"You can see now?" Harry asked, breathing in Draco's faint cologne.

Draco shook his head, quelling his heart. "Not always," he murmured. "Comes and goes. I'm so glad you came today. I'm so glad you came right now." He pulled away from Harry and committed all the features to memory. "Now I know what you look like. Now I know you won't leave."

Harry nodded, raising his hand to touch Draco's chin. "Thank you for being so… understanding," he said.

Draco smiled and hugged Harry again. "Thank you for coming back," he replied.

"Draco," Narcissa's hesitant voice sounded from behind him.

Harry quickly untangled himself from Draco's arms and moved away, an all too familiar sense of despair coursing through him. Draco reached out and clutched his hand, pulling him closer. "Harry's back."

Narcissa nodded mutely, staring at Harry. "Hello," she said after a moment's pause.


She flicked her eyes at Draco, then back at Harry. "I'm glad you are back," she said, gauging Harry's expression.

Harry's brows shot up as he looked at Narcissa in surprise. "You are?" he asked, glancing at Draco for support.

"I never apologized for what happened. I'm sorry," she said.


Draco smiled at his mother. "He forgives you, Mother."

Harry was speechless. To see such a proud lady apologize was unheard of. He had never thought it possible. Yet here was Narcissa, apologizing to him - a nobody. "Shouldn't I be the one apologizing?" Harry asked weakly.

Draco laughed. "I don't want to hear another apology out of you. Ever. I am sick of your apologies. Understand?"

Harry smiled wanly. "Yes," he answered.

"Won't you come in?" Narcissa asked, gesturing to the drawing room.

Harry nodded, his gaze slipping up to the railings of the second floor. Scorpius was crouching between them, peering down eagerly. Harry waved and smiled. The boy disappeared behind the wall. Draco laughed. "You can come down, Scorpius," he said. Scorpius stood up, blushing. "Guess the batter's ruined, huh?" Draco said, looking down at the mess he had made on the floor. "We'll make that cake later, okay?"

"Okay," Scorpius nodded.

"Oh, we can make it now, if you'd like," Harry said, bending down to pick up the fallen bowl.

"You know how to bake one?"

"A burnt one, sure," Harry said, shrugging with a sheepish smile.

"Grandma helps," Scorpius said, pulling Narcissa towards the kitchen. "Let's go. I'll lick the bowl."

"Yes. My helpful licker," Draco chuckled, closing the door and placing a hand on Harry's back to make him follow Narcissa and her grandson.

"Why do you think we are in love?" Draco asked, looking up from his scotch.

"Why?" Harry echoed.

"Yes. Why? You are a man. I am a man. Are you attracted to me, Harry?" he asked. Harry's mouth fell open as he blushed. He snapped it shut, gulping. Draco's eyes widened. "You are that attracted to me?" he asked in awe.

"Now you're tormenting me," Harry muttered.

"I just – I just thought that you… I mean, I'm not a woman…"

"I noticed."

"And I don't have any… womanly features."

"Again, noted."


Harry shrugged. "You're a very attractive man," he murmured.

Draco got up from his seat and sat beside Harry on the chaise. Harry shifted away, uncomfortable after the conversation. Draco moved closer. Harry moved away. Draco made a noise of frustration, stopping Harry. "You say you're attracted, then you push away. I don't understand," Draco said, his hand on Harry's arm.

"I don't understand either," Harry said, flicking his sharp green eyes at Draco.

Draco searched Harry's expression. "It's just… I was never sure if you were just – emotionally in love with me. Which is fine. I had never thought of physical love," he said pensively.

"We don't have to think about physical love," Harry said, blushing even darker.

Draco held the gaze for a moment before laughing. "No… That's not… I mean, now I'm thinking about it. Before I couldn't because I didn't – I didn't know what you looked like," he corrected.

Harry frowned in confusion. "And now…"

"And now…" They stared at each other, silent. Harry was the first to look away, thoroughly embarrassed. This was the closest he had been with anyone. This was new. He wasn't like Draco. He wasn't used to this. Draco smiled at Harry's downcast profile before taking a sip from his drink. "When?" he asked.

Harry closed his eyes. "Can we not – can we talk about something else?"

"No. When?"


"No. Tell me when."

Harry sighed, shaking his head. "I don't know. In the lighthouse, you – sometime then."

