I have to say I loved Phantom Planet, though I'm sad that Danny Phantom is over. :( But I'm forever a fan to that awesome Nick show.

My first ever Danny Phantom story and I made a crossover!

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They look so happy...

Desiree stared through the tiny hole that separated the real world from the ghost world as she watched a white-haired young boy carry a young Goth girl in his arms through the place known as Amity Park. The laughter they both shared...the closeness...as of most of the people in Amity Park, most of the ghosts knew that it was about time they got together.

It had been almost two months since the life-changing events that forced her kind to help out the ghost boy known as Danny Phantom to save both their worlds, and Skulker kept his word when he said that these events just made him more eager to attack the real world and hunt Danny.

This is what ghosts do...this is how ghosts live in the afterlife...but Desiree wanted to live more than just scare people. And definitely more than being forced to grant people's wishes...

She wanted an actual life...that may be impossible considering she was now dead and just a spirit floating among the sky but stilll, she wanted to live as if she still lived.

And it was that decision that she told Skulker she was leaving.

"What?" Skulker exclaimed in shock.

Having arrived in his personal quarters, the wish-granting ghost informed him of what she was planning and she saw it coming that he was quite overwhelmed by such a decision.

"I'm leaving, brother," she said sadly. For as long as they've known each other, they had been very close as of a brother and sister. And, like any big brother, Skulker was a bit worried of what may result in the choice chosen by the ghost girl he had always called his sister.

"It's a dangerous world out there," he warned, though saying it as gently as possible. "Ghost hunters are being formed everywhere, and that Phantom kid is willing to take down any of us no matter what time or place because the world knows him now as the the simply punk who is actually the ghost hero."

Desiree sighed. "I know that, Skulker...but isn't trying worth living, or at least trying at living?" She looked down at her ghostly green hands. "I know I might run into trouble, but I do know there is more to the afterlife." She looked up at him. "I know you're living your life as a hunter and blowing heads off is fun, but me...I need to find my true purpose that doesn't involve granting wishes."

Skulker became silent, regarding the ghost woman before him. Though they said she died of age, she truly died young with a broken heart. Apparently, that heart was still broken and while people received their desires, Desiree received nothing...What kind of brother figure would he be to let her suffer that pain for all eternity?

He sighed before reaching over and placing a hand on her ghostly shoulder. "Though I don't approve of this...don't let it stop you from acquiring your dreams, little sister."

Desiree placed her hand upon his and smiled up at him. "Thank you, brother."

With that announced to the other ghosts, Ember was given the duties that Desiree had and soon the wish-granting ghost looked down at her world one last time. The ghostly faces of her friends, the nod of her brother figure, the hope for her to be safe and live even when she was dead.

The portal to the real world opened once again, and with one final wave, Desiree flew into it.

"TOUCHDOWN!" Yelled the announcer as the stadium cheered on for the star quarterback as he made it across the field-no help needed from the rest of his team.

"Oh, yeah!" Aldrin Pesky hollered as he slammed the football into the ground and did a victory dance. "Shake what your momma gave ya!"

Now yes they live in the real world...no, they're not exactly 'human'.

They're bugs, and Aldrin Pesky himself was a fly.

The town these insect citizens lived in was called Stickyfeet, and though it seems like your usual town, it's actually a toy-sized place somewhere in a city dump. Though they're flies, they were all of human character in mind, attitude, and life. And like any town, Stickyfeet was proud of their football team, especially its star quarterback.

Aldrin laughed as he was carried away by the large crowd, on their way to another victory party in honor of him.


Aldrin turned to see Dawn Swatworthy, the prettiest and most popular fly in Buzzdale Academy School. She was equally popular with him, and therefore, the other flies often thought that they should date each other because of their status. While Aldrin has dated every cheerleader on the squad, Dawn just wasn't on his 'go-get' list for some reason. Maybe because she was more than he bargained for...or maybe because his sister Maggie hated her and he was actually considerate not to make her even more infuriated.

He did give her a wink when Dawn blew him a kiss.

