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"Aaaaaaaaah! Tsubaki!"

"Y-yes Black Star?"

"Make a note, because today is the day I; the great Black Star, shall triumph where all other men have failed before!"

"A-and how is that, Black Star?"

"For today is the day I surpass the heavens themselves!" In the open courtyard of Shibusen, Black Star struck one of his manliest poses, turned sideways with his thump pointed straight up, catching a thin ray of sunlight.

"You think today you'll finally do it?" Tsubaki, his faithful tool as of a day ago questioned, although flinched as Black Star suddenly whirled on her. "Tsubaki, do I detect a hint of doubt in your voice? Do you doubt the great Black Star?" Raising her arms defensively, Tsubaki took a short step back. "U-uh, no, not really, I was just wondering if your greatness had truly surpassed even my...limited perceptions of strength." There was a long pause, Black Star soaking this in.

"Well, I can't blame a little person for not being able to see over a mighty mountain that is my strength, now can I? Yes Tsubaki, today is the day. I have gauged the strength of my opponents in class, I have looked into the face of death himself, and I am sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that no being in the WHOLE WORLD IS STRONGER THEN I, THE GREAT-"

"Outta my way, I'm comin' through!" What could have been mistaken for a small freight train suddenly collided with Black Star, the force sending him sprawling. Although it had been for an instant, Tsubaki had caught the blur of black, tan and blonde streak by, in her hand a rather desolute boy being dragged mid air like some sort of luggage.

"SORRY!" The girl called behind her, a massive dustcloud following in her wake.

Standing dumbfounded, Tsubaki watched the girls back retreat into the distance, before turning towards her downed comrade. "A-are you alright, Black Star?" There was a long pause, the boy laying prone in a crater, not moving. Then, he sat up slowly. He was tussed up, a trickle of blood pooling down his forhead. But the way his eyes had hardened and his entire composure tensed, Tsubaki immediately knew something bad was about to happen.

When he spoke, she flinched again. "Tsubaki."

"Y-yes Black Star."

"I have found a worthy opponent." With great purpose he stood up from the dirt, striding towards the halls of Shibusen. Somewhere, deep in her gut, Tsubaki knew only destruction could come from this.


Soul should have guessed that something like this would happen, but still, it had taken him aback at just how much enthusiasm his new quasi-partner had.

"First day of schoooool! First day of SCHOOOOOL! Do a dance! Put on some pants! First day of SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!" His hyperactive partner tore through Shibusen's hallways, his good arm tightly clamped in Maka's vice like grip as she looked around franticly. The few students milling the hallways only caught a twitching blur of black and tan, Maka's new coat her father had given her proudly displayed for everyone.

Despite the fact that modesty would dictate she wear clothing in public, she still wore her standard wrappings underneath, the only new addition to her normal attire was the soft red scarf she now wore around her neck, rather then her usual tethers.

'I don't have to explain my fashion statements.' She'd told him before putting it on. Soul had long since given up trying to understand Maka.

"Which room? Which room? Which-o-which-o-which room for whom?"

"What's with you and rhyming today? Your tempo's off by the way, you only needed two 'whom's'." She'd been sing-songing all morning, generally just getting on Souls nerves.

"Say Soul?" He rolled his eyes from where he lay on the floor, still held tightly in Maka's arm. "Yeah Maka?"

"Which room is ours again? I kind of forgot. I'm so excited, and nervous! I wonder who our teacher will be-"

"Sid. Our teacher's name is Sid."

"Or what we'll be learning-"

"How to be an efficient and powerful meister-weapon team up."

"Wow, you sure know a lot Soul."

"This is my second day here. I also read a brochure on Shibusen before I came to the school." Said brochure sat on his dining room table back at his dorm room, Maka saying she'd read it later but actually she'd just forgotten about it in the thrill of the morning.

"2-A. Our room is 2-A." He caught the faintest rise of Maka's cheeks in a wide smile before he was suddenly lurched from the floor, airborne. "Its moments like these that makes me wonder if coming here was a terrible mistake." He muttered to himself, but Maka's above human hearing caught his whisper.

"Not a chance! If you hadn't come to Shibusen, then we would never have met!"

"Still not seing how that's a good thing."

"Oh, you. 2-A! We're here!" Skidding to a stop, Maka swung Soul onto his feat, the boy gently patting his track suit down and grabbing the door handle. "Next time we just walk here alright?"

"But we made such good time!" Soul fixed her a look. "This is one of those things you were talking about, isn't it?"