"Oh? You sounded as though you were about to say more," Draco smirked.

"I wasn't."

"Come on, tell me," Draco urged.

Harry looked utterly miserable now. "Why?" he asked.

"Because I want to see if I remember," Draco said.

"Hmph…" Harry murmured glumly. "I – I don't really remember a specific instance. It's just… when you finished your wash and needed help with your shirt."

Draco's smile widened. "And…"

"Please don't make me talk about this," Harry pleaded.


"And…" Harry said. He turned to Draco, recalling that day. "I wanted to do this," he whispered, running his hand down Draco's chest. Draco looked down as Harry's fingers lingered on his button near his stomach. "And this." Harry leaned forward and captured Draco's lips in his. "And this." Harry's other hand tangled into Draco's hair. "Your hair was wet…" Harry's fingers slipped through the shirt and onto Draco's skin. "You are so strong, Draco. I have so much respect for you," Harry murmured. Draco shivered as Harry's fingers undid the button, letting his hand through. Harry splayed it over Draco's taut stomach, drawing warmth from it. "I was never good with women," Harry confessed. "I never thought I would find you."

"Mph, Harry, stop," Draco said, pulling away.

Harry slipped his hand out, looking horrified at his loss of control. He clenched his hand into a fist and dropped it on his knee. "I'm sorry," he breathed. "I'm so sorry. I didn't… sorry."

"What did I tell you about apologies?" Draco asked tiredly. "It's not that… My head."

"Oh," Harry said, frowning. Then he noticed Draco fumbling with his glass. "Oh!" Harry exclaimed, taking the glass from Draco's hand. "You can't…"

Draco let out a forceful breath of air, elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. "It's so frustrating," he said, his words muffled.

"Hey," Harry said softly, making Draco turn to him. He saw the blank eyes blinking at him. "It's fine. It's life, isn't it?" he asked.

Draco smiled warily, nodding. "I guess. Life."

"What's it like?" Harry asked.

Draco felt for Harry, running his hand down Harry's arm until he found the hand. He clutched it comfortingly. "It's terrifying," he said, closing his eyes. "Because no matter what I do, it's black." Harry squeezed Draco's hand. "So I imagine what it's like to see. I imagine what I would be surrounded by. I imagine the colors."

Harry touched Draco's cheek lightly. "Imagine this?" he asked. Draco leaned into Harry's touch, nodding. Harry glided his fingers towards Draco's lips. "Imagine this?" Draco smiled, nodding. Harry moved in, stopping inches from Draco. "Imagine me?"

"You are all I can imagine," Draco whispered, leaning the rest of the way to kiss Harry. Harry closed his eyes, now as blind as Draco. He felt Draco's hand against his cheek and the other against the nape of his neck. He felt Draco's breath against his lashes. He felt Draco's warmth against his lips. And he felt Draco's forceful push, causing him to fall onto the chaise.

"What –" Harry started asking before Draco's lips sought his again. This time Harry felt Draco's hands against his side. He felt Draco's harsh breathing against his cheek. He felt Draco's tongue against his lips, causing his lips to part open on their own accord. He felt Draco's fingers making deft work of his buttons. "Whoa, wait," he panted.

"Hmm?" Draco asked, his attention diverted by what he was doing to Harry's waistcoat.

"What – what are you doing?"

"I want to touch you. Feel what a man feels like," Draco said.

Harry swallowed, wrapping fingers around Draco's wrists. "You already know what a man feels like. You're a man…"

"What another man feels like. What you feel like," Draco corrected.

"Here?" Harry asked helplessly.

Now Draco paused. "Right. Want to move to the bedroom?" he asked.

Harry laughed incredulously. "No, Draco. I don't!" he said.


Harry gawked at the blind man. "Wait, you – you want to continue this?" he asked.

"Quite obviously," Draco muttered, sitting up sullenly. "But you don't. Is it because I can't see?"

Harry frowned at the question. "I – um… no, that's not. It's just that I've – well, I didn't think you – I've never…"

Draco's cloudy face cleared. "You've never?" he asked, suddenly turning into an eighteen-year-old boy. "You've never?" he smirked.

Harry hid his face in his hands. "Please, stop," he groaned. "Besides, it's not like… I mean, we can't do anything."

