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New York – NYPD

It had been a long, tiring day for Zack Martin as he was at his desk at the moment, making sure that all of his paperwork was taken care of. The last thing he wanted was his CO giving him another ass chewing for not filing the proper paperwork and threatening to fire him for it. Zack smirked at the thought, knowing that there was absolutely no way his captain would ever dismiss him. Zack was one of the best detectives on the force, especially in Special Victims. Both Cody and Moseby had always commented that it was not only ironic that Zack was now one that was enforcing the law, but he was also one that was stopping seedy people from taking advantage of the weak. Zack took such playful jabs from the two in strides though, knowing that both were just teasing him and had taken every possible opportunity to tell Zack that they was proud of him.

As Zack was currently finishing up the last of his paperwork, his mind started to drift from his work to the past. He knew what had driven him to becoming an officer and especially a detective in SVU, but it was all a very painful memory. As a tear began to slowly trickle down the side of his eyes, Zack took a look at an old photograph on his desk, taken just a couple of weeks before the incident. In the picture were seven of them on a cruise ship, with Bailey and Maya in the middle, facing one another, and the twins standing behind either one of them, with their arms around their respective girlfriend's waist. After a couple of months being Maya's friend, Zack was finally given a chance to go out on a date with Maya. Needless to say, Zack made a great impression on that first date and by the time the picture was taken; they were already going out for over a year. Cody and Bailey at the time the picture was taken had just recently reconciled their relationship and the nauseatingly mushy couple was back. Standing besides Cody were Woody and Addison, facing one another while smiling into the camera, much like the rest of their friends. After two years of an off and on relationship, Woody and Addison were finally together and all of their friends couldn't be happier for the odd couple. Of course, not to be out shine by any of her friends, London Tipton was behind everyone, standing on top of the covered hot tub, modeling her brand new outfit, which sadly would be discarded as soon as the night was over.

Zack shook his head at the memory; it was a memory of probably the best time of his life. He could remember it still as if it was yesterday.


As the group finished getting their group and couple pictures taken on the Sky Deck, they all walked towards their table and sat down, wanting to eat something before enjoying the rest of their Senior Prom. All four girls looked beautiful as London had provided each couple with matching tux and dress. Along with that, London treated the girls to a day at the spa and salon, making sure each girl was stunningly beautiful enough to tongue ties their man.

"Maya, if I haven't said it enough times tonight, you look absolutely beautiful," Zack said with a huge grin.

"Thank you Zack. You know, I've been your girlfriend for a while now, which means you can turn off the charms, you've already won me over," Maya remarked with a teasing glint in her eye.

"At least he still flirts with you," Addison complains, "Woody idea of a compliment to me is comparing me to his favorite food!"

"HEY!" Woody protested, "I love food as much as I love you. Why can't I compare you to it?"

"Because unlike food, you can't eat Addison," Cody remarked.

"Well…that's technically not true," Zack added, earning a smack from both Bailey and Maya.

"Pervert," both muttered at the same time.

"I don't get it," London said as she looked at all her friends, completely confused. Bailey leaned over to London's ears and whispered something to her, which caused London's eyes to bug out and end up slapping Zack with her purse.

"EWWW…THAT'S DIRTY!" London wailed, while she continually slapped Zack with her purse, causing the older twin trying to defend himself from the onslaught and at the same time, glaring at his twin's girlfriend.

Luckily, Zack was saved by Moseby and Tutweiller, who were currently checking how the students were doing and had came across their favorite, albeit most troublesome, group.

"I trust all of you are having a good time and behaving," Moseby said, more like a statement then a question.

"Yes Mr. Moseby," all of them replied.

"Maya, thank you once again for taming the last of the Martin twins. These past two months have been nothing but sheer joy and tranquility," Moseby said with a smile.

"You hear that broseph? It sounds like we're going soft on Moseby," Zack said as he gave Cody a grin, which he returned.

"Zack, Cody," Tutweiller began, "Try it and BOTH of you will have detention."

"We already got our college acceptance letters and sent in our replies already. What is one little detention going to hurt on our permanent records?" Zack said casually.

"Actually," Cody interjected, "I would prefer it if I don't have a blemish on my permanent record."

"Thank you Cody," Moseby said as the two adults bid farewell to the group of students and went on with their chaperoning duties.

Zack glared at Cody, "You really are the sister that I never wanted."

