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"…" Represent thoughts.

Parties and Outings

"They kissed, Mikuo! They kissed!" exploded Miku in a fit of disgust and surprise. Mikuo sighed and crossed his arms. The two teal-haired siblings were inside of Miku's room.

"I thought you would be a supporter of it," he taunted. Miku spun on her heel and pressed her eyebrows together.

"Yes, a brother-sister complex- not incest! I mean, yeah, they were extremely close and all, and I could tell they wanted time alone at the festival, but I thought that was because they probably never received bonding time at home. I hear their mother was always home and always on Len's case for some unknown reason," she explained. Mikuo pondered the situation.

"We have a case of Twincest, eh? Who would have ever guessed that we'd ever see that?"

Miku growled under her breath.

"Mikuo, I have music class every other day with those two. How am I supposed to look at them now? It'll be so awkward," she explained. Mikuo chuckled.

"It's not so bad, just pretend you never saw them. Maybe it's just a stage they're going through. They are becoming adults, need I remind you," he defended. Miku wouldn't budge.

"But it's such a big-"

"Sin?" Mikuo finished her sentence. Miku instantly silenced her mouth. "Don't let it bother you, Miku. Rin is still going to be the same Rin in the end. I think it's rather cute. Twins who adore each other so much, they will possibly ignore every other suitor on Earth. It is urban legend that fraternal twins are married and bonded before they are born," he explained. Miku contemplated the idea in her head that if she had a good looking twin, she'd probably have an extreme complex too. Maybe not as much as incest, but when you think your sibling is the perfect person in the world, no one else would be able to top it.

"No to mention, there is 'win' in 'twincest'," he joked. Miku sighed.

"Mikuo, there is no time to be joking about this. If the town people find out, the Kagamine family will be shamed!"

Again, Mikuo felt the urge to mock her.

"What are you going to do? Run off and tell the whole town?"

Again, Miku went silent.

"Well no…I just worry. Someone might find out one way or another, and things will become excruciatingly horrible for them. Their house might be egged, or maybe people will graffiti their mansion with triple sixes, or even worse!" she panicked, slapping her hands to the sides of her face. Mikuo sighed. It was normal for his sister to make such a big fuss over little things.

"Listen Miku," he started, reaching over and grabbing Miku by the shoulders. "The twins will be alright. It's just a stage, they're going through changes. Don't fret too much about it. It's something we can't understand. They're close twins, and if their mother does, as Rin puts it, usually get's on Len's case, then they will always have to console in each other," he explained. Miku's eyes widened. She never thought about it that way. Here she was judging the twins using society's point of view, she didn't think of the circumstances the two had to endure. She gathered the Rin and Len were mistaking complex for love.

"So you're saying, that this will pretty much continue until they find someone else to comfort them, or in other words, find a suitor," she suggested. Mikuo nodded and gave her a thumb up.

"In fact, why don't we help them? They're a cute bunch. I'm sure lots of our friends will ogle over them."

Miku put on her thinking face.

"Now that I recall…there is this one girl named-"

-Akita Residence-

"Neru Akita," sighed an uncomfortable Len as he looked down and pronounced the name written on the letter Miku had given him. After arriving home the previous night from the New Year's celebration, he taped together the pieces of the invitation he had ripped, just in case he needed to present it. He wasn't really in the mood to be here, but he couldn't back out of it.

He put together his plan: meet Neru, meet her family, mingle a little, and get the hell out of there.

He folded the piece of paper and slipped it into his pocket. He inhaled sharply before reaching to knock on the mansion door. An old man answered the door, presumed to be a servant, bowing before asking the visitor, Len, to announce himself.

"Kagamine Len. I was invited here by Akita-"

"LEN-KUN!" screeched a girl from behind the servant. The two males gave attention to the blonde girl that stood flimsily nearby, trying to control her blush.

"Neru-sama, it seems your guest has arrived. Your parents will be thrilled that he has arrived on time. I shall go notify them immediately," mumbled the old man as he left the two near the doorway. Len took a step inside the mansion, getting a good intake on the inner architecture of the household. Upon entering, he could hear conversation amongst adults in another room, so he assumed that other guest had already arrived. Neru stared shyly at the floor as she went to close the door behind Len. As he started to pace himself down the hallway, Neru followed suit, attempting to make conversation.

"I noticed you didn't bring Rin-chan," she stated. Len kept silent and kept walking. Neru bit her lip and attempted again. She picked up her pace and jumped forward, spinning on her heel to face him.

"Uh…um…Len-kun, would you like to have some of the freshly made deserts? Home-made gingersnap cookies and chocolate truffles," she suggested, trying to be a good hostess. Len shrugged, trying to pull off a smug demeanor.

"Whichever you think tastes better," he mumbled, walking past her, towards her dining room. Neru panicked on the inside. She had to start getting his attention somehow.

"Oh, we also have banana cream pie," she added behind him. Len's ears perked.

"Banana?" he replied in a question turning with eyes wide. Bananas are Len's favorite fruit. Yet, how would Neru know that? It was a conspiracy! Still, Len had to press off the tough guy impression, so he cooed his reply smoothly. He really wanted a slice of that pie. "Well if you insist…"

-Rin's Room-

Rin held a green dress to her figure and grimaced. Upon orders from her mother, she had to make herself very presentable for visiting the Shion residence.

"Wear something that will make suitors swoon over you, Rin darling," her mother's words echoed through her head. Earlier that morning, her mother intruded her room while she was asleep to awaken her and remind her that she was to go on an outing. She threw the green dress to the floor and reached into her closet to grab an orange one. She didn't like today's planned events. Len was out some where she didn't know about, and she was being forced to attend another meeting with Kaito Shion. What made matters worse is that she felt bad that she had to hide her meeting with Kaito from Len, so she never mentioned a word to her beloved twin brother. Rin went to her mirror and held the orange dress to her chest. She had no idea why she was forcing herself to follow orders. Unlike her mother, Rin found no reason to try to impress Kaito. The idea stung her mind as she threw the dress down to meet its green counterpart. She was not interested in the man, nor felt the need to wear something nice for anyone else but the man she already loved.

"Len…kun," she sighed, the name rolling smoothly off of her tongue. She was having the time of her life last night. She spent a whole evening with Len, playing games, kissing for what seemed an eternity, and she even received a gift from him.

Not just any gift, but a gift that she would treasure for the rest of her days.

Her eyes glanced down to her right hand, adoring the white-gold that decorated her ring finger. Out of curiosity, her mind drifted to her other hand to the opposite ring finger. Once she was a free woman, she would be allowed to marry, and when she does, she will have a wedding band on this particular finger.

Rin's face fell.


She was courting Kaito. She was in love with Len. Len is her twin brother.

Simply put, she could never marry the man she loved. It wasn't allowed.

In a flash, all the realizations she began to forget came to remind themselves to her. Rin fell to her knees and buried her face in her hands.

'Why are so many thoughts going through my head! Am I going insane? Will I start hearing voices in my head next? Is this punishment for being such a happy sinner?'

She felt that a hole was about to open in her floor under her, trapping her as she would fall into hell's flames. If such a thing happened, she would have deserved it.


Rin's thoughts were cut off as she heard a knock on the door.

"Rin darling, are you finished choosing an outfit? You've been in there forever," questioned her mother's voice. The young blonde gasped as she scurried off the floor and quickly grabbed the orange dress from off the floor.

Today she would be going out with Kaito Shion. The man she was likely going to end up marrying.

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