"The Adventure Begins"

Gotham Heights

It was several hours later and the pool had lost a considerable amount of water. Its two occupations didn't seem to notice. What had been a mad rush to consummate their relationship turned into an all-consuming exploration of each other's body.

They had sex several times too.

They'd made the right call with the pool, for the couch or bed wouldn't have been able to handle them. As Diana had told him, she had a vivid imagination. She was also an astonishingly fast learner.

For his part, Clark had imagined what it might be like to be with a woman and not have to worry, but his fantasies didn't do it justice. If he thought Diana overwhelmed his senses before, it was increased tenfold when they were together. Place, time, they were meaningless with her in his arms. His desire for her was only amplified by the desire he felt from her.

It was getting late, though. The shadows were creeping across the pool. In one of the few moments of clarity about anything other than her, he remembered they had an appointment on the station.

"Diana,' he ventured, kissing along her neck and shoulder blade.

"Yes, Kal,' she said with enthusiasm, running her hands down his back.

"We have to stop."

She pulled back and gave him a look that was both vulnerable and confused. He quickly clarified.

"The party, on the station,' he said.

She smiled in relief, but then the smile slipped a little.

"I'm not really in the mood for that now,' she admitted.

"Oh? What are you in the mood for,' he playfully asked.

Her smiled brightened as she pulled his body tighter against her.

"Guess,' she teased.

"I've created a monster,' he chuckled, his hands stroking her flawless skin.

"Yes, you have,' she replied, kissing him passionately again. "You married me, Mr. Kent, I expect you to do your husbandly duty."

"With pleasure, but right now, we have to get to the station,' he said, kissing her back.

Diana glanced down between them and then smiled at him.

"Can't we say something's come up?"

"Oh, you're cute,' he replied.

"Just cute, Kal,' she asked. While vanity had never been an issue with Diana, she found she did like hearing compliments from him.

"Cute, beautiful, sexy, breath-taking, shall I go on?"

"That's good for now,' she replied, kissing him again. She put her whole body into each kiss and he found it not only took his breath away, but all other thoughts seemed to dim and slip to the background. I'm never going to get enough of her, he thought.

They both heard the League communicator beep and as reluctantly as they were to answer it, they knew it might be an emergency. Slipping from each other's arms, they moved over to the edge to answer it.

"Yes,' Diana said.

"Diana? This is Jonn, I hope I didn't interrupt anything?"

For some reason Diana blushed and bit her lip before replying. She tactfully didn't answer his question.

"Is-is there an emergency, Jonn?"

"No, I just wanted to remind you both that the others are gathering already to settle the bet,' Jonn explained. "I wanted you to be prepared for their calls if you arrive later than usual."

"Thank you, Jonn, we appreciate it,' she replied.

"You're welcome my friends, and congratulations."

The communicator went silently. Diana set it down and then took a deep breath. She felt marvelous. The first time with Kal had been beyond words. The nervousness she thought she would feel had been push aside by the desire and need. Once they were making love, she knew it was right, perfect. She wasn't sure if it was Athena or Aphrodite, but she would thank all of her patrons for her first time being with him.

She felt goose bumps rise on her skin as he came up behind her. Just his touch excited her. Hera help me, she thought, I hope he never realizes just how much he can affect me with just a touch.

"We should probably get ready,' he offered. She turned in his arms to face him.

"Yes, I know," replied Diana, nodding in agreement. "You still owe me a date, Kal."

"A date too? You are so demanding, Mrs. Kent,' he teased.

"Yes I am, so get used to it, Mr. Kent,' she teased back. "I already know where I want to go on our date, too."

"Care to share it with me?"

"Later,' she said. "Bring a change of clothes though. The charcoal suit and the red tie, please."

"Now she's picking out my wardrobe,' he muttered under his breath and then said a little louder. "I should probably bring an extra shirt too, as you seem to like ripping them off me."

