AN: Here's the Wedding for Cody and Bailey. Along with it will be some unanswered questions I'm sure you guys will have.

New York Tipton Ballroom

This was it. After so many years of being together, they were finally going to tie the knot. As he was standing there waiting for the bride, Cody looked back at his groomsmen and smiled. Zack of course was the best man, with Woody, Bob, and Marcus as his groomsmen. It was a special occasion and Cody was happy to share it with his friends and family, including one old and one new addition to that list. As the wedding march began, Cody looked up as he began to see the girls closest to him walk down the aisle, marking the path for his own beloved.

The first to come out was surprisingly Maya. After a couple of days of pleading and manipulating, the twins, Bailey, and London were able to convince her to take Maddie's place as one of the bridesmaid. Maddie of course, was relieved that she didn't have to pull double duty as both a coordinator and a bridesmaid. Having to deal with London and Carey's constant demands on how the wedding needed to be, the last thing she needed was to be a bridesmaid as well. Both Cody and Bailey expressed their deepest apologies about the way Carey and London acted, but Maddie didn't mind, it was for her old friends after all.

Speaking of Carey, to say she and Kurt were surprised about Conner being in their lives was an understatement. The reaction had Carey went between happiness and shock, all the while scolding Maya for not telling them about Conner to begin with. Kurt, however, just kept giving his eldest son an "atta boy" smirk, which was quickly wiped off by the stern looks from his ex-wife. The one question Carey did ask was one that made the others felt very stupid for forgetting. How Maya was able to assume another identity, fall off the face of the earth, without her parents' knowledge of things. That was quickly explained by Maya. It turns out that her parents did know about Conner and had urged her for years to contact Zack and talk things out. In fact, Maya's parents were a pretty well off family that most people knew about. The Bennetts were multi-millionaires, not to the level of the Tiptons, but close, and it was Maya's parents that helped her forge a new identity, albeit very reluctantly. Zack had wondered why her parents never just contacted him themselves, to which Maya answered that if her parents did, she had threaten that Conner would instantly be out of their lives forever, which basically did the trick.

Following Maya was Barbara, looking a lot better, considering what she had just gone through a couple of weeks before. With Bob officially moved to New York, Barbara and him had taken Cody and Bailey's offer and were now living in a luxury apartment not too far from the law school. Bob and Barbara had insisted they pay for rent, but found out later on that Cody and Bailey had signed the deed over to them as a welcoming gift and the apartment was now theirs. Barbara continued to have nightmares of that night as Bob did his best to comfort and support her in every way possible. The therapy sessions did help, along with talking to Maya on how to deal with the whole thing, and the good news was that there seemed to be some progress. The bad news however, was that until the rapist was finally caught, there wouldn't be any real closure for her. Zack and Cory sworn they would do all they can to find the rapist, but with the case two weeks old, the trail was becoming cold and distant.

After Barbara was Addison, looking surprisingly calm and collected, mostly because Bailey forbid the sugar addictive woman from eating any sweets until the reception. Addison had a very successful life so far, being married to Woody and both working on the SS Tipton. Addison had actually followed the path of her marriage assignment, even though she had once said it was a job with a measly salary, and became a teacher for Seven Seas High. She had the former Ms. Tutweiller, now Mrs. Moseby, as her mentor and together, they continue to build the Seven Seas High program up into one of the most prestigious high schools in the world. Woody on the other hand, graduated college with a degree in hospitality management and is currently working under Mr. Moseby to become the manager of the SS Tipton when Mr. Moseby retired. Since both of them were working for Mr. Tipton and are in London's inner circle, Addison and Woody did enjoy certain perks and benefits that others in their place wouldn't, especially the increase in salary. All in all, the hyperactive girl and her quirky 8 and 3 toes man were doing very well for themselves.

Following Addison was Bailey's maid of honor, the lovely London Tipton. After finally graduating high school with her friends, London had finally realized that she was now out of the confines of a sheltered life and she was going to be heading into the real world. Of course, Mr. Tipton did push a little as well, by putting most of London's money into a Trust Fund and deny London any access to it until she learned to make a future for herself and would not need to depend on her Trust Fund to survive. London took on the challenge and went into the one industry she had an interest in, fashion. Sooner rather than later, London became one of the most famous designers in the world. Her motto: Rich people clothing for the "poor". London had designed elegant and sophisticated every day wear for the working woman, allowing them to be "poor" but still look great. Her designs were an instant hit and when asked who inspired her for this line of clothing, London gave all the credit to Maddie and Bailey, which came off more of an insult to the two girls then a compliment.

Finally, the familiar chords of "here comes the bride" began to surround the church as her father was finally escorting Bailey down the aisle. Every step she took was a step closer from leaving her old life as Bailey Pickett and being her new one as Bailey Martin. Yet, truth be told, from the moment she had met both Carey and Kurt, they had made her feel as if she was part of the family already. Zack, even with all of the disagreements they had with one another, had always treated her like the sister he never wanted, but loved at the same time. As they reached the alter, her father shook Cody's hands and told him to take good care of his little girl. After her father left, the entire wedding party turned towards the pastor as he began the ceremony.

Brooklyn, New York

While the wedding was commencing, in another part of New York, another crime was being perpetrated. As the person was starting to close up the shop after a few hours of preparing for tomorrow morning, they were unusually closed for today, but it was for a very special occasion to the owner. The assistant was just finishing locking up and going out the back way when he was unexpected hit by a lead pipe to the head, knocking him completely unconscious. Two figures stood over him as the one with the lead pipe looked on his victim before calling someone.

"Hello boss? Yeah, we got him."