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Prelude: Childhood Innocence

In a hospital lay a very worn, yet contempt woman with two precious gifts in her arms- one in a pink blanket, the other in blue. She looked to her right to find a man staring down at her with a gentle smile as he reached over to kiss the women on the forehead. He sighed and tried to fight tears that were bound to form in his eyes.

"To think that God has blessed us with two precious angels from heaven! Not one, but two! It seems as though you were given the daughter you've been wishing for, and I a son," exclaimed the overwhelmed man. His wife cradled the babies softly as to not wake them. They both had light, white skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes.

"My love… being that I was in such pain and torment, when the nurse asked me which names I wanted on the birth certificates, I couldn't muster anything. What shall their names be?" asked the woman. The man took a moment to contemplate.

"How were they born? Who came first?" he asked in reply to her question. She gave him a stare wondering how those questions had any relativity with the babies' names.

"Well, the boy was born first…and from what the doctor said, he was in the left side of my uterus. Why do you ask?"

The man thought and continued the discussion.

"So the girl was born second and came from the right?" he questioned further.


"Then I've got suitable names for our beloved twins!"

His wife was filled with delight that he could find a possible solution before her. It was not that she didn't want to name the twins herself, but she was too exhausted at the moment.

"Which did you think of?"

"Len Kagamine and Rin Kagamine."

The woman looked down at the two peacefully, sleeping babies and smiled.

"Rin and Len, eh? How interesting. That sounds wonderful; they almost rhyme as well. Then that settles it, their names will be Rin and Len Kagamine."

-Five Years Later-

A young boy galloped in a chandelier lit room with a girl who shared the same face on his back.

"Yay! Faster Len!" squealed the girl with delight as she wrapped her arms around his neck. The boy laughed and practically collapsed on the king-sized bed in the room. The girl pouted over the fun ride that was now over.

"Rin, it gets tiring after a while!" laughed the boy rather loudly. The two gripped each other's hands and continued their giggling fits. Once their enthusiasm subsided for a bit, Len quickly ran off to their treasure chest and opened it. Rin walked over to where her twin stood and tilted her head.

"Len, what are you getting out of there?" she questioned as she tugged on one of her silky, blonde pigtails. Len pulled out a small toy tiara and play sword.

"Crowning my princess," he bellowed as he walked over and placed the small tiara on her head. Rin smiled and curtsied.

"So what are you going to do with the sword?"

"I'm going to be your knight. Remember, in the bed time stories Mom told us, that when the princess was trapped in a tower with a dragon guarding it, the knight went to fight the dragon and save her. Afterwards, he asked her for a kiss," he replied. Rin giggled some more.

"Then fight the dragon and save me!" she acted out as she instantly took her imaginary role. Len started jabbing in random directions and spinning around, letting out childish battle cries. He poked one of the pillows on their bed as if giving the finishing blow to the monster.

"My princess is saved!"

Rin took that as her initiative to run forth into Len's arms as he picked her up slightly and twirled her.

"My hero!" she exclaimed happily once being set on the floor. Len looked at her and smiled.

"This is the part where the Princess gives the knight a kiss," he reminded. The two turned red for a second, being that they were still rather young to understand the true meaning of kisses, but the blush quickly faded. Rin went forward and gave her elder twin a peck on the cheek. He grabbed her hands and they twirled into a ballroom dance. Though no music was being played, the two continued waltzing on the polished tile beneath them, using their happiness as their anthem. Of course, the two erupted into even more laughter.

"That was fun, Len! Let's do it again sometime!" Rin stated before their mother entered the room. She smiled and walked towards the twins.

"Playing games again?"

"Yes," they answered simultaneously.

"What were you kids playing?"

"I was a princess, and Len was my knight!" Rin giggled.

"How sweet, in some stories, the princess ends up marrying the knight too," their mother added before her husband entered the room. A sparkle erupted in Len's eyes.

"Really? Then that means I'm going to marry Rin, too!" Len exclaimed. Their parents giggled at the childish statement.

"Is that so?" asked their father. Len grinned and pulled Rin's hand towards him.


The two adults looked at each other and chuckled. The woman walked over to the twin's beds and pulled open the top sheet.

"Come on you too, time for bed," she motioned the two to come over to their dresser and put on sleep attire. The twins nodded and did as they were told. Rin put on a long white night gown; while Len put on white, cotton pajamas. The two were completely comfortable with changing in front of each other; then again, they were still very young and innocent. Their father had exited and waiting for his wife outside the door. Their mother pulled the sheet over the twins, who were now lying next to each other, tucking them comfortably.

"Goodnight my lovelies," she whispered as she went to place tiny kisses on their foreheads. She made her way over to the door, giving them one last glance before closing the door. She didn't close it all the way; she always left it slightly ajar- being that Rin had a slight phobia of the darkness. Once the twins started hearing footsteps out the hallway, Len remembered that he had forgotten to get their bedtime book from the bookcase near the door. Their mother had stopped reading them bedtime stories once they turned five, believing that they should begin to start maturing early without them. So Len always tried to bring the books back to their bed when his mother wasn't looking, knowing how Rin loved to hear them still. He climbed out of bed, signaling Rin not to make any noise, and tip-toed to the bookcase. He slipped his hand outwards and started to silently pull the book out. That's when he overheard his parents talking.

"Isn't it just cute how Len just says the cutest things, darling?" asked a female voice.

"Eh, it's because he's young. Anything unrealistic a toddler or young child says is cute," replied the male voice. Len's eyes widened at the statement. He peeked out the door's crack to watch his parents' discussion.

"To say he wants to marry his sister, how adorable. Too bad he'll grow to find that he can't. He doesn't even know what marriage is."

"Yes, siblings cannot marry, let alone twins, it's unethical. It was rather cute to watch them play and say such things, I do agree with you on that one," finished the male voice before the adults parted into their master bedroom.

Len bit his lip and held the book tight to his chest. He turned and noticed that Rin was now sitting up, her legs still tucked under the sheet. He smiled faintly and made his way over to join his sister. He opened up the book to the chapter named "Cindrillon".

"Do you want me to read this story to you, Rin-chan?" Len asked. He looked up at her to notice her burrowing her eyebrows.

"Is what Dad and Mom said, true? That you can't marry me because we are twins?"

Len's eyes went wide. He took a minute to think about how he'd reply. He simply smiled and put a hand on her head.

"No, I'm going to marry you, I promise!" he whispered loudly. The two giggled dismissed the subject. Len took hold of her left hand with his right, locking their fingers like he had every night. He brought up her hand to his lip and pecked Rin's index finger. He then took his other hand, and traced his finger down to the pages on the book, starting to read the story. Once the story had been finished, Len had found that Rin was asleep. She slept sideways on her pillow, her fingers still laced with his. He bit his lip, and put his free hand over her hair.

'I promise that I'll forever be your knight. I'll protect you from any and all monsters. I promise to marry you someday…'

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