"Good idea,' she laughed, climbing out of the pool and walking towards the patio doors. Clark was about to follow, but the sight of Diana naked stopped him. The water glistened off her skin as his eyes roamed over her perfect body.

"Coming Kal,' she playfully said over her shoulder, knowing he couldn't take his eyes off her. She especially liked that. Clark heard her giggle as she opened the door and went inside.

"I'm never going to get anything done around her,' he muttered aloud. Well, we all have our crosses to bear, he mused to himself with a satisfied smile.

The Watchtower

Almost an hour and a half later, Clark and Diana arrived. That big bed had been just too tempting. They had tried to be careful and somehow had not broken it. Wally and Jonn were at the controls. As they transported in, Diana and Clark were in the middle of a discussion.

"I'm just saying, I like the charcoal grey suit better, is all, Kal,' Diana explained. "It looks better than those basic black suits you usually wear. It's my date, so I want you to look right."

"Yes, ma'am,' Clark replied.

"Wow, you two already sound like an old married couple,' Wally laughed.

"We're newlyweds, Wally, it's only been a month,' Diana replied. She flashed a smile to Clark as they stepped down and started for the door.

"So have you seen each other naked yet,' Wally joked. Diana didn't stop, but turned as they were heading out the door and smiled.


Clark smiled and shrugged his shoulders as they disappeared through the sliding doors. Wally and Jonn stood there stunned for a moment.

"He's my hero,' Wally finally offered.

The Watchtower Cafeteria

The heroes had been gathering for some time now. The bet had been a major subject of conversation for the whole month and considerable money had been placed on its outcome. The winners were especially eager to collect.

Shayera, Dinah and Zatanna were standing together having some of the punch discussing the bet. Zatanna was not in a good mood.

"What is it with you,' Dinah asked. "Don't tell me you're still pining for Clark are you?'

"What? God no,' Zee replied. "It wasn't pining, anyway. I just thought he'd be a nice guy to go out on a date with, that's all. Jeez, Shayera goes out with Wally and no one says a thing, but I mention I wouldn't mind dating Clark and everyone freaks out."

"I'm not dating Wally,' Shayera corrected her.

"Right, sure you're not,' Zee sarcastically replied.

"I'm not!"

"So if it's not that, what is making you so pissy tonight,' Dinah asked, ignoring Shayera's protest.

"I lost two thousand bucks on the bet,' Zee exclaimed. "You'd think the one time I trust Batman, Bruce blows it and loses the bet! He owes me, big time!"

"It was just one date, that's all,' Shayera interjected. "I mean it's not like he's even asked me on a second one. So we're not dating."

'I thought you were rich,' Dinah joked, still not acknowledging Shayera's statements.

"I am,' Zee replied. "I got that way by hard work and not losing stupid bets! I mean if I can't count on Batman to know all the angles and figure out a way to win, I might as well play keno with my money!"

"It is strange he lost,' Dinah admitted. "Although, since I bet on Diana, I'm really happy he did."

"We're really not dating," Shayera repeated.

"Okay, Shayera, we got it,' Zee grumbled. "You're not dating Wally, fine! You have no interest in dating Wally, I'll mark it down."

"I didn't say I had no interest in dating Wally, just that we're not,' Shayera replied before she thought about what she was saying.

"Oh, really,' Zee smiled for the first time. "You and Wally, huh?"

"You-You-You're twisting my words,' Shayera said as she blushed.

"Is that all you two ever think about, gossip," Dinah asked. "There are other things in life you know."

"Well, aren't you so mature,' Zee snidely replied.

"Watch it! I still have my list,' Dinah snapped back.

"Oh, go ahead, put me on your list already,' Zee offered. "I'm out two thousand bucks!"

Diana and Clark made a side trip before they went to the cafeteria. There was one person they wanted to talk to first. They found him where they expected to find him, busy in the computer room.

"Bruce? You have a moment,' Clark said.

He turned and looked at the two of them. He would have had to be a pretty piss poor detective not to see they were in love.

"So the bet's over, huh,' he offered.

