My second DGM fanfic. This is a Yaoi, a TykixAllen one too.

I think the two make a good pair. ^_^

I do not own DGM ^_^

"What the hell Komui!" Lavi yelled as he found yet another non-filed mission report.

"Oops." Komui said as he grabbed the paper and added it to an already huge stack. Lavi, Lenalee and Allen had volunteered to help Komui and Reever clean Komui's office. Allen had fallen asleep and they were nowhere near half way finished.

"That whole pile is mission reports that you DIDN'T file!" Lenalee yelled, causing Allen to stir in his sleep. Lenalee noticed and tried to lower her voice. "Brother what if that was important?" she said with a scowl. Allen opened his eyes and looked around the room, taking a deep breath.

"Thirsty." He said plainly and, forgetting where he was, grabbed the first glass bottle he saw and downed the liquid. Everyone looked at Allen, shocked at what had just happened. Lenalee ran over and took the bottle from him, reading the small label. Allen groaned, his body feeling weird.

"What does it say Lenalee!" Lavi asked.

"LOVE POTION!" Lenalee practically yelled as she threw the bottle at her brother. Lavi grabbed Komui by the collar.

"Why the hell did you make a love potion and leave it with the junk in your office!" He asked as he shook the scientist around.

"Well it was a failure experiment so I figured if no one drank it then it would be okay." Komui said in his defense.

"Allen, are you alright?" Lenalee asked. Allen looked up at her with a lazy expression.

"I feel fine now, but I did have a stomach ache a few seconds ago." Allen told her. Lenalee, Lavi, and Reever all glared at Komui.

"What does it do?" Lavi asked.

"Well it was designed to make whoever drunk it irresistible to everyone around them." Komui explained "But…since it was a failure it just…" Komui stopped and didn't have to finish his sentence. Everyone could clearly smell what the potion had done.

"Allen…" Reever trailed off as he grabbed the boy's attention. Allen now noticed that everyone was looking at him.

"What?" He asked, still sleepy.

"He smells like the most alluring thing for each of us." Reever said, more to everyone else even though he was looking at Allen.

"And he smells different to everyone." Komui added.

"Wait, I don't get it! What's going on?" Lavi asked.

"Well, to put it bluntly, Allen smells like the things that turn us on the most. For example, I smell home made cooking and raspberry body lotion." Komui said, beginning to get a nosebleed. Lenalee, Lavi and Reever sniffed the air to.

"Mmmmmm. Smells like old leather bound books, and fresh pages." Lavi said, dropping Komui to the ground.

"I smell daffodils and plums." Reever said.

"And I smell…" Lenalee sniffed the air." Reever's cologne."

"WHAT!" Everyone (especially Komui) yelled.

Allen, Lavi, and Kanda were given a mission later that day. Allen couldn't get dressed properly because of all the girl in the order that were attracted to the human scratch and sniff sticker. Instead, he was in a black tank top and black pants, his long black and silver boots not even zipped up as he ran down the hall way. Luckily, Lavi had grabbed Allen's coat after he saw the fifteen-year-old running form his fan girls. Allen jumped onto the train in the nick of time as girls tried to grab him. He quickly made his way into the cart

"Thanks Lavi." Allen said breathlessly. He quickly pulled his coat on, covering his porcelain skin and sighed as he heard his stomach growl. "I'm going to go look for some food." Allen announced, going into the next cart. Ten minutes later he was back, running into the cart and locking the door behind him. Lavi, couldn't help himself as he ran toward Allen, arms outstretched and smiling like and idiot. "NO LAVI!" Allen yelled as he dodged the open arms. Lavi chased Allen around the cart until Kanda got fed up.

"Shut the hell up!" He yelled as he hit Lavi in the head with Mugen and grabbed Allen, pushing him into the chair across from him.

"Thanks Kanda…hey I was wondering. What do I smell like to you?" Allen asked.

"Che. Mind your own business Been Sprout." Kanda sneered. Allen put his hands up in defense.

"Sorry." He said and he turned his head to the window.

"You smell like cherry blossom and green tea." Kanda said with his eyes closed, clearly annoyed. Allen smiled at this and nodded, standing to go see if Lavi was unconscious because he had been quiet for a long time. "And Lavi." Kanda added so the no one could here.

Allen cut through three Akuma with his Crown Clown and landed lightly on the floor to an old building, the Akuma explosion sending dust into the air. Allen turned and went to jump again but something tackled him, sending him sliding across the old stone.

"Allen! Do you have a sweet tooth? You smell just like my favorite candy!" Road explained happily, sitting on Allen's chest.

"Get off!" Allen yelled, swiping the five blades of Crown Clown at the girl who nimbly flipped backwards and dodged the attack. Allen got back up to his feet, running and jumping at Road. He pulled Crown Clown back to hit her but left an opening, and Road took it. The small Noah kicked Allen hard in the stomach, sending him flying back. Allen didn't have enough time to get back on his feet and he expected to hit the floor hard. Surprisingly, he landed in a pair of strong arms. Allen's back was pushed against a strong chest and the boy took a minute to regain his breath, deactivating Crown Clown. "Thanks Kanda!" Allen said as he pushed against the strong chest to get back on his feet.

Allen was surprised once again as the arms around him tightened, locking him into palce. "Kanda?" Allen asked as he tilted his head backwards to look at the man's face. Gray eyes met golden one as Allen realized it wasn't Kanda but Tyki Mikk. "LET GO!" Allen yelled as he squirmed in Tyki's grip. The boy felt Tease bite into his anti Akuma arm, daring him to activate it.. Allen let out a scream as he forced himself to stop moving.

"ALLEN!" Lavi yelled as he and Kanda finally arrived. Tyki and Road looked at each other.

"I'll take Allen back, you get rid of them." Tyki said. Road made a door appear and Tyki walked thorough it with a protesting Allen Walker. As soon as they were inside, the door disappeared.

"PUT ME DOWN!" Allen commanded and was surprised as Tyki did just that. Allen quickly looked around, finding a door but not going for it as he noticed the Tease that surrounded it. "Where am I?" Allen asked as he looked around the nicely furnished room.

"Edo." Tyki answered plainly as he walked over to a couch and sat down, throwing his arms around the back. Allen saw no windows, a beautiful double bed, a grand piano, the couch Tyki was on and a table beside that. "Now tell me Cheating Boy, why do you smell like I imagined you, if I were to be inside you, sweaty, lustful." Allen gave Tyki a confused look. "Why do you smell like sex Walker?" Tyki said more bluntly.

So what did you think? I paired Kanda and Lavi up so the two wouldn't be alone. At first i was going to make Kanda love the smell of Soba...but then i decided differently and went with Japanese things...and Lavi

Allen: TYKI IS GONNA RAPE ME! Freaking kinky, begin turned on my the smell of sex...does sex even have a smell?

Tyki;It's not rape if your willing and yes, there is a smell to sex.

Lil Panda-Chan :Hey, im writing a sex scene for you guys but im not dirty minded. This is kinda hard.


Tyki: *Takes script* nope. *Reads through it* No no no. This is all wrong, he should be in this position. *takes pen to script*

Allen: Tyki's dirty minded -_-

Tyki: Dont deny a Noah his Pleasures.

Allen: haha, very funny.

Lil Panda-Chan: ... i have never written a sex scene before.