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Take Another Look In The Mirror, Honey

She looks into a broken mirror
S h a t t e r e d
C r a c k e d.

(Or at least she must.)

Because the image she sees
Is far from clear.

She sees nothing more
Than plain-old-boring
A l i c e.
No b e a u t y
No b r a i n s
Nothing in the least bit
S p e c i a l.

(How could anyone possibly
Love her?)

. . .

And it's all you can do
To keep yourself from
B u r s t i n g

(Because you're tired
Of the lies
She's been f e e d i n g herself.)

She's got all the beauty in the world
(and then some.)
Inside and out.

She's c l e v e r
And she's w i t t y.
(She has a sense of humor
To die for.)

And if Alice is
Then your eyes must be
Stark clear
(because you see
E v e r y t h i n g.)

You see it a l l.

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