"Look at this. Copyright 1994." Hoagie let out a low whistle, letting the old textbook smack to the floor. "It's practically an antique; how can I trust this thing's views on the atom?"

Abby sighed, laying her pencil into the crease of her own book to mark her page as she set it down next to her legs. "You're stallin', baby," Her back popped as she stretched mightily from her position against the bed. Flopped on his stomach atop the covers was Hoagie, one arm dangling off to brush her shoulder as the other propped up his chin.

"But Abs, I am never going to get this. Science used to be so easy for me, and then they added in all these weird things like isotopes and ions and plate tectonics. I'm hopeless," he let his head hit the mattress as he spoke, muffling his upset voice. Abby turned around to look at him, mildly amused.

"We ain't even studyin' plate tectonics. Say somethin' positive, Hoags," she chided as he lifted his face to glare at her.

"Proton." he said dryly, his eyes narrowed with seriousness. She groaned, covering her face with her hand in mock exasperation.

"Fine! How about ya teach me geometry instead? Would that be better?" she cried, tugging her pencil from the old pages. His eyes lit up behind yellow tinted lenses.

"Geometry I can do!" he bubbled happily, sliding down the bedspread to sit next to her. She smiled before getting a look at the page he opened to in the math text.

"Angle what is congruent to what now?"

His own mood turned grim as well and he slipped into teacher mode. "Let's start with the basics. This," he pointed with his pencil "is a line."

Oh, I'm so punny. Sophomore year is already a pain, you know that? I blame 2nd Hour Biology for this little piece, which of course was followed by 3rd Hour Geometry. Ah school, you eat my day away, but you're great inspiration.

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