"And why not?" Draco asked.

"What? How? How do we do anything?" Harry asked.

Draco laughed happily, leaning down again to press kisses on Harry's cheeks. "You don't know how?" he asked.

"It's – it's so… vulgar. Crude. Painful."

"You've read sodomy while I've read romance, Harry…"

Harry gaped when he realized the path this conversation was heading. "You want to…"

"Yes, I do."


"Come with me?" Draco asked, getting off of Harry and holding out his hand.

Harry breathed in forcefully, staring at Draco's hand. Was this a test? He pressed his palm against Draco's, sitting up. "Are you sure?" Harry asked.

"Are you?" Draco asked in turn. "Upstairs, first door on the right." His fingers found the spaces between Harry's fingers, gripping him tight. Harry led the way, dazed. This was real. This was too real. He wasn't ready for this. He didn't know what to do. He needed to calm down. He whipped around, kissing Draco frantically. Draco smiled, responding similarly. They stumbled up the stairs, hands searching for a comfortable fit. Harry moaned when he felt the heat moving down. He almost pulled away, appalled. But Draco took that moment to press against Harry. They gasped as their erections brushed against each other. "Oh god, I need you now," Draco moaned in desperation. Harry pulled him up the stairs, dizzy from overwhelming emotions. He opened the door, pulling Draco inside. Draco closed it with his foot, his fingers finishing what they had started. He pulled off Harry's cravat, letting it fall carelessly to the floor.

Harry pulled his shirt off of himself before starting on Draco's. All the while he imagined water dripping down pale skin. He wanted to touch the pale skin. And he couldn't wait. He pressed his lips against Draco's chest, unable to hold off until he had removed Draco's shirt. They fell into bed, Harry on top of Draco as he kissed his way down. Once he reached the last button, he revealed all of Draco. "You are so perfect," Harry whispered in wonder, straddling the man. "How are you so perfect?"

"The flattery works like magic, Harry," Draco said. The moonlight fell across them from the open window. Harry ran reverent fingers down Draco's chest, lean and smooth. Draco shivered against the touch, bringing his own hands up. They landed on Harry's shoulders. Draco's eyes were closed as he felt Harry against him. He had never felt this with his wife. He had never felt this way with anyone. Harry was melting him with the heat. He felt a steady pressure against his palms as Harry bore down. He collapsed his arms, letting Harry in. Their skin pressed against each other, eliciting low groans and whimpers from both. "What's happening to me?"

"I don't know," Harry said breathlessly, an arm snaking under Draco while the other looped around his neck. They lay in silent embrace for many long moments, nearly falling asleep. Draco's breath ghosted on Harry's bare shoulder. Their hearts beat as one, erratic. "Intoxicating," Harry murmured unconsciously.

Draco wrapped his legs around Harry's waist and rolled him over without warning. Harry gasped in surprise as Draco settled over him, sitting up. He caught Draco's dreamy smile against the white light. Draco's hand was splayed on Harry's stomach. Then it trailed down. Harry let out a strangled moan, biting his lip to keep quiet. "Hush," Draco chuckled softly. "Don't want to wake anybody up, do we?"

"Don't," Harry begged.

Draco's fingers found the top of Harry's trousers. "Take your boots off," he whispered urgently.

"My boots?" Harry squeaked.

"Go on."

Harry tried to toe them off of his heels, whimpering as Draco's fingers started pushing his trousers down. "I can't," he whispered unsteadily.

Draco laughed and Harry wondered how that man made light of such a situation. Draco moved down, pulling the breeches off of Harry. When he reached the boots, he pulled them off easily. Then he returned to finish pulling the trousers down. "That wasn't so hard, was it?" he asked, his hands hastening up to Harry's thighs.

"This is so embarrassing," Harry hissed, gripping Draco's wrists.

"Why?" Draco asked.

Harry closed his eyes. "Please…"

"I'm blind."

Harry opened his eyes and looked at Draco in disbelief. "What?" he asked in shock.

"Harry, I'm blind," Draco deadpanned. Harry's grip slackened. "I should be the one that's embarrassed. You can see everything," Draco muttered, sliding his hand up past Harry's hips and resting against Harry's chest again. He toed off his own boots. He grabbed Harry's waist possessively, rolling them over again. Harry held himself above Draco on his elbows, their lips tied. Draco pushed his own trousers down. "You are going to have to lead this," he said.

