"Next match is the final match of the Preliminaries. It is Naruto Uzumaki of Konohagakure no Sato verses Kiba Inuzuka of Konohagakure no Sato!" was shouted over the speakers. Kiba was looking around hoping to see his prey. He has messy brown hair, sharp black eyes with vertical slit-like pupils, pronounced canine teeth, and nails that he can change into claws. He also has the distinct red fang markings of the Inuzuka clan on his cheeks. He wears a grey overcoat, bluish grey pants and a blue headband. He carries with him his small dog named Akamaru. He said to Akamaru, "hey boy, this is going to be an easy match. Let's finish the Dobe off so we can impress Hinata-chan." He dropped down onto the stage waiting for his opponent.

His opponent is Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto Uzumaki has spiky yellow and red. He has wearing different clothing than he usually wears. He is wearing a black shirt with a scythe on it. On his sleeves there are two skulls that cover it all around. He also wears an orange and red jacket with the kanji for nine on the back. He is wearing black pants with fire licking the bottom. What is most peculiar about Naruto's attire is his sword attached to his hip. It is red and gold with a fox head.

Naruto's eyes are covered by sunglasses that have a black frame and lenses. His face was much narrower than it was before. Naruto still has the three whiskers that he was known for. His canine teeth were elongated. It is to the point that they hang over his bottom lip.

Naruto jumped down onto the field. He had an aloof posture. He looked at Kiba lazily. Kiba on the other hand was growling furiously as he saw Hinata blushing and send off an abundant amount of pheromones at his opponent. Oh how he hates Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto is the victim of Hinata's heart. No matter how hard he tried to wean her off of him, the moment she sees him it grows back stronger. He wanted to defeat, no humiliate, no kill Naruto so she could come into his arms. So he tried to rile Naruto up.

He said, "Hey Dobe, aren't you come and try to defeat me huh? Look at yourself you ridiculous. I bet you can't even hit me once. You are pathetic and weak. I bet that you are as weak as your father and why your mother is disgraced from this village. Hah she probably was the villages whore. This match is going to be as easy as she was I would be Hokage before you ever could"

Everyone was silent as no one knew what was going to happen next. Naruto then did something unexpected. He pulled out two things from his pocket. The first thing was a locket. He put chakra into it and black and grey smoke appeared. When the smoke dissipated, a lounge chair appeared. The other thing that appeared is a book. The book is called Icha, Icha Oni-hime. He sat in his chair and started to read as if he was Kakashi's son or brother.

He started to giggle much to the ire of Kiba and a few of the righteous women. Naruto shrugged as he really did not care about Kiba beating him as of now. He has nothing to prove to Kiba or these so called human civilians. Afterall he is going to be Hokage. Right now he is more worried about his precious people. Unfortunately for Kiba, Naruto does not consider him a precious person. So in a few minutes, he will realize his big mistake.

Something caught Naruto's eye. It was something on Kiba's hand or claw. He saw a clear liquid dripping on the floor. It started to burn the floor around it. Naruto's eyes went wide in surprise at the clever plan created by Kiba. Kiba is using the fact that it is ninety something degrees out and was sweating to cover the liquid from sight making it look just like sweat.

Naruto looked at the irate Kiba and closed his book. He closed his eyes for a moment knowing that Kiba could not attack him as it the proctor did not start the match. He opened them up look at Kiba with disdain. He said, "Kiba, I guess you are really trying to kill me, huh. You know what you have there is illegal in all the Elemental countries."

Kiba started to sweat a bit. He saw people were looking at him with a very curiousness expression. It is a big thing if something is illegal in one elemental country but for all that is deeply disturbing. The question is what is it exactly that could make it illegal in all of the elemental countries.

Naruto said, "What kibble has over there is an extremely powerful toxin. The toxin is called Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins also known as Dioxins. Dioxins is Reputed to be the most dangerous man-made poison, it is 60,000 times more toxic than cyanide. A dose of only 50 micrograms is lethal for a human. If you do not know how much that is it is a 1,000th of a small pill. For this poison to be activated it must be in the bloodstream. So with one small little tiny cut it will be in the bloodstream. This type from what I can tell is mixed with other toxins and poisons making this an instant death. Am I in the ballpark Kiba?"

