Don't freak out, but this is just a little dabble I made on, what if Luke went with Reid, but he got out of the car and of course, Reid did not? Please review, you can be harsh if you wish, just keep in mind, this is just a dabble and my real story "The Luke and Reid Story", Reid had survived the collision because of Noah. No Noah this time... Sorry about that but enjoy?

The drive to Bay City was a fast and loud one. Luke sat in the passenger seat, watching as Reid drove over the speed limit while on the phone, arguing with another doctor on the other end. Luke didn't dare try and distract Reid, but Luke could hear a train coming and they were getting close to the tracks. He was just about to say something when Reid hung up and stuffed his phone back into his pocket.

"Reid, you should stop, there is a train coming."

"We don't have time. Chris needs that heart."

"Reid, you can't be seriously thinking of crossing the tracks while a train is coming."

"Do we have another choice. We don't know how long Chris has."

"Think about this Reid."

There was no point in arguing with him, Luke wasn't going to win. He closed his eyes as he felt the car gain speed. He knew the train wasn't close to them yet, but he still didn't like the idea of Reid trying to fly over the tracks before it did reach them. Only a minute later, the car stopped. Luke looked at Reid.


Luke's eyes widened, "Reid, what happened?"

"The car stalled."

"Well you better hurry up and getting it started again."

"I know, I know."

Reid turned the key again and again, but the car just wouldn't start. He turned to Luke after looking down the tracks. They still couldn't see the train, but it was getting louder every second.

"Get out."


"Get out of the car."

Luke reached for his seat belt and unbuckled it before opening his door. He got out and headed for the side of the road, off of the tracks. He turned to see Reid still in the car, still trying to start the car but when that didn't work, he turned to his seat belt, which seemed to be stuck. Luke saw the train getting closer and closer.


Luke was yelling for the older man to hurry up but Reid was struggling with his seat belt. Everything after that happened in slow motion. Luke was about to make his way back to the car and help Reid but it was too late. The train was there. Luke was frozen as he watched the train hit the car, an explosion and that silence. There were still the noises of the train, the fire, and sirens but to Luke, everything had frozen. He couldn't believe what he had just seen. His eyes wide and glazed over. The love of his life hadn't even made it out of the car. He was gone and Luke was all alone in the middle of a deserted road, soon to be filled with firetrucks, police cars, an ambulance and dozens of people. But still, he just stood there. He was frozen.