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"Tyki!" Road yelled as she walked into her Uncles room. She noticed Allen, asleep on the bed and went to walk up to girl put her hand out as she walked, going to grab Allen's slim wrist "You have been keeping Allen all to yourself! It's not fair and-" The young girl stopped, inches away from Allen as a Tease landed on her hand.

"Leave him alone." Tyki commanded, gathering the clothes that littered the floor. The Portuguese man had only just slipped his pants back on when Road had entered "Allen is not your toy Road. The boy belongs to me now." Tyki set the clothes on the couch and gave Road a warning glare. "You touch him and my Tease will bite." The man said sternly. Road huffed, seeing that she had already lost and stormed out of the room.

Tyki smiled and walked over to the bed, watching his young lover breath softly.

Allen rolled over, yawning and stretching his arms out above his head before opening his eyes. The room was unfamiliar to him, filled with plates and bowls of food.

"Your finally awake." Tyki said as he walked over to Allen from a door, Allen guessed led to a bathroom, from the side of the room.

"What time is it?" Allen asked, rubbing his eyes. The boy looked down at himself, noticing that he had Tyki's white dress shirt on.

"Around noon. Your probably hungry so what would you like to do first, eat or shower?" Tyki asked, standing by the bed. Allen thought about it for a minute. He was really hungry but he wanted to get up and get clean before he ate. Allen held his arms out to Tyki.

"Shower." He said sleepily. Tyki smiled as he walked closer and took Allen into his arms, lifting him and carrying the boy into the bathroom.

The hot water felt good on Allen's skin as the boy let it wash over his body. He almost jumped as Tyki wrapped his bare arms around Allen waist. Something hard and hot pushed against Allen's back, causing the boy to moan.

"May I." Tyki asked, whispering his request into Allen's ear and making the boy shudder.

"Only if you help me wash…'back there' out." Allen answered. Tyki smiled and wrapped his hand around Allen hardening erection. Allen instinctively tried retreated away form Tyki's hand, right into the man's throbbing cock, making them both moan. Tyki pushed Allen against the wall, the boy pushing against it with his hands to brace himself. Tyki began leaving traces with his tongue all over Allen's body, the hot water soaking them both. Allen heard a 'pop' noise and seconds later; Tyki had inserted his finger inside the boy. Allen moaned, looking back at Tyki just in time to catch the man's lips in a deep kiss. Allen moaned into Tyki's mouth as the Noah moved his finger and added another one. He didn't bother with a third finger, kissing the back of Allen's neck before entering the boy. Allen screamed in pain and pleasure, Tyki setting his hands over Allen on the wall and locking them together. Wet noises, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoed in the bathroom with every thrust, only making the two harder. Tyki let go of one of Allen's hands, wraping it once again around Allen's manhood and moving his hand along with his thrusts.

"AH! Tyki…I cant….cumming…I'm cumming!" Allen yelled as Tyki thrusted faster.

"Me to." Tyki said, biting into Allen's should. "Let's come together." Tyki told the boy and within a few more thrust, they both came, Allen's seeds smearing against the tile, his inner walls constricting around Tyki's member as he came inside of Allen. The Noah pulled out of Allen, the boy panting and almost falling to his knees if it weren't for Tyki's strong arms. Tyki grabbed a bottle, opening it and pour the clear soap on his fingers before sticking them inside of Allen once again.

"No Tyki! I cant…not right now." Allen said.

"I'm just cleaning it out for you." Tyki said with a grin. "That is what you wanted." He reminded the boy.

After the shower, Allen was livelier, happily bouncing back into the room in nothing but a towel and shoveling food into his mouth. Tyki dressed Allen while the boy ate, having some difficult with the exorcist coat but otherwise had an easy time. Road came in about an hour after Allen was done eating, slipping into the room just in time to see Tyki's tongue leave Allen mouth. The boy looked away, blushing and Tyki smiled.

"Hey! I'm in the room ya know!" Road yelled angrily. Tyki kept smiling, giving a 'you wish you were me' look and wrapped his arms around Allen. "Whatever." Road growled as she made a door appear.

"Where are we going?" Allen asked as Tyki took his hand and led him inside.

"You have to get back to the Bookman's apprentice and the Samurai." Tyki said as they stepped out into a large lobby of a hotel.

"What! Your letting me go back to the Order?" Allen asked shocked.

"It wouldn't be fun if you were the Earl's pet." Tyki said, greeting the receptionist. "Room 31 key please. Two other men shared that room last night. He is with them." Tyki said indicating to the silver hair boy. The girl passed Allen a key and smiled.

"Enjoy your stay." She said in a sing-song tone of voice. Allen heard her gasp as Tyki took Allen's chin and kissed him deeply.

"When will I see you again?" Allen asked as Tyki pulled away.

"Soon, you have something of mine and I shall be wanting it back very soon." Tyki said with a sly smile before leaving. Allen made his way up a flight of stairs.

"What does he mean? I have something of his?" Allen asked himself. He found room 31, putting the key in the lock and twisting it. He swung the door open. "Lavi! Kanda! I'm alive! So how were your guises…OH MY GOD!" Allen yelled as he took in the sight in front of him. Kanda was lying across the bed; his right hand was bound to a bar on the bed along with both of his feet... and he was naked. His long raven hair was out of its usual ponytail and sweat covered his body. Lavi was on top of him, also naked and sweating and ridding the samurai, moaning his name and Kanda's left hand was on Lavi's hip, guiding him up and down.

"What the fuck Bean Sprout! Kanda yelled, throwing the closet thing at him witch turned out to be Lavi's underwear. Allen caught them in his hand, to shocked to notice.

"I AM SO SORRY! HERE LET ME JUST," Allen turned to leave, a book colliding with his head and causing him to fall to the ground. He quickly scrambled up and closed the door, panting. He was sitting on the floorin front of the door, Lavi's underwear still in his hand and both hands around the doorknob. Allen was to shocked to move so he just sat there, not knowing how much time had gone by or how many people were looking at him. Finally the door opened, causing Allen do drop his hands.

"Um, Allen?" Lavi asked, leaning against the door frame. Allen slightly looked up at Lavi, to shocked to do anything else. "I can go without them but I'm pretty sure Yuu doesn't want you holding onto my underwear. Allen finally noticed the underwear in his hand, throwing it into Lavi's chest.

"…I cant believe…I just saw that." Allen said, dropping his head.

"Hey, come on were not the only ones who did it. You and Tyki did too." Lavi said with a cheeky smile.

"WHAT! HOW DID YOU…" Allen stopped, looking around the hall way just incase someone was listening and began to talk quieter. "How did you know me and Tyki slept together?" He asked, blush covering his face.

"Why else would you be wearing his shirt?" Lavi asked, eying the white collar of the dress shirt that was loosely hanging on Allen. Allen quickly unzipped his Exorcist coat to confirm Lavi's statement.

"How did I not notice!" Allen thought back to the morning, how when he had gotten out of the shower and let Tyki dress him, he was to preoccupied with all of the food to really pay attention.

"Don't worry Allen, secrets safe with us." Lavi said with a smile as Kanda came over to join him, a scowl on his face. Allen couldn't look either of them in the eye, staring at the floor and blushing a mad color of red. "At least Komui's potion wore off." Lavi added.

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