She was definitely going to be a sight for sore eyes at the victory party.

Thank goodness she had the power of invisibility...

Desiree floated through the night sky as she gazed down at the well-lit city she had come across during her very long travel since leaving the ghost world and escaping Amity Park unnoticed. She was growing tired and she needed to find a place fast.

Suddenly, something caught her eye.

With the eyes of a hawk, she scanned towards a nearby dump. She had no idea why she was even staring at trash and filth, but then something small yet particular caught her attention even more.

Among the scattered garbage, something resembling a diorama of a town stood proudly among the filth. A town? Desiree thought she was going crazy from flying for so many hours straight. But as she flew down a bit closer...

It did sort of look like a town...though not quite like Amity Park or anything like that.

Desiree looked up at the moon and knew that it was growing darker by the second, so she slowly closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

And she slowly shrank.

It was a power she learned for a while and now it was being put to good use as her size became perfect to fit herself in this trashy little place she knew was definitely a town of some kind. She still remained in her invisible state as she flew down to the grown, her flight speeding up as she searched for a place she could stay for the night...

Aldrin danced around as he held his victory trophy close. The party was awesome, people cheering him, girls swooning over him, and all the pizza he could eat. For every victory, there always was an awesome party, and he had won every football game there was. The trophy in his four arms would soon join the others in room. Now he was on his way home for a good night's sleep and awaiting another day filled with sports and even more admiration from his peers.

He suddenly stopped in his tracks as he glanced up at a certain building.

The old abandoned house. He remembered back in October when he and his siblings were doing their yearly scare war and his little brother Pubert was dared to spend a night there. It was actually all a prank to scare and worry Maggie and thus dubbing her 'Chicken of the Year'.

Aldrin didn't know why he did so, but he slowly walked up the steps of the old house and opened the creaking door before entering inside.

"Oh, bleh!" He cried in disgust as he pushed aside cobwebs and dust, which were a total threat to ruining the lovely shine of his newest trophy. "If ghosts lived here, couldn't they ever consider cleaning up after themselves?"

Suddenly, he heard crying...and immediately, his face turned white.

"I didn't mean it literally..." His voice trailed off in a scared whisper as he held his trophy close and trembled in fear.

Desiree sat upon an old recliner seat as she gazed at an old photo frame she had found laying around in this old house she had flew across. The frame showed a sepia tone picture of a loving couple that probably lived somewhere back in the 20s.

They were holding...kissing...hugging...they actually lived good lives.

And that made Desiree weep. She wasn't sure if it was because they were old and loved each other very much it was beautiful...or because she never lived long to experience anything like that.


Desiree gasped, dropping the picture as she quickly turned around to see a shadow merge slowly into the living room. Quickly, Desiree seeped her ghost form into the recliner, hiding her body well as her eyes peeked out to see whom the mysterious person was.

"Man, is there a light switch around here?" Aldrin whined as one of his hands flapped around the dark living room, searching for a swtich of any kind.

Desiree cocked an eyebrow as she looked at the mysterious shadow in confusion. He looked as if he had four arms...

"Got it!" Aldrin exclaimed as he reached up and grabbed what appeared to be the string of some light switch and pulled.

Fading light covered the room, and Desiree finally got a good look at the mysterious being.

He was a fly, an actual fly, walking on two legs and sporting hair and wearing a jacket like that Dash kid from back in Amity Park. Though Desiree was shocked to see such a being, she was never repulsed. She was actually curious.

"Well, this a dump," Aldrin sighed as he turned to leave. Suddenly, he tripped over something...

Desiree gasped.

Aldrin closed his eyes, expecting himself to land face-first into the dusty floor. But it never happened...

Opening his eyes, he was inches away from the floor...and he felt himself being held back. Quickly looking up, he found glowing green hands held around his waist...following them, Aldrin turned and came face-to-face with Desiree.

"Oh, my bug!" He cried as he broke out of her hold and stumbled back, breathing rapidly and staring at the ghost girl with huge eyes.

