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Fem!America x Fem!Canada

Rated: T

Vain, yet Thoughtful

= America

"Oh," Canada blinked her indigo eyes, looking somewhat surprised when she approached America, "Emily, you're... looking different today." She said in her quiet tone, immediately noticing what her sister nation had done to look a bit different from normal.

She wasn't wearing Texas today.

"Thanks! I'm so glad that you noticed, Madds," America grinned, winking almost suggestively towards the arctic country, "So, do I look sexy or what?" She posed dramatically and swept her hand through her short golden locks confidently, "I'm wearing my contacts!"

Canada instantly blushed, nodding silently in agreement and looked away so she wouldn't be caught staring outright (which would be very inconsiderate and impolite, and that would go against her very nature as a Canadian).

"That's not the real reason though," America's smile turned even brighter, "Even though you can see my gorgeous eyes better now, I did it for you, Maddie!" Her playful look turned even more suggesting than before.

"You did?" Canada blinked, wondering what she had to do with this, "What do I have to do with it?" She asked curiously, letting out a small noise of embarrassment when America abruptly cupped her face, bringing her in closer and closer to her lips.

"This way," America lowered her voice huskily, tracing Canada's lips with a feather-light touch, "We won't be breaking anymore glasses (since they usually bang with each other every time we do this)." And with that, she fully pressed her lips against Canada's while the blonde pigtailed nation rolled her eyes fondly in their kiss.

It figures that America turned a conversation about missing glasses into something sexual...