"Yes, if we're a team then that means I have a say in where we go, and how." Soul swung the door open. "So please listen to me next time." He walked through the doorway, only to stop when he realized Maka wasn't following him.

"Eh?" Turning around, he found her still behind the door, back to him, hunched over. "What."

Walking over, he swiveled his head around her shoulder to get a look at her face. She was holding her arms to her chest, eyes wide and fingers pressed together. It took him a moment, but he realized suddenly she was frightened. "Y...you okay."

"No..." She murmured under her breath, her eyes looking away from his and her finger tapping increasing in speed. "I...there's a lot of people in there..." Soul's mind boggled.

She was afraid of a crowd. HER.

"Maka, i-it's fine. There just people. You killed a giant monster yesterday, why should you be scared of them?" She turned to meet his gaze, her eyesbrows scrunching down and her third eye tattoo fixing him with a critical gaze. "Monsters don't judge people like people judge people."

"Maka, your being-"

"I can't do this. I should just go back to my hole." She took a step forward, before an arm grabbed her shoulder. Turning, she realized that Soul had grabbed her, his face serious. "You know that thing we were just talking about?"

"Y-yeah. Teamwork?"

"Yeah. When we make a decision, we make it together. Your technically my semi-partner, and as your partner I can't let you make...a stupid decision like this." He let her shoulder go, the girl turning to him. "I just...don't know..."

"You don't have to. You have a cool guy like me to hold the spotlight. Now comeon, we'll be late for class if you hold us up any longer." He grabbed her forearm and took her inside, the girl still looking nervously around the room.

True to from, the room was big, several bleachers of desks rising high towards the back encircling an open space towards several blackboards. Maka's attention was everywhere, her eyes darting around in the hopes of taking everything in. Through her sleeve Soul could feel her whole body tense, and he again was reminded that Maka was actually very human.

Then Ox made everything worse.

Ox, the bald intellectual of a boy, with massive hair spikes, walked up suddenly. "Why hello! I am Oxford, this classes top student and defacto class representative! Welcome new students-OH GOD PUT ME DOWN!" Suddenly lifted above the rather panicked Maka's head, Ox could only holler in sheer terror as she suddenly through him at the door.

Which was precisely the moment Black Star kicked the door open. "ALRIGHT! I'm here to defeat you my eternal rival, for I am-OH GOD!" Black Star was knocked backwards from the force of Ox being thrown at him, the two sprawling on the ground.

Soul turned to Maka in complete confusion, the girl haveing the decency to look at least sheepish. "What? I-I panicked and I wanted him to go away. I'm sorry." She hung her head. Soul blinked incredulously at her for a few moments, before a slow clapping sounded from the open door.

"Well played my opponent. Well played. To be ready just as I prepare to attack, truly you are a worthy adversary. But this day is your last!" Stepping through the door, Black Star carried Ox over his shoulder. "Originally I was just going to kick your ass. But since you wish to engage in a sport like people fighting, I cannot deny you! Let our battle be LEGENDARY!" With this, Black Star hurled Ox at Maka. Mid-air, Ox came to, and for a moment, realized what was happening. He fell unconcious a moment later.

She simply sidestepped, quirking her head to the side as Ox skipped accross the floor and rolled in a heap. "Have we met?" She asked, scratchign her chin.

"Y...you are the lowest of the low if you think PSYCHOLOGICAL WAREFARE will have an effect on me! FOR I AM BLACK STAR! LYING AS IF YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF ME WILL ONLY CAUSE YOU MORE HARM!" With this, he jumped into the stands and grabbed a rather unlucky gentleman. "Wait, put me down!" He screamed.

"Oh grow a pair why don't you." Black Star shot back before hurling him too. This time, his aim was off however and before Soul could do anything, his and the boys skulls collided. Maka watched with a detatched look as the two fell to the floor, both clutching there forheads. She abrutply turned towards Black Star.

"I have no idea who you are, but you hurt my weapon. Nobody hurts my weapon except me; and only on special occasions! Fine, you want a 'Dodge People' match? You got it!" From beneath her scarf two tendrils shot out, latching onto people in the stands. By now the room was in chaos, people being hurled left and right as Black Star and Maka continued the destruction.

On the floor, Soul just watched with a detatched frown as people sailed overhead.

