You wear a mask

( don't deny it )

Everyday, you look in the mirror

&become this girl

She's smart



&&&not you


Everyone around you falls for it

Each pretty smile makes them grin

And you've always been persistent

You won't give up the charade

( B e c a u s e

What if they didn't like the real you?)


And all those girls he dates

The pretty ones with the blond hair

&blue eyes

&&white teeth

&&&blank stares

They aren't like you

( real or fake )

And that makes your stomach sink

&your eyes water

&&your breath catch

( he can't really like you

Can he? )


But all that make up

And those fake smiles

Aren't really hiding the ugliness

Just insecurity

Because you couldn't be ugly if you tried


He loves you

( Did you know that? )

He knows who you are

And what you put yourself through

But he loves you anyway

He may be the only person who sees your hidden pain

But he does see it

And that means a whole lot


There is only one person in the way of

Your happilyeverafter

Y o u

So just give it up

Give in

Live a little

Love a little

It can't hurt you worse than you hurt right now

I promise

And someday you'll realize that


Little painted doll

I know you hurt

But that fake smile is giving way

To real tears

And real pain

And ( maybe ) a real girl

So stop this trickery

No need for a costume

Because he loves y o u

Not the mask


That girl in the mirror

The shy one with those big sad eyes

Yeah, that girl you don't know too well

She isn't all that bad

Just give her a chance

A/N: I don't like it very much, but it's late and I feel like writing.