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You have a secret
One that can n e v e r get out
That could n e v e r be told
To a single soul.

It's a secret that comes down to
Many things

(like blonde r i n g l e t s
& deepdeepdeep brown eyes
& a spitfire personality)

But can be summed up in
One word:

(M a r l e n e.)

. . .

It's the way your eyes
Linger on her
When no one else is
L o o k i n g.

It's the way your stomach
Is unexpectedly filled to the brim
With b u t t e r f l i e s
Whenever she enters a room
Or says your name.

But most of all,
It's the way the word
F r i e n d s h i p
Is suddenly not a strong enough
Word for you.

. . .

And you wantwantwant
To t e l l her,
But you can't.

(After all, it is a secret.)

Because you have never (ever) been as
B r a v e
Or as
F e a r l e s s
As Marlene.

(You're the quiet, timid one.
Always a f r a i d of what others
Might think.)

Because what would everyone say?
What would everyone think?
If they found out the truth.

(The very t h o u g h t of someone
Finding out
Makes you sicksicksick to your stomach.)

So you don't breathe a word.
You don't tell a soul.

And your secret is kept intact.

(While your heart is left
B r e a k i n g.)

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