Okay.. just to keep Jeff muse AWAY from Addy in 'Slashy Fun' (dunno what Imma do w/ that if there's NO Jedam) and 'The Baby Doll Series' (just so Jeff doesn't take it over) and this is the place for ALL those little 'projects' I promised to my ever-so-patient Jeff muse for 'Destroyed Innocence' and the like. I've just been too lazy to type them out. These will be Jedam, Jeff/Adam, & Jeff TOPS in these! Adam bottoms! I'm not sure if all will include sex, but the majority will include sex (licking, sucking, fondling, fucking, spanking, the usual). Language, mebe some OOC, AU, may include some Hardedge as well. Some might vary in content from fluffy & sweet to twisted. (shrugs) Whatever mood strikes me. There will be warnings. Oh, & I own nothing! If I did, I'd have these two have naked pupping matches and paddle on a pole matches for the sheer horny entertainment of it :P

Hardy's Edge: Jedam Shots;
Chapter one/ 'Pretty Little Handful, Part One'
Rated; M/ L, S (slight kink, handjob, hints at masturbation, a difficult Adam)
Set-sup: Meh, sick 'fic'. Adam's a sick baby and Jeffy has to be the one to take care of him. Adam's a handful, Jeff's frustrated and Jay's NOT helping!

"For Adam's 13th birthday he got this really super awesome bike and I was so jealous because I wanted one just like it. And he took it out to ride and he said I could have a turn, but he just kept riding and riding and having such a fun time... And, looking back, I should have just been content to watch Adam having such a blast and took pleasure in that.. But, as a kid, I just didn't understand what I do now and I got mad and screamed at him. I can't even remember what, but I called him a liar and an conceited asshole and stormed off.

"Well, Adam had a wreck. Fell off, skinned his knee all to shit and all down his leg, and his arm. His side was bruised and he had a nasty cut under his eye. But Adam was okay. Nothing broke and no stitches, thankfully. Nothing peroxide, antiseptic and bandages, time and love couldn't fix. I went to see Adam at home and he asked 'You ole fuddy duddy, why'd you leave me? Eh, s'okay. Grabba controller, Imma kick your butt.' I apologized and was fussing over him and he said to stop, I was acting like a woman and it was freaking him out.

"I asked why wasn't he mad at me after the shit I said, and he said, 'Jay, you're my best friend and I wouldn't of got hurt if I hadn't of been showboating and if I had of just took turns and let you ride. It was my spanking for being a brat and it's a lot more noble and less humiliating than if I'd of gotten one from Mama for it. So put your vag away and hand me my damn controller.' Adam told me since he wasn't riding for awhile that I could ride his bike, but I couldn't. I stayed in with him, taking care of his cuts and scrapes, playing video games and watching wrestling. Adam was better in a few days and I got a bike just like Adam's next month for my birthday."

Jeff blinked at Jason, still holding the bowl of soup on a towel in his hands that he had originally started up the stairs with. "And your point would be, Jay? Addy's soup is getting cold."

"My point is, Jeff, that Adam's fragile and has to be taken care of and he's bossy when he's sick, so you better get going cuz he gets all fussy.."

Jeff rolled his eyes and continued up the steps.

"Also, he can still kick your ass at Mortal Kombat, sick/injured or not. How he does it? I'll never know!" Jay rambled.

"Jeffy, where's my soup?" Adam yelled impatiently.

"Coming, Addy." Jeff shouted, halfway there.

"Jeffy, bring me some juice! I want cherry!" Adam ended with a cough. Yelling obviously stressing his voice.

Jeff sighed and turned to Jay. "Jason, bring Addy some.."

"Nope. He asked you." With that, Jay turned on his heel and left, chuckling to himself while Jeff twitched.

Adam was sitting up on the bed, propped up on some pillows that were situated behind him, arms folded and prominent pout securely in place on his pale lips. Adam was pale, light circles were under his eyes, his nose red from where it had previously been runny. He glared through bloodshot eyes at the younger Hardy as Jeff pushed the door to their bedroom open with his foot.

"What took you s'long?" Adam sniffled.

"Jay had to tell me some story about bikes, video games and princesses.." Jeff muttered, sitting the juice and soup down on the dresser and getting Adam's tray to sit across the blonde's lap.

"What?" Adam coughed.

"Nothing." Jeff sighed, fixing the tray and going over to bring the soup and juice back to sit on the tray.

Adam looked down and made an unhappy face. "I dun li'e this kind, Jeffy. Want alphabet. Not tomato." Adam grumbled, coughing again.

"Too bad, we're out of alphabet. This is all we got till Matt gets back and goes back to the store." Jeff explained, stirring the soup with a spoon before scooping up a bite and holding it up to blow it a little before holding it to Adam's lips.

Adam shook his head. "No. Not eating."

Jeff sighed tiredly. Adam had ran him ragged and Jeff had been up various times in the night with the blonde coughing, sneezing, whining, aching, freezing, burning up, vomiting (just one time at least) and it wasn't that Jeff minded taking care of Adam, he just hated when the blonde was difficult.

"C'mon, Adam... for me, please..? You have to eat something." Jeff coxed.

"Alphabet." Adam remained stubborn.

"No." Jeff said sternly. "Besides, I don't wanna give you anything too chunky. This'll be better on your tummy."

Adam pouted. He couldn't much argue there. The blonde opened his mouth, closing his lips around the spoon and swallowing the cooled off bite of soup down.

"Good boy." Jeff said, feeding Adam another bite. The blonde whined. "Throat still sore? Too hot?"

Adam shook his head. "Hate this soup. Tastes like copper."

"Adam, everything tastes bad when you're sick." Jeff reminded.

"Nuh-uh. Not popsicles."