"FML." He sighed, before one of Maka's tether-arms wrapped around his waist. "Soul, I need you to be my special missile! This asshole thinks he's won, but with our souls entwined we can do anything!" Soul fixed her with a look, still nursing his forhead. "So, I take it you've gotten over your fears of crowds now?" She stopped mid-swing, remembering her fears suddenly.

"Oh yeah. I forgot." Suddenly slumping down to the floor, her tendrils slunk back into her scarf. Seizing the opportunity, Black Star chose the moment, like very other moment he had, to gloat. "Haha! Lost your will to fight opponent! Well just sit still, as I, the great and powerful Black Star, shall end your misery once and for-OYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOY!"

The sudden and rather confusing shout caught Soul and Maka's attention, looking up to see a tall man with deep tanned skin holding Black Star by the ankle, shaking him. "How many times have I told you: NO ROUGH-HOUSING!" Continuing to shake Black Star, the boy could only squeak out "I'm sorry Sid-sensei!" Before he was unceremoniously dropped to the floor." The newly named Sid turned towards Maka and Soul, looking them up and down.

"Let me guess. You're the new student, and you're that punk that skipped out last time he was here. Am I right?" They both nodded, Sid sighing as he rubbed the bridge of his nose with a heavily tattooed arm. "Of course. Alright, everyone take your seats. I'll see you three after class. Tsubaki." He waved a hand towards the girl nobody had seemed to notice until now, who waved back demerly.

"How long has she been here." Soul asked Maka, who shrugged. Surprisingly enough though, Black Star answered, suddenly walking up and holding an arm out. "That's Tsubaki, my partner. I'm Black Star by the way. Know my name, for it is the name of the man who will surpass god!" Not sure how to accept the show of bravado, Soul instead simply opted to take the boys hand, who in turn pulled him upright.

Doing the same with Maka, Black Star eyed the two of them. "You are a worthy opponent, but I unfortunately don't know your name. It is unfair that everyone should know mine, yet a worthy adversary such as yourself is completely unknown. Who are you rival?" He asked, but instead Maka just tapped her fingers together, looking away shyly. After a few beats, Soul sighed. "I'm Soul Eater, this is Maka Albarn. I'm her partner apparrently."

"Hmmmmm...Maka Albarn. That won't do, my rival must have a name that befits them. You will now be known as MAKA ALBARN: THE RIVAL OF BLACK STAR! You can thank me later for giving you the rights to my name." Soul blinked incredulously. "Why is everyone I meet here completely insane?"

Maka remained silent, still frozen to the floor.

"Alright you three, into your seats. I've finished role call, so everybody get to your seats!" Frozen in place, Maka made a move for the door but was stopped by Soul, who grabbed her arm again. With surprising ease he marched her up towards the seats and sat her down beside him, many of the student body directing glares towards them.

Maka didn't seem to notice them, although Soul did. Within two days he had garnered an exceedingly poor reputation from at least half the student body. This was not cool, and left him conflicted.

Black Star sighed, waiting for the tedium of the little people around him to once again put him into a coma of a nap. Dutiously, Tsubaki opened her notebook, watching Sid eagerly as he ticked off the last name.

"Okay, since we were so rudely interrupted yesterday-"

"I am Black Star!" The boy shouted at the top of his voice, moments before an entire crowd of people gangpiled him and proceeded to beat the crap out of him.

"-we will start at the beginning. Your in luck new student." Directing attention towards Maka, the girl shrank into her chair.

"...anyways, please open your books to-" The first day began.


After more then two hours of notetaking, Soul was beginning to find this place boring. Just a little. He'd counted the number of tiles on the floor, he'd drawn doodles before realizing music was essentially the only thing he had any skills in, and then he'd decided he just wanted ANYTHING to happen.

Black Star's complete insanity was starting to make sense to him.

"Alright, you have the rest of the day to take up missions. You three, Maka, Soul, Black Star, stay after class. You don't have to Tsubaki, but your welcome to if you wish." The girl nodded. "Everybody else: Live life without regret! That's the kind of man I am!" With surprising speed the boys and girls pratted out.

The still rather tustled Black Star stood next to Maka and Soul, the girl seeming to suddenly perk up as the last of the people filed out. Her eyes still darted warily around though, as if expecting something to suddenly fly out at her.

"You three have already garned quite the reputation. Black Star, you've managed to make an enemy of everyone so far, Soul Eater, you've managed to cause untold amounts of damage to this chool and Maka...well, everything I could find on you was blocked by red tape, so I'm just keeping you here because of the 'Dodge people' incident." Maka fixed him with an odd look.

