Saying Goodbye

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When I re-entered Fangtasia I noticed that both vampires were still awake. I went to Pam first and drew her into a hug to my surprise she hugged me back. When I pulled away I placed the ring and necklace in her hand.

Pam looked startled at first but then shook her head and put them back in my hand.

"You keep them Sookie, you may need them someday and take this" she handed me a white envelope and I knew it was from Eric. Her words cryptic as ever but something in them made me wonder what she was up to.

I turned to Bill and walked over to where he was standing. I made no move to hug him. If he hadn't held me back I may have made it to Eric on time. Just for that deep down I wish it were him that had met his final death. I must have had an awful look on my face cause he actually took a step back and really he should. I stepped closer and before I realized what I was doing I slapped him across the face hard I knew it hurt and in a better way then I expected.

"Listen to me Bill Compton we are through. I 'm leaving Bon Temps forever. I can't bare to be here, I've lost to many people that I love" Bill looked surprised.

"Yes, I loved him. I've cared for him for awhile now and then well I guess it evolved into something more. Do not seek me out or follow me I do not wish to be found. I 'm through with vampires and all this shit. You only want my blood or my body or my ability never me. Thank you for showing me how cruel vampires can be and for helping take away everything I loved. Goodbye Bill" I said and walked to the door.

"Take care my telepathic friend" Pam said. As I walked out the door I heard her say "We'll meet again someday, you can count on it".

I drove home in silence and completely alone. When I arrived home I packed a bag of essentials and tried not to cry. I packed my white and red sundress the one I wore the first night I met Eric.

Oh Eric, why did you have to leave me, why did you have to die? I put his ring and necklace in a red velvet box and packed it with my stuff.

I grabbed the envelope off my dresser and sat on my bed. I opened it up and recognized Eric's elegant script.


I'm sorry dear one but if you are reading this then I have met the true death. Please believe me when I say that you were the "light" of my undead life. You have a spark deep inside that makes you different and your fire and passion set you miles above the rest. Enclosed is a cheque for $500 000.00. Take it, use it to disappear. There is no one left that can ensure your safety. As my parting wish take it and live for me. Be happy Sookie, your free.

Eternally Yours,


I cried all the tears I had left in me and with the last I closed the door to my old farmhouse and my old life. Sookie Stackhouse is gone and now there's nothing left but I will go on cause Eric asked me to and for once I will listen.

The End.