The mother lay, tired, out of breath. Her eyes slid half-closed as she struggled to sit up, only to be pushed back down again gently. Looking up at her husband with tired silver eyes, she opened her mouth.

"My baby..." She whispered softly. "Is he ok? The-The baby..." Her husband smiled reassuringly at her, petting her short black hair. She purred and leaned into his hand as much as she could, her ears flattening against her head as she did.

"He's fine." He said softly. "More than fine- - -he's perfect."

"Where is he?" She asked, closing her eyes fully. He leaned down, pressing a kiss to her forehead and nuzzling her afterwards, listening contentedly to the responding purr in her throat..

"He's already started in the Room." He answered. "They put him in there almost immediately after we saw him, my love." She nodded sleepily.

"Good..." As soon as she breathed the word, she fell into a dreamless sleep, exhausted from the trial the birth had been. Her husband stayed by her side, still running his fingers through the short, black hair, still smiling lovingly at his wife. In her sleep, the new mother sensed the love and joy radiating from her husband and smiled happily, albeit tiredly, in her sleep.

"There you are, my brother." The other male turned at the voice, brown eyes slightly narrowed. If the other male noticed, he made no comment, choosing instead to focus on his brother in his time of joy.

"Here I am." He said, turning to face the blonde-haired, blue eyed demon king coming towards him. "And yet, where have you been, Germania?"

"My son was born a few days ago." Germania said, coming to a stop by his brother. "However, we didn't see you there."

"Yes, well, we couldn't make it." He said easily. "Endreas' training went on a bit longer than anticipated."

"Surely you would have been able to make it for dinner." Germania argued.

"You have heard that your son will reunite the kingdom our father separated for us?" Germania smiled proudly, yet it contrasted with the worried look in his dark blue eyes. "Of course you have." His brother shook his head. "I cannot see why Endreas will not rule. He is older by quite a few years."

"Age does not matter for prophesies, Big Brother." Germania said softly. "Be kind to my son, the future ruler of our lands."

"Hmph." As the elder brother turned to go, the younger grabbed his arm. He stopped, turning to look at him.

"Please." Germania said softly. "Come to his Choosing, at least, Brother."

There was a strained, tensed silence that stretched on for a few moments.

"We shall see, Little Brother." Came the quiet response. "We shall see." With that, he pulled his arm away and left Germania in the hallway, alone.

Two figures posed, waiting, in front of the entrance to a grand hallway. The tallest half-crouched, left arm stretched in front, right arm held high, so as to be visible over the feathered headdress. The other, less than half the size of the other, stayed as a mirrored opposite, left arm held high and right arm stretched out. Both held a staff, one that went high over their heads, in their outstretched arms.

The tallest began, sweeping the staff from her left, her voice ringing out and gaining the attention of everyone in the nearest twenty feet.

"Nants ingonyama bagithi baba sithi uhhmm ingonyama." A female voice rang out strongly. Everyone froze, turning to stare at her.

"Nants ingonyama bagithi baba sithi uhhmm ingonyama." Another voice, one way more childish than the first and yet no weaker, came as she repeated her mentor's movement.

"Ingonyama, ingonyama." They chanted together, before the tallest brought her right arm down to chest high, cutting off her young apprentice.

"Siyo nqoba ingonyama." Everyone began to gather around the two, chattering excitedly. "Ingonyama nengw' enamabala." As they repeated their chant, Germania and his wife, behind a toddling child, came into view.

Children around the boy's age were brought forward, in hopes of being 'Chosen' by the young prince.

"From the day we arrive on the planet, and blinking, step into the sun." The woman sang, pressing her right hand firmly on the boy's forehead, making him look up at her with wide crimson eyes. "There's more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done."

He tore his eyes away from her to look over the children on the side of his path, unaware of his parents behind him coming to a stop by the woman. His crimson eyes took in every color, every feature of the kids before him.

"There is far too much to take in here, more to find than can ever be found." He ignored her now, jumping off the steps she stood on, allowing something in his chest to pull him into the crowd of kids, following his nose towards a strange scent he found pleasant. "But the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky keeps great and small on the endless round."

"It's the circle of life, and it moves us all. Through despair and hope, through faith and love." He stopped, half-way from the back of the group, and simply stared at the boy before him. When the other boy glanced up, uncurling with a grace that the young had, his crimson eyes met the violet of the other. Without a second thought, he grabbed the boy's hand, pulling him towards him firmly in a strength generally unheard of in a nine month old demon cub. Keeping a firm hold on the boy, he began making his way back, stopping when another strong scent came his way, another strange pull appeared in his chest. "Till we find our place on the path unwinding in the circle, the circle of life."

For a few minutes, he merely looked around, his nose twitching every now and then as he focused, deeply, on a particular scent. He pushed through the kids, the other boy's hand held firmly in his own, as he followed the strange feeling and smell back towards his parents.

When he returned to his parents, his eyes slid to the right, finally- - -ah, there.

She stared back, emerald eyes slightly confused, as she kept her staff high above her head, as her mentor did, and her other arm curled in. When he reached forward for her hand, she drew back slightly, glancing unsurely at her mentor.

The other woman smiled at her, gesturing for her to take his hand. Unsurely, she did, making him smile at her.

"It's the circle of life," The taller one cried out again, dropping the arm holding the staff to her side, making the twisted wood hit the floor with a quiet 'thump' as the young Prince led her young apprentice to his parents. "And it moves us all. Through despair and hope, through faith and love." Some of the older apprentices were chanting again, quiet enough to not overpower her voice but loud enough to be hears. "Till we find our place on the path unwinding in the circle, the circle of life." They all stopped together, she in a similar position she had started out with, the young Prince and his two Chosen beside him- - -the slightly taller brunette on his right and the younger male on his left, their hands tightly clasped together- - -an image that would stay the same, no matter the age.

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