Too close. Abnormal. Unhealthy.

The whispers that left their mouths were always so quick to judge. How much did they actually know? Not enough.

They hadn't been there; trapped in that playpen for days upon end. They hadn't been treated as one entity. "The Babies" becoming "The Kids" as years passed.

It was safe to assume that they didn't have friends like that. Friends that knew every single thing about them. Friends that had been there through more moments than they hadn't.

They didn't know that there was no choice. There was no way to know so intimately and not be inseparable. They did not know what it was like to sometimes forget where they stopped and someone else began. They would never know true empathy, true bonds.

They did not know how hard it was. To be handed these people and told, "This is it. Don't mess it up." To feel like no one else would ever understand them in this thorough manner. To have people who knew every single miniscule detail of their lives. No microscope necessary. They did not know what it was like to never feel alone. Always surrounded, encompassed, enclosed.

They liked to blame the parents. They liked to scorn. They may have been jealous, sickened, upset. It didn't matter.

They whispered. But the whispers went unheard. The purple haired boy, the Asian girl, the nerdy boy, the twins, and the oddball only knew how to listen for one another.

A/N: I know. It might take a minute to fully understand. I have written something that is not Kids Next Door. Mainly just to see if I could do it :D and the outcome? this awkward, drabbley monstrosity...haha