Harry pulled away. "What?" he stammered.

"I can't see. You are going to have to lead," Draco repeated, his fingers entwining in Harry's hair as he pushed the man down for a long and reassuring kiss. "I love you."

"I – I love you too," Harry said. Draco's hand ran down Harry's side to his arousal. "Oh god," Harry gasped, his cheek against Draco's.

"I lied," Draco chuckled, wrapping his fingers around the warmth. "I'll lead."

"Ah," Harry groaned.

"How often have you done this?" Draco asked.

"Not often enough," Harry said heavily. He hesitantly moved his hand towards Draco's erection, mimicking his actions. He got reactions.

"Mmm," Draco half gasped and half moaned, arching up. Harry froze. Draco's eyes were open and staring at the ceiling. His lips were parted and hot breath washed over both of them. It was erotic. "Don't hold back," Draco said. Harry wondered what that meant. He found out soon enough. He lurched into Draco when the fingers moved forcibly up then down. "Is that good?" Draco asked. Before Harry could answer, Draco moved his hand again. Harry responded with a guttural groan. Draco felt the sound reverberating into his chest. He smiled, pumping Harry confidently. Harry pushed into Draco's hand, his own moving in the same patterns. Draco squirmed, his head thrown to the side. They arched into each other, their lips meeting halfway. Harry felt the fire burning through him, causing him to move towards what he only assumed was insanity. But he didn't want it to stop. He wanted to turn insane if it meant having Draco right here. His fingers were slick now and moving easily. He heard each soft whine Draco made. And he wanted more. He wanted more than whines.

"Say my name?" he asked.

"Harry," Draco groaned, sighing into pleasure. He was being drawn to the edge then pulled away. He never knew where Harry's fingers would be next. It was driving him mad. He pressed his hand to his mouth, stifling his heaving shout. He had never done this except with himself, and that too not without the shame attached to the act. With Harry, this felt surreal. This felt loving. Not a selfish motion that was sinful. It was a satisfying touch that was love. "Harry," Draco cried out, climaxing. Harry felt the seed spilling. He pulled Draco's hand from his mouth and replaced them with his lips. Draco jerked under him, riding the waves while he unconsciously moved his hand. Harry neared completion.

"Look at me," Harry murmured. Draco's eyes opened. "Imagine me."


Harry's orgasm pushed him towards insanity, just as he had thought. He bruised Draco with his lips, his heart soaring. It soared so high that it hurt. He felt his muscles shivering against Draco, slicked with sweat. His mind slipped to the kisses under the moon at the beach. He softened his lips, trying to capture that moment again. Draco's hands pulled Harry close. They made their bodies fit, legs tangled and arms against each other's backs. They matched their breathing so that when one inhaled, the other exhaled. Harry felt dizzy again. But it wasn't from fright. It was from insurmountable pleasure. To be in bed with Draco was amazing. "You are brilliant," Harry said, panting slightly.

"So are you. You are wonderful…"

"Can I –"

"Yes, stay the night," Draco finished.

"Thank you," Harry murmured, rolling off of Draco. He pulled the sheets over them and pressed against Draco.

"You are perfect too, Harry," Draco said quietly, his fingers drawing against Harry's back. "And so gentle…"

"You don't mind gentle, do you?" Harry asked.

"I don't mind gentle. I'm sure I won't mind rough," Draco chuckled suggestively.


"That's the sodomy," Draco murmured glibly.

"And gentle is romance," Harry inferred. He blinked at Draco, kissing his jaw. "How are you not appalled?"

"By what we did?"

"By what we are doing even now."

"I'm not appalled because… it felt glorious. How can something so brilliant be appalling?" Draco asked.

"Valid question," Harry said, thinking it over.

"Why? Are you appalled?"

"I am… Strangely enough…" Harry responded. "But – it's not… as you said, it was glorious. Why on Earth would it be appalling if it felt so perfect?"



Draco turned to Harry, barely hiding his grin. "Right."

"Right," Harry said shakily.

They burst out into stifled laughter as they kissed euphorically. "Fuck them all, I am going to do whatever I want with you, Mr. Potter," Draco said.

"Fuck them all," Harry chuckled.