Everyone in the audience was in shock. The person that was the most shocked is Kiba's mother Tsume. Tsume has an animalistic look similar to that of her disappointment of a son, Kiba. She has long spiky brown hair, vertical slit-like pupils, elongated canine teeth and nails. She also has the clan fang markings on her cheeks as well as markings over her eyes and a dark shade of lipstick. She taught her son about loyalty to your comrades. Although a person can kill at the preliminaries it is extremely frowned upon.

It is especially frowned upon if it is a member from your own country. She is truly disgusted by her son. There is absolutely no reason for this. If Naruto dies because of this her son will definitely pay a price he cannot pay. Oh Kiba is so dead after this. The bars holding the stands up where Tsume is was cracking each passing second.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Kurenai Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kurenai is shell shocked. Kurenai is a kunoichi with long dark hair, and very unique eyes that are red in color, with an additional ring in them. She wears make-up consisting of red lipstick and purple eye liner. Her regular outfit consists of mesh armor, as well as a red blouse with only the right sleeve visible. Over this is what resembles bandages with a pattern on it similar to those of rose thorns. Her hands are also wrapped in bandages and she wears the Konoha forehead protector and regular shinobi sandals. On the top of her head were pointy fox ears. She has a fox tattoo on her left shoulder.

Kurenai growled which sounded more like yipping. She mumbled something under her breath that sounded like "How dare Kiba attack Naruto-sama? Better yet why is he trying to kill Naruto-sama? I noticed he has been trying to get Naruto's mate, Hinata." Kurenai's eyes went wide at the sudden realization. Her mouth was agape. Kiba is doing this because he wants Hinata.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Back at the battle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Naruto casually said, "That's an A rank poison, you got there. Well Kiba you ultimately lose. You see when a person is caught using the substance, that person gets arrested. Now a d rank poison that can kill a person at a slow rate gets about a year in jail in solitary confinement. For your poison there you get life in solitary confinement. You will be stripped of clan status, shinobi license, possessions, your name will be erased from the world, your family will be forced to automatically disown you, no one can visit you, and if it was a shinobi from another village this would happen at their village. So if it was umm I don't know Iwa, you would be raped not by women but brute men and a rough trick name Jim. Luckily for you I guess you are doing this against the 'peaceful' land of Konohagakure no Sato.*

So you will get the standard. Fortunately or unfortunately for you depends on the turn out. According to the articles of the Five Elemental Countries' Tea Convention, the fights in the Chūnin Exams no matter if it is the preliminaries or the finals, the fight must go on. It is only in certain cases that this could be null and void. This one is not one of them. So let's rock"

Kiba was very scared. Even if he wins, he ultimately loses. He could never get Hinata. His family will disown him. The thought of Solitary confinement made him shudder in fear. He thought about the rumor of the man who was in solitary confinement for three days. It was said he committed suicide right after. He shuddered as he did not want this. He didn't know that this is illegal. His heart is beating fast as he saw everyone's glare. The ones that hurt him the most were Kurenai Yūhi his sensei, Tsume his mother, Hana his sister, and most importantly to him Hinata, his teammate.

Kiba looked at Naruto with extreme anger. He is the reason for all of his problems in this situation. He hated everything about Naruto. He is going to kill Naruto Uzumaki if it is the last thing he does. Kiba said, "Naruto-teme, I might be going to jail but you won't be alive to see it. "

Naruto eyes quirked at the comment. Naruto said, "oh? Why is that Kiba-chan? Is it because you blame me for all your problems? Or is it that you want to be the alpha but you know that you are not the alpha of anything. Or is it the fact that everything you hear about Team Seven having a C rank mission that became an A rank is true and you just started the upper D rank missions? "

Naruto circled around Kiba. He was eying Kiba making him a little bit disturbed. "So Kiba, you supposedly want to kill a person because you can't get what you want or for this case who you want. You know I see such similarities between you and the Uchiha. You are as arrogant as he is. You believe that you are entitled to anything you want. The thought of power and being the strongest and killing those who are so called in the way intrigues you. You must admit it to yourself you and Sasuke only have a very thin line apart. The difference is he lost his family. But now here we are and after the fight you will be the same but much worse off.

Heh, how I see it you wasted you heir life for nothing. Look at what you did to your mother and sister. They prided themselves and their kin about being the most loyal clan in Konoha. Now you want to go and show your ass to all these people showing your true colors. You are a traitor. You know the saying a traitor in any shape or form is a traitor. You are no better than Orochimaru. The difference is he can back up his strength as he is an S-ranked ninja. You are not even in the Bingo Book."