"Yes,' Diana said, stepping forward. "While I won the bet, I wanted to let you know I don't plan on collecting my winnings."

"Oh, really,' Bruce replied.

"Yes, Bruce,' Diana continued. "We, Kal and I wanted you to be the first to know about us."

"I tried to tell you the day at your house, but then Lashina struck,' Clark added.

"Tell me that you're in love or you've slept together," he asked.

Diana blushed hotly at this.

"The later,' Clark finally replied. He shifted awkwardly from one foot to the other.

"So you two are in love,' Bruce said flatly. "Congratulations."

"You don't seem surprised,' Diana said. How he knew they'd made love, she wasn't sure she wanted to ask.

"When I saw Clark with you after the attack, it was pretty obvious,' Bruce admitted.

"We wanted you to hear it from us, not from the gossip of others,' Diana told him. Bruce looked at her for a moment. Part of him realized he'd probably missed out on something wonderful with her, but he'd always had a sneaking suspicion these two would end up together. He might be a little sad about what might have been, but these were also his friends.

"I'm happy for you both,' he offered.

"Thank you."

He gave them a rare smile and then turned back to the computer.

"Everyone's gathered in the cafeteria, Bruce,' Diana said to him.

"Yes, I know,' he replied, not looking up from the computer. "I hope you all have a wonderful time."

"You weren't planning on attending," she asked.

"Not really."

Diana looked at Clark and he just shrugged. With a determined expression she went over and turned off the computer.

"Hey, I was working on that!"

"You're coming, Bruce,' Diana said firmly. "You agreed to admit your defeat in front of everyone. You lost the bet, remember?"

"I thought you were foregoing collecting on it,' he said, looking up at her.

"Not all of it,' Diana replied with a smile. "While I know not wearing the costume for a month would be difficult, I've always expected admitting I was right and you were wrong would be the hardest part for you. I'm collecting on that part of the bet, Bruce."

He gazed at her and then looked at Clark for help.

'Don't look at me,' Clark quickly said, raising his hands. "I know when to stay out of it."

"You're getting really good at the husband thing, Clark,' Bruce grumbled.

"It pays to keep the wife happy,' Clark quietly said. "Trust me."

"Let's go, Bruce,' Diana said.

"Couldn't I just do your shifts for a month instead,' he offered.


"Two months?"

"Move, Bruce,' Diana said, helping him get up from the computer.

"All right, let's get this over with,' Bruce finally said, pulling away from Diana's grasp. "I guess I know who wears the pants in your house, Clark."

"Did you really think it would be any other way,' Clark replied.

"No, I guess not,' Bruce offered. The three of them exited the room and headed towards the cafeteria. Always observant, Bruce was sure he saw something different pass between his two friends.

"So I take it you are in no hurry to get the marriage annulled,' he ventured.

Both Clark and Diana smiled and looked at each other.

"You could say that,' Diana admitted.

"So I guess you're the big winner, aren't you, Diana?"

"No, I am," Clark replied, reach over and taking her hand in his. Bruce saw this and rolled his eyes.

"You're not going to be that kind of couple, are you,' he groaned.

"I'm afraid so, Bruce,' Diana said. "We plan on telling everyone of our marriage at the ceremony."

"You might want to hold off on that,' Bruce suggested. The three stopped in the hallway.


"Well, if I know our teammates, they will want to have you two get married again, so they can be there,' Bruce explained. "Bachelorette parties, bridal showers, the whole works. You'll be on the station all night with them planning it."

Diana looked at Clark and knew that was the last thing she wanted to do tonight.

"I guess we could always tell them at a later date,' she offered.

"We'll still be married, so there's no rush,' Clark added. His mind was on other things as well

"Maybe you shouldn't moon over each other quiet so much either,' Bruce offered. "You two have no poker faces at all."

They both laughed and blushed at this. Bruce looked at them and just shook his head.

In the cafeteria, Wally and Mari had come in and joined Shayera, Dinah and Zee. They all moved over to a table to sit down, but Dinah stopped and looked at one of the chairs.

