find Romano's unconscious body before him.

"Lovi…" Gently, he picked Lovino up and carried him out to the car. Not even looking at France, he asked "Who were you holding him for?"

No response.

"I said, who were you holding him for?"

Still silence.

His head whipped around, only to find France no longer there.


No response.

Romano gently stirred in the backseat, returning Spain's attention to the matter at hand. I have to get him home.

Russia watched as the two drove away, France currently unconscious at his feet. It had been easy enough to "convince" him to snatch Romano. He pulled out a piece of paper; identical to the one Romano had thrown into the fire. He had been so close to tricking little Southern Italy… But another chance was sure to come along.

"Become one with mother Russia, da?"