Note: Here be lemons as pirate Zevran will be reporting for duty. Ye have been warned (or excited).

Zevran sat at a table in the Pearl and downed the shot he had ordered. It burned as it hit the back of his throat. Not his normal drink of choice, but the events of the day merited something strong. He sipped at his wine and felt the warmth begin to spread through his legs as the alcohol took effect. He mused at his surroundings. The irony wasn't lost to him that he sought out the comfortable setting of his childhood. Back when he had been innocent... or as innocent as you could be when your guardians sold their flesh for money every day and night. It had been a good life. The women were friendly and doted on him. They also protected him and cared for him until the day they could no longer and he was taken and sold to the Crows. But he was no longer a little boy who couldn't defend himself or those around him. He smiled as he remembered the look upon Taliesen's face as his legs gave out underneath him and he was unable to carry out his attack on Kallian. He should have remembered that Zevran liked to take out his enemies from behind just as Zevran had remembered the signs of Taliesen's favorite form of assassination. The heavy footfall of boots behind him alerted him to her presence. It was the stride. Confident, but with an air of hesitation.

" I thought I might find you here." she murmured. " Is there someplace we can talk privately? If you're ready, I mean."

He nodded and led Kallian to the room that he had rented. Her eyebrow raised as she entered and he smiled at her silent question. " Just for the night so I could have time to think. I haven't partaken in the company." She blushed as he had read her face correctly. " I really expected you sooner."

" I figured you needed some time. We made it back to the Arl's and they'll be calling for the Landsmeet soon." she paused. " How are you?"

" Taliesen is dead and I am free of the Crows. They will assume that I am dead along with Taliesen so long as I don't make my presence known to them. They will not seek me out."

" That a good thing, isn't it?"

" A very good thing. It is in fact what I had hoped for ever since you decided not to kill me" Zevran heard his words from earlier echo in his thoughts " Real love... something I didn't believe in until it almost killed me." He could tell from her expression that it flashed through her mind as well. " I suppose it would be possible for me to leave now, if I wished. I could go far away, somewhere where the Crows would never find me." He paused a moment to see how his words affected her as they sank in. Her face fell slightly but she tried to recover quickly so that he wouldn't see. " I think however that I could also stay here" he murmured as he approached her slowly.

" I would like that." she replied as his hand came to slide against her cheek and around to the back of her neck. He felt her shiver slightly as his face drew closer.

" Then stay I shall. I am with you until the end. Provided you do not tire of me..."

She shook her head whispering " Never" as she closed the gap between them. Her tongue ran along his bottom lip before caressing his tongue. It was slow and languorous, but it thrilled him.

He pulled back to catch his breath. " I want you." he gasped. " I need you."

She nodded and her hands came to the ties on her bodice. She was offering herself to him, to his plea and he felt his body tremble as his hands joined hers and helped her free of the garment. His shirt followed as his hands slid beneath the back of her shirt and touched her skin. She sighed as he lifted it over her head and his chest brushed her bare breasts. He held her close as he navigated them to the bed and soon the edge tapped the back of his knees. He sat down and pulled her between his legs, his mouth closing over one taut pink nipple. Kallian's fingers ran through his hair and tugged lightly pulling his head back so she could claim his lips again. Zevran grasped her to him and turned so that she tumbled back onto the bed. She giggled and panted as he smiled down at her, his eyebrow quirking up seductively in promise of things to come. Slowly peeling her breeches down he caught the side of her small clothes as well and slid them down as he came to rest between her knees. Her head came up and she leaned on her elbows, a question in her eyes, but they quickly became dark as he nibbled a path up the inside of one thigh. Gently he lifted the leg and placed it over his shoulder and then did the same to it's twin. Her eyes shined at him as his breath caressed the moistness at the juncture of her thighs. He inhaled, breathing in her scent and then his tongue darted out and began it's exploration. She was sweet, warm and surprised, but that was quickly forgotten as he found her secret places and pleasure overtook her senses. He continued to swirl around and suckle the tiny nub as he slid a finger inside. He could feel her muscles clench around him and as she shuddered, he knew she was close. Kallian's back arched and her moans silenced momentarily before a throaty groan issued forth and swelled to a cry that was music to his ears. She was still pulsing around his fingers as he slid them from her warmth and up her body. Kissing her he reveled in her breath panting on his lips. He pulled back slightly and asked a silent question with his eyes.

" Yes" she whimpered and he pulled away. Setting his belt pouch on the bedside table he divested himself of his pants and small clothes and came to rest between her legs. " Kallian" he breathed as he gently pushed into her with the tip of his hardness. His eyes closed as he glided into her and was fully surrounded. "Zev?" she whispered and he opened his eyes to see her smiling up at him. He smiled back and his lips closed over hers again as he began to move. He took her slowly, savoring the feeling of being deep inside her. He had never felt such pleasure. He felt it in the taste of her lips, the way she would gasp and grip his shoulders, her nails raking along his back and gripping his hips and pulling him to her harder. He felt it in the sigh of his name and the feeling of her swelling around him as she came closer to finding that delicious peak. Kallian clasped him tightly to her as a second release consumed her entire body and pushed him over the edge. He felt his body explode deep in his groin and spread throughout until he couldn't tell where she began and he ended. He rolled to her side and his face came to rest in the crook of her neck as aftershocks flitted through him.

" Zevran." the quiet whisper brought him back from edge of sleep and he pulled a cover over their bodies that were growing chilly in the aftermath of their love making. She wiped a thumb across the side of his cheek and he felt moisture there sliding toward his ear. He had been crying. He reached out and felt for his belt that held the pouch. He pulled the earring from it and pressed it into her hand. Her fingers curled around it and she smiled.

" I love you. Never doubt it." he whispered.

" Never." she whispered back and curled against him as they both fell into a sated sleep.