"Has that red chair always been there," she asked. "I thought the chairs were neutral in here?'

"Red, blue, gray, who cares,' Shayera said.

"I think it's Plastic Man,' Dinah replied. "He's always doing weird stuff like this."

"Well, you did let him hug you,' Wally offered. "That sort of says you like him."

"He thinks he's making headway,' Mari added. "Now that you admitted liking him and everything."

"But I don't,' Dinah protested. "Even his hug kind of creeped me out and now I can't get rid of him!"

"You are so paranoid,' Zee muttered as she dropped into one of the seats. "Even if it is Plastic Man, give him a little thrill and sit down. Let him get his jollies off for once."

"Boy you are a bad loser, Zee,' Wally observed. "Although, I do like how your mind works."

"Why don't you get me some more punch, Wally, or I could hit you,' Zee replied.

"Punch it is!"

He dashed off to refill her glass. Shayera sat down, but she was looking at him.

"He still hasn't asked me on a second date,' she murmured. "This was a perfect opportunity and he said nothing."

"You want a second date,' Mari asked.

"Yes-No, I don't know,' Shayera admitted. "I mean we had a nice time, with the boxing and then the fight and finally dancing, you'd think he'd at least asked."

"Maybe he's just shy,' Mari offered. Everyone else stopped what they were doing and just looked at her.

"Okay, I forgot, this is Wally we're talking about,' Mari replied. Zee was about to comment, but she noticed Dinah was still standing. Wally came back and handed her a glass and they both looked at Dinah.

"Dinah,' Zee said.

"It's him, I just know it is,' she replied, giving the chair a little kick. "Well, he can forget it, I'm not sitting down so he can get his jollies somewhere else!"

"Some one's crazy,' Wally whispered to Zee. He rolled his eyes and made a face to go along with the comment. Unfortunately he whispered it just a little too loud.

"Excuse me,' Dinah said, the glare she gave him letting him know she was not happy. "You just made the list, Wally! Why don't you sit there, if you think I'm crazy?"

"No way, I don't want him getting his jollies off with me, either,' Wally protested. "What list? What did I miss?"

"Her shit list,' Zee explained. "Don't feel bad, I'm apparently on it too. So is the chair, I take it."

"He thinks it's Plastic man too,' Dinah replied.

"No, but I don't want to take the chance, either,' Wally offered, moving over and sitting next to Shayera.

"Apparently that's not the only thing you're not taking chances on,' Shayera said, crossing her arms in front of her and turning away from him. Wally looked at her and then at Zee with a look that said, 'what the hell' is that about? Zee was about to answer when she saw Bruce, Diana and Clark enter the room.

"Excuse me a moment,' she said and then made a beeline for Bruce. Dinah took Zee's seat, but kept an eye on the red chair.

Bruce was trying to be a good sport about the bet, but he really didn't like losing, at anything. He said all the right things, but part of him wanted another chance to win. Clark and Diana went over to grab some punch, while he stood at the entrance of the room. He almost missed Zatanna walking towards him, as he was trying to figure out how to turn this around.

"Nice going, detective,' she said to him. "Here I thought you were always five moves ahead of everybody and that's why your 'beloved' Talia calls you detective, but now I see it's to be ironic."

She stood right in front of him with an accusatory look on her face.

"First of all, she's not my beloved, you know that,' he replied. "Second, would you care to inform me why you're being more of a snot than usual?"

"I lost, Bruce,' Zee fired back. "I bet on you and I lost, two thousand dollars."

"Oh, come on, you've got plenty of money,' he said dismissively.

"Not as much as I had before I bet on you,' she lamented. "You owe me, Bruce.'

"All right, I'll take you to lunch, satisfied,' he offered.

"Bruce, I'm a hundred and twenty-five pound woman if you haven't noticed,' she replied. "How much do you think I can eat?"

He gave her a look.

"Okay, one thirty, but I'm five seven and besides, the points still the same!"

