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The moon cast an eerie glow off her pale face as she slept. I could not help but notice the way her blonde hair blended with the white sheet making it almost impossible to see where one began and the other ended. She stirred slightly as if something intruded on her perfect solitude.

I glanced away from Felicity's sleeping figure in hopes of erasing the odd, fluttering sensation in my stomach. Over the past few months that feeling had become more frequent and it was really starting to concern me. I thought that maybe I had yet another affliction to add to my list, right below epilepsy.

Thoughts like this wandered aimlessly through my mind as the minutes passed slowly. A sharp groan pulled me out of my mind. I turned quickly toward my dearest friend only to find her face screwed up in a grimace. Her hands were clenched tight and she was violently kicking and punching.

"Stop it! Get off!" she screeched as tears flowed down her pale cheeks. I leaped out of bed and hastened to her side. "Felicity! Felicity! Wake up; you're dreaming!" I shouted as I peeled her arms to her sides. Suddenly I was peeling backwards from a hit in the stomach by her foot.

I ran back to her side and climbed on top of her so she had no where to kick. I harnessed her arms in mine and pinned her tight against the bed. "FELICITY!" I bellowed only a mere inches from her ear. She finally heard.

Her watery, pale eyes darted across the room as she regained control of her senses. "Wh—what happened?" she asked suddenly, her voice hoarse from all the screaming.

"You had a bad dream. But it is alright now. I'm here," I soothed in a voice sounding so much like my mother that it made my stomach churn. Suddenly that ache in my gut was replaced by a sensation of flurry wings—as if a hummingbird was set loose inside me. I was on top of Felicity; her body soft and warm beneath me.

"Thank you," Felicity acknowledged after a moments pause. And yet, she did not as k me to move. I shifted uncomfortably causing my most sensitive spot to roam over her thighs. A tingle so unexpected and lovely began in a place I had never allowed myself to explore. "Are you alright?" Felicity inquired at my sudden stiffening.

"Yes, I—I just remembered that you kicked me while I was trying to wake you." I mumbled as I slid off of her slim figure and onto the floor. "I'm sorry," she said. "Please don't go back to your bed tonight. I don't want to be alone," Felicity added in the most pathetic sounding voice I had ever heard from her. Felicity was not one to sound weak, and yet here she was, vulnerable and frail.

I slid silently under her sheets, but was careful to leave a small amount of space between the two of us. I instinctively knew something was going wrong inside me and Felicity was the cause. "So what happened in your dream?" I asked to make conversation. Felicity looked at me with pleading eyes filled to the brim with worry. "Please don't make me tell you," she begged. Felicity never begged before then. "It is far too awful and not important regardless," she added sounding much more her usual self. And yet, the fear remained in her eyes.

"What is important is that you were here to wake me from it so I should not suffer any more than needed." Felicity's eyes finally lit up as she gave me her most charming smile. This smile she saves for me and only me. My stomach flutters again as she takes my hand in her clammy one. "What's got you so worked up tonight?" she questioned. "You seem…uptight."

"It's nothing. I'm just anxious for tomorrow," I lied. Felicity seemed to believe my reply or at least accept that I have things I don't want to tell. It was probably the latter of the two because Felicity always seemed to know when I was dishonest. I could do the same for her. We always had such a strong bond that it was nearly impossible for one to get away with mistreating the other. At least that is what I thought.

And yet, I was having odd feelings every time Felicity touched me. And I thought about her more than I should have. There was no denying that our friendship was changing in the past few months. Physically nothing changed; we have always been very close and eager to hold hands and hug. But Felicity had become much more seductive in the way she talked.

She constantly talked about her goal not to marry. Moreso though, Felicity was growing a fascination with romantic talk. She read far too much of the forbidden literature while she was at home. This caused her to be spontaneous and leave her comments unfiltered. At first I was nervous by her seductive comments, but as time wore on I had become accustomed to the way she spoke of the marriage bed.

"Do you love me Pip?" Felicity whispered so quietly I almost missed it completely. I squeezed her hand a little tighter and replied, "You know I do. Why else would have I put up with you for all these years?" She rolled her eyes and nudged me gently in the ribs. "Are you sure you don't fear me like the others?"

"Absolutely not. You are my only friend here Fee. You mean more to me than anyone else in the world. I imagine I won't even love my husband as much as I love you."

"Well of course you won't if your mother gets her way and marries you off to the highest bidder." I frowned at the reminder of my mother's goals for my life. Money was everything to her. "Don't remind me," I groaned. "If you are so worried, don't marry. Be like me. We could run away together, just you and I," Felicity suggested. I laughed because I had nothing to say. I wanted it desperately, but knew it could never happen.

Well we will just have to wait and see. But, for now, I need sleep," I said after a considerable pause. Felicity slid closer to me and wrapped her strong arms securely around me. I felt more secure than I had felt in years in the embrace of Felicity. That night I fell asleep with that peculiar flickering singing me to sleep.