SasoDei What Could Happen?

"What the hell fridge, what the hell. Why don't you have cheese?" Deidara yelled at the open fridge. Sasori and Itachi walked into the room at the same time and just stared at him.

"Damn it Deidara I told you an hour ago we didn't have any," Sasori yelled at his partner. Itachi snuck behind the fighting couple grabbed his precious dango and ran out of the room before furniture started flying.

They bickered back and forth. Sasori picked up the closest chair and threw it at Deidara. Deidara reached behind him, his hand found its way to the sink. Something mushy was inside. He found a soggy turkey inside.

"Konan you were supposed to make this for supper tonight, yeah," Deidara yelled. She walked in and saw her ruined turkey.

"You know what feed yourselves," she said turning on her heel and left.

"Come on," Sasori sighed. Deidara squealed and ran up next to his partner, hugging him.

"So, where are we going?" Deidara asked still not letting go.

"You'll see," Sasori said leading Deidara to his favorite restaurant. They stopped right outside a sand colored building.

"We're going to Scorpion Grill! I love this place!" Deidara squealed equally as shrill as the last time he did. They walked up to the check in counter to get a table.

"Ah, Master Sasori, table for one I suppose," the attendant said.

"No Kotoba, table for two this time," Sasori said emotionless. The attendant whistled.

"You've got a date. Who's the lucky guy," he said. Deidara flushed crimson red. Sure he liked his Danna but not that way. At least he thinks he doesn't.

"It's not a date. We're here as business partners," Sasori said. The waiter nodded sarcastically. Sasori grabbed his shirt, pulled him closer and said a few words to the guy Deidara couldn't understand.

"Right this way," the waiter said leading them to a table.

"Hey Danna, what was that about, hm?" Deidara asked.

"Nothing for you to worry about," Sasori replied. The waiter sat them at a table in the back. He gave them their menus and departed saying "Your server will be here in a moment."

"Hello boys, I'm Ms. Q and I'll be your server today. May I take your order?" she said. They ordered. "I know you like it, but I'm not giving it to you." Sasori gave her a hard look and she left going to full fill the order.

"Well that was mean, yeah," Deidara whined.

"Be quiet you wretched midgets!" Ms. Q said coming back with there drinks. Sasori laughed at her.

"You, turd shadow, put your forehead down," she answered. He shut up, but he had a confused face on. She left and soon came back with their food. They ate and left as quick as possible.

"That lady was weird, un," Deidara said. Sasori nodded in agreement. They continued walking completely adverting the base.

"Danna, where are we going?" Deidara tugged on his cloak. The red head said nothing but continued leading the two. They soon reached an open meadow.

"Danna, if you're trying to be romantic or some sort of shit like that, its not working, un," Deidara said as Sasori motioned him to sit down.

"What if I do this," Sasori purred in Deidara's ear. He snapped his fingers and fireworks started exploding in the now dark sky.

"I love you Danna," Deidara said hugging his partner. They ended up falling asleep next to each other.

okay this was about the cheesest thing I have ever written! It's pure fluff and the waitress is supposed to say those strange things! It was a contest entry and that's why she was in there. I didn't know how to end it so it sucks, but anyway hope you enjoyed (or not I don't care)