'What do you want me to do, write you a check,' he asked. "It is called gambling for a reason, you know?"

"But you never lose," she said.

"I know,' he replied, still not happy about the outcome.

"Well, you better not lose next time or I'm really going to be pissed at you,' she finally said and then turned to walk away. "On a stupid bet about living in the suburbs, just unbelievable."

Clark and Diana had been separated as different heroes started talking to them. Every once and a while, they would look for the other and their eyes would meet. Diana felt a thrill go through her body as his words about what he was thinking when he looked at her came rushing back.

Standing towards one side was Kara, Courtney and Mary.

"They look so pretty as a couple,' Mary said with a big smile.

"I'm responsible,' Kara offered. She stood with her arms crossed and a very satisfied grin on her face. The other two looked at her.

"How's that,' Courtney asked.

"Who do you think pushed those two together? Me, that's who,' Kara informed them.

"Didn't the bet push them together,' Courtney asked.

"Oh please, get real,' Kara scoffed. "If it weren't for me they'd have never hooked up. I told him right from the start this was his big chance to put the moves on the princess."

"You told Mr. Superman to put the moves on Ms. Wonder Woman,' Mary gasped in shock.

"Oh, don't even try that innocent act, Mary,' Kara replied. "It might work with Diana and the older members, but we saw you with Toyman, remember?'

"I-I don't know what you mean,' Mary stammered.

"You threatened to rip his dick off, Mary,' Courtney offered.

"I was angry," Mary said, trying to justify her actions. "I-I didn't know what I was saying."

The other two chuckled at this.

"It's true,' Mary exclaimed.

"Right, you keep telling Billy and the others that,' Kara joked.

"I didn't tell him that,' Mary replied. "He said he already knew it was your bad influence on me, Kara."

"Me? What the hell, Mary? Courtney's the one that swears like a sailor," Kara protested. She looked at Star Girl, but she suddenly wasn't returning the look. "What?"

"I kind of let Pat think it was you, too,' Courtney admitted. "I mean he already kind of did, I just didn't correct him."

Now Kara was pissed. She put her hands on her waist and glared at her two friends.

"He thinks I'm a bad influence on you,' Kara grumbled. "The guy that watches Women in Prison films with you has the nerve to accuse me? And you, Mary, what's the deal with your douchebag brother blaming me for you going ape-shit?"

"Hey,' Courtney protested. "I'm dating that douchebag, remember?"

"He's not a douchebag, you two bitches,' Mary growled at them.

"Here we go with the bitch talk again,' Kara said, rolling her eyes. "Like I said earlier, you may be fooling all of them, but you're not fooling me, Mary Poppins. By the way, you call me a bitch one more time, you won't have to worry about Toyman, cause I'll be putting my foot up your ass, got it?"

"Oh, I call that big talk, honey,' Mary fired back.

"Would you two shut the fuck up, Green Lantern's coming this way,' Courtney whispered. John walked over to the three of them and smiled.

"Enjoying the party, girls,' he asked.

"Yes, Mr. Lantern, it's neat,' Mary replied with a big, innocent smile.

"Wonderful,' Courtney said.

"Aces," Kara added. She even gave him thumbs up.

"Good to hear,' he said and then moved off. Once he was out of earshot, Courtney turned to Kara.

"Aces? How fucking lame is that,' she said chuckling at the thought.

"Even Billy's not a big enough douchebag to use 'Aces' Kara,' Mary added with a laugh.

"Hey, enough with the douchebag stuff, Mary,' Courtney protested. "He's my boyfriend and your brother, remember?"

"Are you going to whine all night or are we hitting the clubs,' Mary dismissively asked.

"Aces, God that is so embarrassing,' Kara lamented. "And I'm the bad influence, right."

Clark and Bruce found themselves off to the side. They would probably only have a moment together before someone else came over, so Clark wanted to use it wisely.

"Thank you for being so gracious, Bruce, I know you don't like to lose,' Clark began.

