Driving Force

He walks on, numbed to his pains

His heart aches, all the more heavier for his other gains

The one he had lost was his life

She had held him together through all his strife

He had known the moment she fell to their might,

That all he had in his life was no longer right

He walks on, enraged at the beasts,

who had taken his anchor for rest

He now lived to fight them at his best

She had kept him hopeful in his fray,

next to him night and day

He walks on, determined to win

Wishing for the day he would see her again

His mission was clear

His life forfeit,

cleared of all he had held dear

His foes now knew

He began their annihilation anew

They quaked in fear

When his war began to rage ever more near

By: Brendan Gander