Everyone's eyes went wide. To compare a person to that of Orochimaru is a big thing. Kiba went red in anger. He knew there is any point to hold back. Without any indication of the start of the match, Kiba started to spin he screamed out, "Tsūga (Piercing Fang)" Naruto saw him coming at amazing speeds for a genin. Unfortunately for Kiba, Naruto could see him. Naruto's chakra became black. His eyes changed to a dark five point star. He pulled out his sword. He put some of his dark chakra onto the sword. The sword changed. It changed into a black scythe. The scythe had many different runes on the staff. On the end instead of the fox head it became a skull with dark black eyes that blinks and moves.

Naruto watched as Kiba got closer. When Kiba got within the distance of three inches, Naruto seemed to have slowed time. He looked into the brown eyes of Kiba Inuzuka. Naruto put his two fingers in a juken (Gentle fist) way. He put some of the black energy onto his the tips of his fingers. When Kiba's poisoned claws were about to hit Naruto, Naruto's tapped Kiba's claws. His hand then struck Kiba's head with brute force. This sent Kiba into a wall. Kiba hit the wall and slumped onto the floor. He tried to get up but he realized he couldn't.

Naruto looked at Kiba with an amused look. He said, "Kiba-chan, is that all you got because if it is, I want you to quit being a shinobi." Kiba snarled as his adrenaline kicked into high gear. He got on all fours and jumped to attack Naruto. Naruto from the outside looked very calm. On the inside Naruto was questioning what is up with his new found strength. The more he thought about it how come he is so skilled yet so apathetic. He knew that Kiba would be dead after his insults to his parents but it is like he did not care. In addition how did he know about the poison and its rank and etc. It did not make sense.

Before he could ask and try to answer his questions, he saw the person of his disdain right now trying to kill him with those fucking poison filled claws. Naruto's hand became covered with the black energy. He grabbed Kiba's poisoned hand. Kiba's hands snapped in a very sickly fashion. Kiba cried out but was quickly shut up when Naruto punched him in the stomach lifting up the air. Naruto jumped up spinning his scythe at a speed that a Kage level shinobi could see. Naruto lifted up his scythe and struck Kiba in the head with an abundant amount of force on the non-bladed side. Kiba fell at a very fast rate. When he hit the hard ground, his body went the through the ground about a foot or so.

Naruto landed on the ground softly almost ghost like. He calmly walked over to Kiba. When Naruto walked over to Kiba, he put chakra into his scythe. As if it could understand Naruto, the scythe separated into two smaller scythes that hooked onto Naruto's forearms. Naruto picked up his opponent by the scruff of his neck and threw him.

Kiba was sent flying a meter away with an oof coming out of his mouth. Naruto glided his way towards Kiba. Naruto lifted Kiba's upper body up leaving Kiba on his knees. Naruto gripped both of Kiba's wrists and pulled them back. Naruto's scythes circled around and latched on to Kiba's shoulders and rotator disk. Naruto put his foot on the middle part of Kiba's back. He made sure his leg was bended. He said to the now conscious Kiba, "Kiba-chan, you seemed very attached to these arms. You know the saying never get too attached to something, because you might just lose it. The saying came from women when they believed a man was thinking with their other head. Well you thought with your hands for too long. You thought it was right to touch the women in private. Well, Ero-Kibbles, let's see how much of a pervert and poison user you are when you don't have THESE!"

With that, Naruto did the unthinkable. He pushed his leg deeper into Kiba's back, while he pulled Kiba's arms. The black energy infused scythes went right through the bone. With the exerted force blood went everywhere. People closed their eyes to shield themselves from the event. When they opened their eyes, they saw the result. The event made many of the people vomit. Some were holding their mouths and eyes once again. The scene is Kiba on the floor bleeding. The problem is he joined some of the few people who have not arms. Kiba right now is only a torso and legs.

Naruto said to Kiba for the final time today, "Datteabyo, Bitch!" Naruto left the arena with the look of apathy. He knew what he did is extremely fucked up but he for the life of him can't figure out why he doesn't really give a fuck. It is just another one of the mysteries of the world.