"Neither does your wife,' Clark,' Bruce replied.

"Are you okay with that,' Clark asked.


"I know you had feelings for her, Bruce,' Clark continued. "I hope you know I-well, we didn't plan it to happen this way?'

"Clark, you're the right guy for Diana,' Bruce admitted. "Yes, I've been attracted to her, but I also knew there were too many obstacles in the way. She's happy and in love with you, just like you're in love with her. I'm fine with that, Clark, and I do wish you both well."

"Thank you, my friend,' Clark said sincerely, shaking Bruce's hand.

"That's what friends are for, besides, I've got my hands full with a certain magician at the moment," Bruce said with a chuckle.

"I can think of worse things,' Clark offered with a smile.

"I suppose,' Bruce admitted.

"There was one other thing, Bruce,' Clark said, lowering his voice. "About the other reason for Diana and I being in that suburbs."

"The devil worshippers?'

"Yes,' Clark nodded. "I know who they are, but I don't think they're really anything to worry about. They're just good, but misguided people, really. I'm pretty sure they are even thinking of moving on from that anyway."

"Was it your neighbors,' Bruce asked. "The aluminum siding couple?"

"How-How did you know that,' Clark asked, a little shocked by Bruce's statement.

"Zatanna and I went down there one day,' Bruce explained. "We attended an open house with them."

"I don't remembering seeing you two."

"Your mind was on Thor at the time,' Bruce replied.

"Oh, that day,' Clark said. "But how did you know about Cubby and LuAnn?"

"We met them,' Bruce continued. "While he was giving me the hard sell on aluminum siding, he and a couple of the others let some things slip. It wasn't that hard to piece it together."

"You didn't contact the authorities, did you,' Clark asked. "I really think they're harmless, Bruce."

"No, I didn't contact anyone,' Bruce replied. "I'm met enough evil people in my life to know who is and who isn't."

"I think Cubby would tell you the only evil is not getting into aluminum siding in this market," Clark joked. Bruce actually smiled at this.

"I know,' Bruce replied. "Give me the Gotham crazies any day.'

Shayera had been dropping veiled hints to Wally, but he just didn't seem to be putting them together. She was getting more than a little frustrated. She sat next to him, watching as he joked and gossiped with Mari and sometimes Dinah. Dinah was distracted, keeping one eye on the red chair.

"So she really admitted they've seen each other naked,' Mari asked with interest.

"Yes! No hesitation, nothing, just right out with it,' Wally excitedly replied. "I think they've been doing more than pretending to be married, if you know what I mean!"

"I knew they'd hooking up," Dinah absently offered.

"Sure you did,' Wally joked. "Did the chair tell you, or did you just know on your own?"

"You just made the list,' Dinah fired back. "I'm telling you I knew, okay? I know when couples are going to hook up, it's a sense I have."

Zatanna wandered back to the table and sat down.

"What sense do you have,' she asked.

"She apparently knows when people are going to hook up,' Wally said with a laugh.

"Do you mean Wally and Shayera,' Zee asked Dinah.

"W-W-What," Wally stammered, caught completely off guard by Zee's statement. Shayera blushed, but didn't say anything.

"No, I mean, I wasn't talking about them," Diana replied.

"Then who?"

"Diana and Clark."

"You did not,' Zee protested.

"I did too,' Dinah said, defending herself. "Just look at them and you can tell."

"Hold it a second,' Wally interrupted. "Why did you say me and Shayera?'

"Oh, come on Wally, it's so obvious,' Zee replied.

"Isn't what obvious," he asked.

"She's been dropping hints left and right for you to ask her out again,' Mari added.

"Really," Wally said in surprise. He turned and looked at her. "I didn't get that at all. Is that true, Shayera?"

The glare she gave him spoke volumes. Wally almost flinched under her unblinking gaze. The sound of Diana's voice cut through the noise and everyone turned towards the front of the room. Wally leaned over and whispered to Shayera.

"You really want to go out with me, again?"