"Adam, the last time you had a popsicle, you got deliberately sticky so I'd have to bathe you and you ate in an obscene way so I'd be all hott and bothered when I bathed you." He fed the blonde another spoonful.

Adam giggled after he swallowed. "Awe, but that was fun."

"No, it wasn't. You drowned me."

"That was the fun part." Adam grinned mischievously.

Jeff shook his head and lifted the cup of juice up to Adam's mouth, holding the straw to his lips for Adam to take a drink. Okay, it was kind of fun, be damned Jeff admit it.

After he finally got done feeding Adam, Jeff left him to rest while he cleaned up the dishes some. Jeff came back with the thermometer.

"Come on, Addy. Need to check your temperature."

"No." Adam protested, covering his mouth with both hands. "Under my arm."

"Addy, under your tongue is better. C'mon, doll, only takes a minute."

Adam shook his head. "No."

Jeff huffed. "Fine. If you don't want it under your tongue, I can always put it in the other end."

Adam's eyes widened. He squeaked as he was grabbed and pulled over to his side and his pants yanked down past his ass before the thin thermometer was pushed inside of him.

Adam whined. "Jeff!"

"I warned you." Jeff smirked, holding Adam down. "Hold still, it'll be over soon."

Adam whimpered again. Jeff sighed as the blonde started wiggling his hips back and forth in an attempt to fuck the thermometer.

"Adam, that's the opposite of holding still."

"It's too small! I want bigger! Jeffy, fuck me."

Jeff rolled his eyes. When sick, Adam was not only fussy and bossy, he could also apparently be horny.

"I can't. You're sick. You hafta get better first."

"Might make me better." Adam pouted cutely.

Jeff scoffed. "My dick's magic, Addy, but it's not fucking Magik."

Adam whined childishly. "You're mean! Imma tell Jay-Jay you're mean to me and won't fuck me better." He sniffled.

"And what's Jason gonna do, make me fuck you?" Jeff smirked, smacking Adam on the ass for spite.

Adam gulped, flushing. Actually, the thoughts of Jay forcing Jeff to fuck Adam might be kinky and hott..


Adam held the popsicle stick between his fingers, his lips sliding up and down the frozen treat obscenely. He didn't bother to swallow anything, just let his saliva and the juices melting from the popsicle run down onto his fingers. Adam took it all the way inside his mouth, moaning a bit as he did. Jeff watched, visibly twitching as Adam started making all kinds of filthy gulping noises as he swallowed the juices down, the younger Hardy feeling his pants tighten as he watched Adam's throat muscles contract. Adam slowly drug his lips off the cherry flavored popsicle, smacking his now red-stained lips before sending a reddened pink tongue out to lick up the side of the treat, then swirling his tongue around his sticky fingers.

Adam turned the popsicle sideways, parting his lips and touching them to the side before moving the treat side to side, sucking loudly as he did so.

Jeff gulped and got up, not saying anything as he disappeared into the adjacent bathroom before closing the door.

A few seconds later Adam smirked as he was sure he heard vigorous movement, as well as Jeff moaning and cursing under his breath.

Jeff came out a little while later, looking flushed and drained.

"If you wanted to jack off, you coulda did it in here. I wanted to watch." Adam pouted playfully.

Jeff flinched in alarm. "I didn't jack off. Why would you think I was jacking off?"

The blonde smirked so sinisterly pretty. "Oh, no reason. But you have cum stains on your pants." Adam pointed out.

Jeff looked down at his crotch. Well, shit...


Jeff gave Adam a nice hot bath next, washing the blonde's chest first and his arms and back. It didn't help that Adam looked so tempting all soaking wet, covered in bubbles with water dripping down his soft skin. It also didn't help how Adam would moan, whimper and make 'oohing' sounds as he writhed deliberately under Jeff's touches.

Jeff moved the soapy rag to Adam's legs, running it up to his thighs. Adam arched up a bit, rolling his hips as he bit his tongue and pleaded with his eyes when Jeff moved the rag up to his crotch and began roughly washing him. Not really trying to hurt him... or turn him on.. but with Adam this was pointless.

Jeff bit back a groan as Adam whimpered sluttishly, tossed back his head and started arching his hips up into the rag the best he could, only getting hard under it.

"Oh, god... please.. harder.. ooh, feels so good.. more please.." The blonde begged in desperation and need.

Jeff sighed and wrapped the rag around Adam's cock, rubbing it up and down the blonde's aching length. Adam let out a squeal, bracing his hands one on the wall, the other on the side of the tub as he thrust up into Jeff's hand. It felt so fucking good and for a moment, Adam forgot how tired, achy and sick he was.

"Uhm.. Jeff.. so good.. uhm.. rub me.. that's it.. want want want.. Ooh, fuck yeah!" Adam whimpered as he came hard into the rag, his body trembling and his eyes rolling back into his head as his lids fluttered sweetly under his release. Sweet orgasm tingling through every inch of him.

Adam murmured something incoherent and collapsed back into the tub, spent. Jeff tossed the rag down and rinsed Adam off before getting a towel. At least this might help Adam sleep better tonight...

Eh, I just split the chapters up. The next one's sex and it wasn't edited yet. This wasn't supposed to technically have sex in it.. but oh-well.. This is my OTP and I pretty much like them anyway they can be written or I can write them. Jeff chasing Adam, Adam chasing Jeff, tops, bottoms, it doesn't matter... but in this set I just want Adam to be a bottom boy. I know Jeff topping is odd, but c'mon, he's just topping Addy, not Taker or anything, and I just like Adam as a bottom as much as I like him to top. (may refer all abandoned Adam/Jeff shots to 'Slashy Fun' and call it a day on them or give them their own set, I dunno.) Either way; blah, blame my Jeff muse, lol. Jeff muse also wants to prove he can take care of Addy.