Back at the arena everyone left on a very disturbed note. Seeing a man no teenager gets his arms taken off as if it was a hot knife (or sickle) on butter. The medics try to put Kiba's arms back together but they need to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Luckily for Kiba, Naruto cut it clean through and are able to come back on. Naruto did not cut any major arteries and such but still the thought that the once called Dobe is able to do that and be apathetic about it terrified many.

The Third Hokage called a council meeting that is deeply important. It is time to learn about Naruto's heritage.


The Hokage entered into the room. Sarutobi has a small goatee and short spiked hair, both being dark grey almost silver. He also has lines running vertically under each eye. He has some liver spots on his head and hands. Right now he is wearing his Hokage robes. Sarutobi sat in his seat in the center.

In the back of the Hokage was Danzo. Danzo appears as an old frail man, who would normally walk with a cane. He has long black shaggy hair, and his right eye is kept bandaged. Danzō has had an x-shaped scar on his chin. He wears a white shirt, with a brown robe over top of it covering from his feet, to just over his right shoulder.

On the left side of Hiruzen Sarutobi was the Shinobi Council. The Shinobi Council consisted of the Yamanaka, Nara, Akimichi, Hyuga, Inuzuka, Aburame, Higurashi, Sarutobi, Yuhi, Mitarashi, Morino, and Uzuki. There were three other seats. They were Uzumaki, Namikaze, and Uchiha. They were the most powerful clans in Konoha. They were the ones who dealt with ninja business such as the matter at hand with Kiba Inuzuka. They are lead by Koharu Utatane. They are represented though by Shikaku Naru

Then on the right side there was the most despised council who believes they have the most power in the world. It is the civilian council. They believe that they could boss the ninjas around because of the law that ninjas can't do anything with them. The council got its power through blackmail. The blackmail started with the Kyuubi attack and Uchiha Massacre they are lead by Homura Mitokado. They are represented by Sakuya Haruno.

The council went into an uproar over Naruto's disturbing match. The Hokage put his hand up. He said, "Look everyone, you know and I know I hate the demon brat as much as I do. If he was never born my wife Biwako would still be here. The problem is we cannot punish him for what happened at the Preliminaries. He is correct on the fact that Kiba will have to face those punishments. Sadly we have to keep up appearances by doing more to him.

There is more to Naruto. The black energy we saw is real. It is not chakra but pure deathly energy. What I am about to tell you is an SSS-rank secret. Naruto Uzumaki is the son of Minato Namikaze." Everyone's eyes went wide at this.

This created even more of an uproar. What no one was able to see is Naruto up on top of the ceiling. No one was able to see as he had his black energy coat over his chakra. He listened to what his former adopted grandfather had to say. Surprisingly it only hurt a little. He believed there is something else that he had to say. He believes it is something big. The next info is definitely big indeed.

Hiruzen put his hand back up to silence them. He then said, "That is not the big news I want to tell you. You see the black energy is more than chakra. It is even stronger than chakra. It is death's energy. You see Minato is not who he said he was. He is not human. Minato Namikaze is the big honcho, The Shinigami himself. I know this as I have seen his true form. His power is overwhelming. So his son the jinchūriki is part of the Death God.

Everyone's eyes went wide at this even Naruto. Before they could say anything Naruto flipped down onto the floor exposing himself. He said, "Hokage-sama and beloved council, I see we found out about our former Hokage being the Death God and all. I wasn't expecting to be his son though. O well what are you going to do right? I mean you can't kill me and your current Hokage just pretty much fucked up the connection between me and the village but hey I'm just the demon brat right? So well I have to say fuck you all because if I am correct my scythe here can send you all to, well daddy. Sarutobi your secrets will come out, all of them." With that Naruto walked out the door with the ANBU on his tail. Unfortunately for the ANBU, Naruto was covered with his dark energy and disappeared.

Naruto was outside when someone stopped him. He was pulled into an alley way. He was then kissed by a mysterious someone. He went wide eyed at the sudden kiss. When the person pulled away Naruto let out a breath he did not know he was holding. He looked at the person and was shocked. The woman's tail was waging back and forth. The woman said "Hello Naruto-sama, there is something that you must know that not even the Hokage knows." Naruto shook his head to make sure he was not seeing things. The girl is none other than Kurenai. Naruto blinked. The only logical thing he could is say, "huh"

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