Maya slapped Zack's arm, "Oh be nice. Even if Cody had agreed, Bailey and I would have stopped you two anyways. Now stop being mad at him and come dance with your girlfriend."

As the night went on, all the students on deck were dancing the night away, with prom ending on a very slow song to ease into the ending of the special occasion.

Zack and Maya were dancing slowly together, with Maya's arms around Zack's neck and Zack's arms around Maya's waist. Zack pulled Maya closer to him as they continued to dance. Maya looked up at him and smiled.

"You know, Addison's not going to be in the room tonight," Maya said with a grin.

"Where is she and Woodchuck going to be? I doubt Cody would like to sleep with those two in the room," Zack wondered.

"Oh your brother is going to be in Bailey's room tonight. London somehow convinced her father to give her a suite on the ship for the weekend because it was Senior Prom."

"That sounds like London alright," Zack chuckled, "So, what would I be doing alone with you in your room tonight?"

"Well…"Maya said with a grin, "I was wondering if you would be interested in some dessert."

Zack returned with a grin as well, "As long as it's a special dessert, I think I would like it."

"Oh trust me," Maya remarked as she kissed Zack fully on the lips and whispered, "It'll be a dessert for you to remember."

Present Time

It was a definitely a night that Zack remembered. To say that Maya was beautiful made Zack felt like it was an understatement after seeing her later that night. If there was ever a person who looked like Aphrodite reincarnated in human form, Maya in Zack's mind definitely took the cake. They made love all throughout the night, exploring every curve, every touch, every thing possible so that either one was familiar with their lover's body and mood. After that night, Zack recall always grinning like an idiot whenever he could and Maya looked like she had a huge glow on her face that could never be turned off. Life was definitely good until two weeks after that night.


Zack was currently finishing his shift at the Easy Squeezy, unable to fight this nagging feeling in the back of his mind that something was wrong. Maya should have been here on her waitress shift an hour ago and she was late. She was never late unless she had something to do, which he would always know about. Zack was about to finish cleaning up and go search for his girlfriend when a solemn looking Mr. Moseby walked up to Zack, unsure as to how to break the news to the teen he had always looked at as a son.

"Zack," Moseby began with hesitation, "there's something I need to talk to you about."

Zack turned towards Moseby, ready to give him one of his quick comebacks when he noticed the seriousness and sadness in the manager's eyes. It was a look that Zack knew all too well. Something was definitely wrong.

"What is it Mr. Moseby?" Zack asked.

"It's about Maya," Moseby began before Zack was suddenly face to face with him, with fear and panic in his eyes.

"What? What happened to Maya?"

"She was attacked and raped. The culprit who did this was targeting a random teenage girl from Seven Seas High and unfortunately; Maya was the unlucky girl to cross his path. Maya was walking towards the Sky Deck for her shift when the perpetrator grabbed her from inside the storage room and pulled her in. She fought with all of her might Zack, but eventually the rapist got the upper hand and well, when we finally investigated due to some complaints about noise coming from the storage room, the rapist was just finishing up with Maya. The good news is that we caught the pervert who did this, but bad news is, we were too late. I'm sorry Zack."

Zack had his head down, trying to suppress the tears that were coming out of his eyes and shaking from anger, he slowly let out, "Where's Maya?"

"She's in the infirmary getting checked out. Go to her son, I already told them you have clearance."

Zack nodded before hugging Moseby, partially to thank him and also for strength. Moseby patted Zack on the back, letting him know that he was here for him and let the young man go as Zack ran out of the Sky Deck and towards the infirmary. As he got there, he saw all of his friends, right outside of Maya's room. London was busy on the phone, screaming for justice to be handed out quickly to the pervert who dared hurt her friend like this. Bailey was currently being held by Cody as she was crying into his shoulder, wondering how something like this could happen to someone close to them. Cody was doing his best to comfort Bailey when he looked up and saw Zack, giving him a quick nod. Zack knew what it meant, being twins for 18 years and he appreciated Cody's sentiment. Addison and Woody were sitting in the chairs right outside, both looking very downtrodden by the day's events. When they saw Zack standing there, both nudged their heads towards the entrance of the room, letting Zack know that he should go in. As Zack walked into the room, he saw Maya lying on the bed with her face buried into the pillow, wailing at the evils of the world. Zack gingerly stepped towards her and put a hand on her shoulder, which caused Maya to flinch and look up. The moment her eyes recognize the face of her boyfriend, Maya leapt off of her bed and into Zack's arms, crying her heart out. All Zack could do for that entire night was to hold her and let her cry everything out.

