AN: so basically my academic life takes over everything else...and I've been writing tons of screenplays for my video production class so I'm kind of writers burned out. I am so sorry that I barely update this but it takes a lot for me to get writing. I hope you like this and hopefully I can update soon!


Getting ready was a pain in the ass. I had no idea what to wear for her. I tried on basically everything I owned, one by one, but nothing was perfect. After deciding against yet another outfit, I stood looking at my half naked self in my mirror.

"That look suits you," Arianna said behind me. I jumped.

"Don't sneak up on me like that," I snapped.

She giggled. "Sorry. It's a habit." She drank my undressed body in, looking me up and down hungrily.

I snapped again. "Wanna help me out here?" Instantly, her eyes stopped wandering and looked directly into mine. "Since I'm doing this whole ruse for you," I quietly added.

"Fine." She walked past me into my closet, intentionally bumping into me on the way. I couldn't help but stare at how short her skirt was as she sauntered away. "But we both know this isn't just for me," she taunted.

I sighed. "Just because she's…moderately attractive does not mean I want her, Arianna."

"Oh?" She turned to face me. "Then what-" she paused. "Who do you want?"

"I want you out of my life," I told her simply. I gave her a cold stare, but she saw right past it.

Laughing at me, she mocked, "Sure you do, Darian. Sure…." She held up an outfit. "This."

I grabbed it from her and tried it on. "This isn't good enough."

"You look sexy in it. It's perfect." She gave me a smile, trying to be seductive. Unfortunately, it was working. I couldn't let her get to me.

"You can leave now," I said harshly.

She merely rolled her eyes. "When did you get so mean, darling?" I cringed at the pet name she used, the one that used to mean the world to me.

"When I figured out what a manipulative, slutty bitch you were," I got out. "Now leave."

She pouted. I had to ignore it, not let her know how much it bothered me. "Fine. I'll be back later." She finally disappeared, and I sighed in relief.

I grabbed my keys and left, knowing I wouldn't, I couldn't be back tonight. I didn't need to reawaken my feelings for Arianna any more than I already had.


I couldn't stand getting ready. Even though I had Diana helping me prepare, I was still nervous. What if the ring stopped working and he thought I was disgusting? What if he realized the truth behind my flirting? What if-

"Cassie." Diana brought me back to the present. "You have to stop worrying. You're going to be fine." She smiled encouragingly at me. "Especially when you look as amazing as you do now."

I turned to look in the mirror. Sexy, yet classy. At least that's what Diana had said.

"Thanks," I mumbled. I didn't feel anywhere near amazing, but hopefully the ring would help.

It was less than half an hour later when Darian knocked on my door. I ran to get it, hoping I could follow through with dinner.

As soon as I saw his smiling face, and the bouquet of flowers he was holding, I couldn't help but stare at his perfection. His enticing, night blue eyes were full of happiness, and I instantly felt guilt for what I was putting him through. It took another second to remember his dark nature and come to my senses.

"Hi," I smiled at him. I felt confidence travel through my body, and I stood up to my full height.

"Hello, Cassie," he said back smoothly. He held out the bouquet. "For you," he smiled. I took them happily. It had been a long time since I had gotten flowers from Adam. I felt a gaping hole in my chest. No matter what I felt for Darian, Adam was still my number one. My soulmate. And I was dying without him.

"Thank you," I finally said. "Hold on." I went into the kitchen and gave them to Diana, shushing her when she almost squealed. I hurriedly went back out to Darian. He was slowly trying to put his foot in the doorway, as if testing it for some sort of barrier. "All done," I said. His head snapped up, and he pulled his foot back extremely quickly, like a kid being caught in a cookie jar.

"Ready?" he smiled. I nodded, but I didn't take the arm he offered, fearing the feeling of death he gave to me. I could tell he was a little hurt, but he shook it off and put his arm down.

He was the perfect gentleman, helping me into the car, and for the second time that evening I felt that I was doing an awful thing. How could I deceive a man who couldn't possibly be harmful at all? In all my worrying I forgot that I had left the enchanted ring in my bathroom, leaving the entire night to chance.