Desiree sighed as she looked down at him. "Hey, I'm just as freaked out about the sight of you, as well."

"W-who are you?" Aldrin stuttered. "Are you some ghost from Halloween past or something?"

"Do I look like I represent Halloween?" She snapped, placing her hands on her hips. "I'm a ghost, you fool!"

"I kind of already knew that," Aldrin said fearfully, clutching his trophy close to him.

"Well, like every ghost, I was once a living, breathing...human," she said carefully, eyeing his bug-like features. "I was a Harlem girl, a dancer to a king."

"Oh, go figure..." Aldrin squeaked nervously. "A dancer...who'd a thunk it?"

Desiree eyes him. "Look, I know...glowing green skin...floating body...no feet. Well, at least I don't have four arms an a pair of wings."

Suddenly, Aldrin's fear died down as he narrowed his eyes at her. "Hey, I'm a fly! At least I'm still alive!"

Desiree rolled her eyes, but deep down it really stung. "You living are always so braggy..." She turned away from him and floated to a nearby window. "Go ahead and leave; I won't stop you. You're not the first person who's turned me away..."

Aldrin's anger died down as he stared at the ghost girl. "Hey...look...sorry about that."

Desiree didn't even look at him. "Yeah, it's alright."

Aldrin was silent for a few moments. "So, uh...you say you were a dancer...to an actual king?"

Finally, Desiree turned to look at him. "It was long before you were even born..." Then she continued looking out the window. "I caught the king's eye, and we...we fell in love."

"Fell in love, huh?" Aldrin averted his eyes.

Desiree sighed. "He promised me anything...what my heart desired...but then his jealous wife banished me..."

Aldrin stared at her. "And then how did you end up..."

"Of a broken heart," she said simply. "They say I died of old age, but I was still young...still remain the age I was back then when everything I desired...I lost."

Aldrin looked at her, then looked at his trophy. What truly was desire, anyway? For as long as he had been a superstar, all he really desired was winning games and getting girls...the ghost girl's desires seemed so much more different.

"Hey, uh, ghost girl..." He began nervously. "We might have come to a bad start..." He took a few steps closer. "I'm Aldrin. Aldrin Pesky."

Desiree only slightly turned, the corner of her eye looking at him. "Desiree..."

"Desiree, wow..." He nodded at the unusual name. "Sounds French...maybe even Hispanic..."

"It's more of a task," she said sadly.


She turned to face him. "I am a ghost that grants wishes no matter what."

"Um, isn't that for a genie?" Aldrin asked, eyeing her carefully.

"Don't blame me, I somehow got these powers after I died," she retorted. "Go on, wish for something."

"Okay, ghost girl," Aldrin played along. He pondered for a bit. "Okay...um, I wish for a special case to keep my new trophy in."

Desiree held her hands up and closed her eyes. "So you have wished it..." She said automatically. "...so it shall be."

Before Aldrin knew it, in his hands was the most beautiful and flawless glass case he had ever seen. His trophy looked even more magnificient as it was held inside the lovely case. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he turned from his new case to Desiree, who just shrugged.

"W-wow..." He managed to say. "That is cool."

Desiree averted her eyes, but she managed a small smile. "Yeah, thanks." She looked towards the window to see how mucb darker it was becoming. "You better get home, Aldrin Pesky." She looked at him, and her smile got a bit bigger. "It...it was nice meeting you, okay?"

Then Aldrin managed a small smile as he held his case trophy to his chest. "Um, yeah..." He was about to turn to leave...

But the he stopped in his tracks as he gazed at Desiree sadly looking out the window. He had to feel bad for her, not because she was already dead, but because of her past and what's become of her present.

And she didn't have anywhere better to stay.

Aldrin pondered for a few moments before he took a deep breath. "Hey, Desiree?"

The ghost girl slowly turned to look at him. "Yes?"

"Would you...would you like to stay at my house?"

If you people never watched the old Disney series "The Buzz on Maggie", I suggest getting some information on Wiki as well as seeing the episodes on YouTube. It was a pretty cool show that ended too early.