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America x Canada

Rated: T


are not the way to confess one's love

"McDonald's again?"

Canada sighed, looking down at the bag and the greasy food with a slightly disappointed eye because he was sick of eating the artery-clogging substances that tried to pass itself as food.

"Yep!" America looked at his brother brightly and Canada knew that he should have expected it, "No, wait!" America suddenly blurted, swapping the bags as Canada watched with wide eyes, "Yeah, that one's yours." The blond nation said casually, grinning widely.

Matthew simply raised a brow, picking the burger from the bag and unconsciously crumbled the wrapper as he stared at Alfred suspiciously, "I put extra pickles on it ~!" The American sang teasingly, knowing that Matthew hated them.

Canada scrunched his nose up, ripping off the top bun and cursing America mentally, "What?" He blinked, seeing a messy note on top of his meat patty scribbled in ketchup.

I love you, Mattie... X3

Canada smiled, feeling that warm feeling bubble up, "I love you, too, Alfred..." And as they kissed sweetly, Canada secretly placed his onions in America's burger since he hated them.

Hey, he had to get some sort of revenge for the extra pickles, right?

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