"Are you finally asking me,' she whispered in reply.

"Um, ah, well, yeah?'

"I'll let you know,' Shayera said and then turned towards Diana.

At the front of the room, Diana gestured for Clark and Bruce to join her. Once they were next to her she called for the attention of everyone.

"As you all know, Batman and I have had a bet for the last month,' Diana said. "As of today, the bet is over. Bruce, why don't you tell them the outcome?'

Diana had her most dazzling smile on her face as she stepped back to give Bruce room. He gave her a withering look, but it did nothing to diminish her smile.

"As everyone already knows,' he began. "Diana won the bet."

"And,' Diana said, prompting him.

"And I lost, satisfied, Princess,' he grumbled.

"Yes, thank you,' she said with a nod. "I think I've proved my point."

"I sort of doubt that,' Bruce muttered. "It was only a month in the suburbs, Diana, not exactly a life or death situation."

"You lost, Batman and the rules were ones you agreed on,' Diana proudly said. "Besides, it's not like you could do it."

A chuckle went through the crowd at even the thought of it. It died rather quickly under the infamous Batman glare.

"You don't think I could do the same thing you and Clark did, Princess,' Bruce asked, his voice almost on edge.

"No,' Diana replied, looking him right in the eye. "What were your words, oh, yes, some of us are just better suited for different assignments, Bruce."

"You seem awfully sure of yourself, Princess."

"I am,' Diana stated. "I won and I don't think you could do the same.'

This had been bothering him for most of the day and he suddenly made an impulsive offer.

"Care to wager on it, Princess,' Bruce asked.

"What do you have in mind, Bruce,' she asked, confident she could match his bluff.

"Double or nothing,' Bruce stated. "Winner takes all, Diana."

"Same rules,' she asked.


"It's a bet!"

The room exploded with this bit of news. Heroes were already talking about whom they were betting on. Diana held out her hand and Bruce took it.

"Oh, before I forget, Gotham Heights is a couples community, Bruce,' Diana said. "So who's going to play your wife?'

"Zatanna,' he stated.

Zee had only been half listening to the conversation. She already knew she lost and this seemed just a formality. She was just taking a drink of punch when she heard her name. Her eyes went wide and the punch came spraying out from her lips, soaking Wally, Shayera, Mari and Dinah.

"What the hell, Zee,' Wally protested. The others wiped their faces and looked at her in shock.

It took a moment for her to catch her breath.

"What-What did he say,' she finally managed to ask. "I'm doing what, with who?'

"Suburbia here you come, Zee,' Shayera laughed and the rest of the table joined in.

"No! No way, not going to happen!"

She continued to protest, even as Bruce walked over to the table.

"Can I speak with you a moment, in private,' he asked her.

"It's not going to change anything, Bruce,' Zee immediately replied, even as he was helping her out of her chair. "There's no way I'm moving to the suburbs, no way!"

In the next moment she was standing and he ushering her into one of the side rooms. She protested the whole way. The others watched, silently but fascinated until the door closed.

"Okay, 2 to 1 odds on them not making it,' Wally said. "Any takers?"

The red chair next to Dinah suddenly began to change.

"I'll take some of that action! A-ring-a-ding-Ding!"

"I knew it! I knew it,' Dinah shouted. The room filled with voices as the betting got underway.

Off to the side, Diana and Clark were standing together. She leaned in and whispered to him and he smiled and nodded. Unnoticed, they slipped out of the room and exited the station.

Niagara Falls – Honeymoon Suite

A large red, heart-shaped bed dominated the room. Under the silk sheets, two newlyweds were doing what newlyweds had been doing since this hotel was built. The roar of the Falls just outside was the reason most of the other guests though they felt the Earth move. The thought that Superman and Wonder Woman might be causing it in the honeymoon suite never crossed anyone's mind.

The fact was, they weren't. Clark and Diana Kent, newlyweds, occupied the honeymoon suite. That's who they were, just Clark and Diana, married couple.

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