Zack still remembered the days after the rape. The perpetrator pleaded guilty on all accounts, knowing there was no way out of the situation he was facing, especially being caught red handed and with no chance of pleading insanity. London's lawyers had made certain of that by digging up the pervert's background and history. Maya was asked to go through therapy and Zack was beside her every step of the way. It was when everything seemed normal did Zack's whole world come crashing down.


Zack had knocked on Maya's door for two minutes already with no answer. He was getting frustrated because class was starting soon and he wanted to make sure Maya was going. Ever since they got together, Zack had paid more attention class and was trying his best to be a better student and work himself into a future that would make both him and Maya proud. Before Zack could knock again, Moseby approached Zack with a letter in his hands.

"Zack…" Moseby began before being interrupted.

"Whatever I did Moseby, talk to me later about it. I need to get Maya up and ready for class."

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about," Moseby said as Zack turned to look at the older man, "Maya got off this morning while we were still docked in New York. She left the program and she wanted me to give you this."

Moseby handed Zack a letter, which he took with a lot of apprehension. Moseby looked sadly at the elder twin and said, "Whatever you need, let us know. Ms. Tutweiller, your brother, your friends, and I are always here for you."

"Thanks Moseby," Zack said as he opened the letter and began to read it.

Dear Zack,

God only knows how much I hate writing this letter to you, but it seems I'm just too much of a coward to face you and talk to you in person. The past few weeks, let alone the past year or so, you've been the greatest guy I have ever met and I would do anything to stay with you and go through graduation together. Yet, the nightmares of that day still haunt me and I don't know if I am brave enough to stay on the ship any longer. I already finished up all my courses needed for a high school diploma and I'm turning down NYU. I need to get away from the whole event and sadly, that means from you as well.

Please don't take this as any thing against you. Zack, the past few months since I've been on board I've seen you changed in so many ways that the stories I've heard don't even do you justice. I'm proud of who you are becoming and I don't want you stop. For me Zack, continue to go down the path you are currently on. Make Cody, Moseby, Tut, and your parents proud. You are no longer under Cody's shadow; you are your own person Zack Martin. Now, show the world that I'm right.

Also, please remember that no matter what has happened or what the future holds, I love you. Please remember that.


Maya Elizabeth Bennett-Martin (to symbolize that you are the only one for me)

All Zack could do after reading the letter was sitting on the floor, crying. He couldn't believe that Maya left, all because she didn't want to be here anymore. As Zack continued to cry, he began to realize that Maya was right. Once he graduate, he was going to find Maya again and bring her back into his arms, where they belong.

Zack had done what he vowed that day, but there were absolutely no leads. It seemed as if Maya had vanished off the face of the earth. Even London's best private investigators were of no use for they had no idea where Maya Bennett had disappeared to. Zack knew one thing for sure, Maya didn't want to be found and because of that, he gave up searching.

Somewhere in Manhattan

A young woman was currently sitting on her bed, looking through an old photo album of her youth. She smiled at every picture and tear up as well at each one. For every picture she had of that time contained a certain blonde headed youngster who had stole her heart years ago. After she had left the SS Tipton, she made certain that no one would be able to trace her. She had changed her social security number, went under a different name and brought forth a new identity, shedding herself of the painful past. Yet, there was always a constant reminder of her past that lived with her every day. As she began closing the photo album, there was a knock on her door.

"Mommy? May I come in?" asked a little voice outside the door.

"Yes baby," the young mother answered as a 10-year-old boy, with a chubby face and blonde hair ran inside and jumped into his mother's arms.

"I had a bad dream. Can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Now Conner, you know that you need to be a big boy and not be scared of bad dreams. Dreams can't hurt you."

"Tell that to Freddy Krueger," the young boy retorted, which caused the young woman to sigh.

"Remind me again why I let you watch that movie?"

"Because I went behind your back and watched the first hour of it already, so as punishment, I was made to watch the rest," Conner answered innocently.

The young mother shook her head, laughing inside thinking of another individual who had done the same with Zombie Mom. As the little boy slept in his mother's arms, she sighed and looked out the window. The moon was shining brightly as she began to remember a life not too long ago, a life ten years ago when she wasn't Zoey Deutch Sprouse, but Maya Elizabeth Bennett.