Short little piece trying to explain how in the hell Natasi Daala ended up as Chief of State. I own nothing.

Here we go!

It took all the patience Natasi Daala could muster not to scream as she read through datapad after datapad of new laws, procedures and minutiae. Her right hand clenched tightly as the current Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance imagined it around Luke Skywalker's throat, squeezing until the Jedi Master was no more...

Her daydream and good mood was shattered when the intercom buzzed and her secretary's voice came over. "Madame, there's a message coming over. It's on Yellow Channel." There was a pause before her voice came over again. "Madame?"

Daala didn't acknowledge the voice. Her mind was a million light-years away, where the transmission was originating. Her hand slid over to the 'transmit' button right below the desk's imbedded speaker grille. "Thank you," she muttered, tapping it then deactivating the comm.

As soon as the connection was severed, she slid open a drawer and pulled out a small gray box studded with dials and buttons. She pushed each button and turned the dials. Each action isolated the room more and more, until only the Yellow Channel signal linked her office with the rest of the galaxy.

The Chief of State rose from her desk and walked over to a holo-emitter pad embedded in the floor. She knelt on the gray metal disc, waiting for sensors to scan her vitals and determine that, indeed, she was Natasi Daala. A bluish energy field surrounded her while a large, indistinct gray blob appeared in front. "What is your bidding, my master?"

The hologram wavered slightly, gradually coming into more focus, revealing itself to be a sitting humanoid. It raised a still-blobby arm and spoke in a raspy, male voice. "Is he gone?" he asked. "Has Jedi Skywalker been removed from the equation?"

Daala's head bobbed. "Yes, my lord. He and his son have been banished from the Galactic Alliance. The Jedi have been isolated, too."

The hologram wavered and the arm took on definite shape, revealing a withered hand, clenched by age. ""It is the best to be hoped for, at this stage. You have done well, Natasi Daala. All is proceeding as I have seen it. With Skywalker and his brat chasing Caedus' trail, there will be nothing to stop my arrival." The upper body leaned forward. "You shall have a place by my side."

Daala's cheeks flushed red, and she raised her head slightly. "Thank you. I live only to serve you."

The hologram chuckled. "If all my servants would be so loyal." There was a final burst of static, and the hologram took on lifelike clarity... revealing a wrinkled old scientist, with cybernetic gear fastened around his bald head. He sat in a hoverchair, his left arm withered and useless. "Soon, I shall forge a new empire!" Davros of Skaro half-shouted. A photoreceptor implanted in his forehead brightened as he continued. "And soon, I shall return to my own reality, a new Dalek Empire at my command! The Doctor cannot stop me here, so he shall be powerless to do so when I return. And I shall CONTROL TIME I!T!S!E!L!F!"

Tatooine, Arkanis Sector

Vroop, vroop, vroop...

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