That special someone loves to see the light in your eyes.
Courtesy of AsHaYaM a2

"Captain?" Spock said again when he stood beside Jim's chair on the Bridge. Jim did not seem to have heard him so he tried once more. "Captain?"

"Oh. Sorry, Commander," Jim said, looking up at Spock. His expression was entirely appropriate to his duty but there was a gleam in his eyes that made Spock feel slightly unsettled. In a good way but unsettled all the same. "Did you need me for something?"

"Are you unwell, sir?" Spock asked because he knew the Bridge crew expected it from him. They had not been impervious to the fact that Jim had failed to answer until the third time Spock addressed him.

"I'm fit as a fiddle, Spock. Just lost in thought," Jim assured him. "What can I do for you?"

"We have achieved standard orbit over HaelOrmg, sir. They have requested that the crew rotate off in groups of 50."

"Of course," Jim agreed with a nod. "They are welcome to begin whenever it is convenient to the planet."

"Very good, sir," Spock agreed, glancing down at the Captain one last time before returning to his station to relay the message to the transporter room. That done, Spock turned to finishing up some of his reports so that when their turn on the rotation came up, he'd be able to beam down to the planet with a clear conscience.

Precisely on time, beta shift arrived on the Bridge, Spock and Jim waiting until they all assumed their stations before leaving the Bridge themselves. Spock was watching Jim as they took the turbolift down to their quarters, Jim unusually quiet.

"Are you certain you are feeling well?" Spock asked him quietly.

"I'm fine," Jim assured him, turning to look at him with a bright smile. "Excited about shoreleave. Even having the next few days with very little demanded of us."

"The rest will be welcome," Spock agreed, studying Jim who continued to smile at him. Spock thought he looked unusually happy even though he was strangely distracted.

"Extra sleep. Extra time to ourselves," Jim added, leaning a little closer to Spock's warm body. "Extra time for lots of things."

"Indeed. Research. Paperwork. Correspondence. Reading."

"Right," Jim laughed, his eyes sparkling. "Any of those are fine if you can do them horizontally."

"I see," Spock said, pretending to consider it. "Am I to be confined to quarters?"

"Not quarters. Bed," Jim whispered into a beautiful ear.

"I see," Spock repeated a little breathlessly. "That is…satisfactory."

"More than satisfactory," Jim assured him. "Fabulous. Exciting. Hot."

Spock could only nod, the words and Jim's expression threatening to burn away the tenuous control he had over his desires. His desire to strip Jim naked in the turbolift and make love to him. To kiss Jim all over until they were both breathless and incoherent. To feel Jim beneath him and on top of him and in him and….

"Stop," Jim whispered, leaning hard against the lift wall, his fingers splayed to prevent them from grabbing Spock. "Please stop."

"Apologies, t'hy'la. I should have more control," Spock said, lightly kissing Jim's mouth.

"It's not like I mind," Jim assured him. "But can't you wait 3 more minutes?"

"Yes," Spock agreed, kissing him again and only releasing his mouth when the lift stopped. They made their way as quickly as possible to their quarters, refusing to break into a run but it took all their strength of will to prevent it.

"What brought this on?" Jim asked as Spock greedily kissed him, divesting him of his uniform in record time.

"You. The look on your face. The light in your eyes."

"There are lights in my eyes?" Jim asked between hot kisses.

"More so than usual," Spock said, backing Jim up until he collided with the bed. "Is it the idea of shoreleave?"

"Partially," Jim said, allowing himself to be guided onto their bed, Spock laying over him to continue his feverish kisses.

"What else?" Spock asked, trying to sound more eloquent but not able to. The heat between them was threatening to melt his brain and he was fine with it.

"I'll tell you after," Jim promised, helping Spock remove his uniform. Or more accurately encouraging him to hurry by kissing him and biting him and touching him in ways that made Spock hunger for more.

When they finally came up for air, arms and legs tangled, warm in the afterglow, Jim's fingers were threaded through Spock's hair, as always marveling at the near-downy softness. It looked so much heavier and coarser when it reality it was a luxury to touch.

"You have spent considerable time contemplating my hair," Spock said in a lazy voice, the air moving across Jim's chest.

"I love touching it. That I can touch it," Jim admitted. "Messing it up."

Spock hummed in response, pressing a kiss in the flesh closest to his mouth. He almost frowned when Jim extracted himself. "Where are you going?"

Jim kissed him quickly before standing next to the bed. "I'll be right back."

Spock watching him, enjoying the view of his bare body as he crossed over to the closet they shared. It wasn't long before Jim reemerged with a flat box, a golden ribbon tied around it. He could not imagine what Jim was up to when he sat on the edge of the bed and extended the box to Spock.

"This is for you," Jim said, his eyes sparkling.

"Why?" Spock asked, not quite knowing what else to say.

"It was going to be your birthday present but I decided I couldn't wait to give it to you," Jim said, leaning closer to kiss him.

"My birthday?" Spock said as though he was unfamiliar with the concept.

"Yeah. Open it," Jim said in encouragement, smiling brightly at him.

Spock finally accepted the box, putting in on the bed between them to untie the ribbon. He lifted the lid to reveal a sweater nestled in the white tissue paper. But it wasn't just any sweater. It was black and grey and white, variegated yard carefully crafted into a chunky sweater. Spock looked from the sweater to Jim, tears shining in his eyes. "Where….how… this is…."

Jim nodded, understanding all the things Spock was not able to say. "I hope it fits," Jim said, taking it out of the box to hold it up to Spock. "Will you try it on after we shower?"

Spock nodded, touching the sweater reverently. "Where did you find this?"

"I made it," Jim said with a smile.

"You made it?" Spock whispered.

Jim nodded, a warm hand on the side of Spock's face. "Uhura taught me to knit. I wanted to replace your sweater because I know how much you loved it."

"T'hy'la," Spock said, one slow tear running down his face. "This is the most precious gift I have ever received."

"I think the one Amanda gave you qualifies as that. This one can be the second most."

Spock shook his head. "I hated that sweater when she originally made it for me. But I wore it anyway, as illogical as it was. I knew it pleased her to see me wearing it. When I lost her, the sweater reminded me of her love every time I wore it."

Jim nodded in understanding at that, not interrupting.

"It is not logical to feel a sentimental attachment to clothing," Spock said with a tiny sad smile. "The sweater was much more. And now you have made me a new one."

Jim leaned closer to kiss him lightly.

"How did you have time to knit this? We are together most hours," Spock said softly.

Jim shrugged. "You were on beta while I was on alpha. Then I was on gamma while you were on alpha."

"Did you enjoy learning to knit?" Spock asked, gazing at Jim with open admiration.

"I actually enjoy it more than I expected. Once I stopped being afraid Nyota was going to stab me with one of the knitting needles. There's something very relaxing about the rhythms of it. And if you make a mistake, you can fix it and nothing blows up. Bones was torn between laughing at me and admiring my ability to do it."

"Perhaps you will teach me."

"I'd be glad to," Jim responded with a smile. "I already have your needles and some yarn. I thought you might want to learn."

"I do," Spock agreed. "Thank you is not adequate to express my gratitude. May I show you instead?"

"Absolutely," Jim agreed happily, putting the sweater back in the box and placing it carefully on the floor next to their bed.

When they emerged from the shower an hour later, Spock tried on his sweater. It was a perfect fit. Just like he knew it would be.