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Alternate ending to the episode 'Truth' from the first series.

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"Gwen!" His eyes widened in horror as he saw his cousin fall into the yellow portal just as a Null Guardian was making it's way out of the other side. Ben knew he had to get Gwen back no matter what it took. His hand slammed down on the Omnitrix and a four armed monster appeared in his place as he frantically began to race to the portal.

It was closing slowly and the Guardian was coming down upon him with fierce shrieks and cries of war. The tentacles wrapped around Ben tightly to squeeze the life from him and he was thrown down to the cold, black street by the creature's brute force.

The portal kept closing.

Ben struggled against the monster until he couldn't fight any longer and he went limp only to have the creature's tentacles tighten around his body. With a burst of fury, he broke the Guardian's grasp with a fierce explosion of power from all four arms pushing outward at once. His golden glowing eyes checked on the portal's rate of change…

But he saw nothing.

And the projector fell over the edge of the bridge, falling into the abyss of water below, never to be found again.


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