"Red tape? Not literally, right? Because you seem like a guy that could rip right through a little piece of tape, even if its red!" Sid, and Black Star both fixed her with an odd look, Soul smacking his forhead. "Red tape, as in the information was blocked off because he didn't have the clearance to read it. It's a metaphor." Maka still looked confused. "So, he was blocked by a metaphor, or red tape?"

"Huuuuuh..." Soul sighed, but it was droned out by Black Star suddenly shouting at the top of his voice "MY RIVAL! SHE SPEAKS! She is a she right?" Soul nodded. "Good, she wears a lot of heavy clothing, and since she has kind of a flat chest-"

"Hey! I'm sensitive about that! I mean, I'm not Tsubaki over here, but I'm a girl! You know what I mean Tsubaki?" The demear girl, suddenly put on the spot, smiled. "A-a little. Some people have told me that I am...very developed in that area."

"I'll say! You be rockin' that rack!"

"I have the weirdest partner ever." Soul sighed, Black Star and Sid nodding along with Maka. Tsubaki just blushed and nodded her head awkwardly. Shaking himself straight, Sid frowned at the three of them. "Well, at any rate, you three will have to be punished for your actions. Under normal circumstances I'd just have you clean the store rooms or do janitorial work, but right now, I have a better idea. Since Soul and Maka here have already proven to be on the level of taking a Kishin's soul, I think that you can solve a problem we've been having for a while now."

Black Star turned disbelievingly towards the two of them, his eyes wide. "Y-you two have already taken your first Kishin's soul? T...that's...as expected of my rival." Crossing his arms, Tsubaki could see the large vein that had appeared on his forhead. 'Oh, Black Star, don't take it too personally.' She admonished silently to herself.

"Yes, you see, there's been a witch that's been a...unique problem for us for some time. You see, she is both a witch and not a witch." The four eyed him with confused looks. "I'm sure your aware what constitutes a witch and whatnot, as well as Shibusen's stance on such things. However, this witche's soul is strange. Since the rules of life are very clear, a creature that is slightly like a witch but not quite, TECHNICALLY doesn't fall into the witch category. As such, Shinigami-sama and meisters can't touch her."

"That's where you three come in. You see, although your classified as Meisters, your not technically warriors of Shibusen yet. As such, you can engage her and stop the subversive destruction she's been causing." With that said, Sid stood back.

"You want us...to take on a witch?"

"I just told you, she's not quite a witch, she's something we've never seen before."

"This is insane. Maka, this is insane." Soul crossed his arms, waiting for her to agree with him.

"What, are you afraid Soul? You call yourself a man? I'll take on this witch-thing by myself!" Soul groused at the barb. "What? I'm a man, just not a crazy idiot!"

"Same difference."

"No it's not, tell him Maka!"

"Well, actually I wouldn't mind seeing this supposed witch/notWitch. Besides, we killed that Kishin pretty easily. It can't be that much harder. Like dancing upside down, the best things are done trial-by-fire! We'll take the mission!" Again, Soul frowned. "Your doing that thing again, not listening to what I have to say, and ignoring my opinion."

This time however, Maka gave him a look of understanding. "You're right, I'm not. Soul, what do you want to do?" He sighed in relief. "Finally! I want to go home and rest!"

"Okay. Tsubaki, what do you want to do?" Soul blanched as Tsubaki took a step back, looking unsure. "Tsubaki, you want to go." Black Star directly told her. "I want to go." She nodded. Soul looked rapidly between the three of them, completely shocked.

Maka spoke first however. "Okay, that's three for, one against. Sorry Soul, but democracy says we do it, and democracy is always right!" A vein appeared on his forhead, his sharp teeth flashing. "Fine! Let's go get ourselves killed!"

"Okay, you can find her location at-"


"I am a pretty lady! Wooooh! I am so b-e-a-utiful! Wooooooh! Everyone loves me, but I only love P-UMP-KINS! YAY!" Sitting in her sudsy bath, Blair enjoyed her long hobby after a day of mayhem.

Thank death for loopholes, amirite?

"I wonder what I'll do for the rest of today?" She softly pouted, considering her options. A sudden presence on the threshold of her home caught her attention however. "Oooooh, fate solved that problem. Time to mess some suckers up!" She smirked to herself.

Absently, her brush floated around the room, whisked around by magic.

A chill ran down Soul's spine as the four of them walked towards the large pumpkin shaped house.


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