A/N: Hey, just a Kingdom Hearts story I scrambled together. I like to think of it as Kingdom Hearts III so that's what i'm gonna name the story, hehe. I can't believe it's only been three or so months since I discovered Kingdom Hearts, I'm totally peeved I didn't know about it before, it's such an amazing storyline, and it's so great because it gives teenagers and adults a way to still enjoy disney films and such, but in a more complicated and serious way. Like, i'm sure 4-9 year olds would NEVER be able to understand the Kingdom Hearts storyline, so clearly the game is for older people, and they made the storyline so intriguing, it makes older people want to play it, despite it having all these disney films and features in it.

Now, in this story, King Mickey has contacted Sora, Riku and Kairi about troubles that have begun brewing once again between the worlds. Maleficent and Pete are back and dangerous than ever. Maleficent is gathering her Heartless once again in an attempt to re-create Kingdom Hearts and use it's darkness to become more powerful; much like Xehanort's heartless attempted to do in the first Kingdom Hearts game. Roxas/Naminé, Riku/Yuffie, Leon/Tifa, Cloud/Aerith pairings, but mainly focusing on Sora/Kairi.

Now, I know in the original Kingdom Hearts storyline, King Mickey's message actually said that Sora was "The Key That Connects Everything" and that he had to go on one another journey to save Axel, Xion, Roxas, Terra, Aqua, Ventus and Naminé and that this ultimately leads to the storyline for Kingdom Hearts III...but, i'll leave that awesome as storyline for the professionals, and make my own version of King Mickey's letter, and my own version of Kingdom Hearts III. And also, the events in Kingdom Hearts: coded, never happened in this story.

So yeah, enjoy guys and...

p.s. HOW INCREDIBLY HORRIBLE IS THE SCENE IN KINGDOM HEARTS: BIRTH BY SLEEP WHERE VENTUS GETS FROZEN! When Xehanort got his hands on Ventus and was crushing his helmet and was freezing him and Ventus looked so scared and was looking at Aqua...and then Aqua is holding him in her arms and his eyes are like slightly moving...oh my god, I cried...i'm not kidding. I weeped for about an hour straight going, "NOT VENTUS!" lol, i'm such a nerd. Anyway, enjoy!


Chapter One

Destiny Islands

She watched the waves crash against each other, smashing into the rocks and disappearing into the sand. She closed her eyes, letting the sound take her in. A slight smile played on her lips, as memories of the previous weeks soared through her mind. Riku and Sora had returned.



Her Sora.

They were home. She shook her head, trying to stop the tears spilling down her cheeks. She had half a mind to dash across to the other side of the island, just to make sure that it was real, that Sora and Riku really were home, and that she wasn't still by herself on the island, desperately awaiting their return and clinging onto her memories of Sora in a futile attempt to keep them. She opened her eyes slowly, her breath whoosing out of her.

"It's real, Kairi. You know this." A voice echoed in her head. She sighed.

"I know, Naminé, but it feels too real. Too real to be true." She said out loud. She heard Naminé sigh in frustration and chuckled slightly. The waves crashed louder this time, and she could hear Sora and Riku's laughter in her mind as memories of their reunion flooded her mind.

"W-we're back." He said, laughing and shaking water out of his hair. Kairi held her hand out.

"You're home." She said, smiling. He grinned and took her hand. She helped him up. He laughed and embraced her, his long arms wrapping around her skinny waist easily, as if they belonged there. Kairi sighed happily and melted in his arms, feeling at home.

Her mind was torn from the memory as she felt something bump against her foot. Her eyes snapped open and she looked down.

"Oh." A bottle lay at her feet. She bent down and picked it up. She looked inside and found a letter...

A letter with a familiar seal on it. She narrowed her eyes, gazing at it, trying to remember...

She gasped.

"King Mickey..." She whispered. She stood like this for a full minute, frozen.

"RUN!" Naminé bellowed in her mind. Kairi didn't need telling twice. She ran as fast as she could through the door to the cove, down the steps, over the bridge and toward the tree where Riku and Sora stood, looking at the sunset.

"Sora! Riku!" She yelled with what little breath she had, pumping her legs to reach them faster. She bent down before them, catching her breath.

"Hey, what's up?" Sora asked, stepping toward her. She held out the bottle.

"Look." She said, holding it up to him. He saw the seal.

"From the king?" He grabbed it and uncorked it, shaking the bottle and holding his other hand out. The letter fell into it and he opened it hurriedly but gently. Riku stepped closer to him and so did Kairi. Together, they read...

Sora, Riku, Kairi

I write to you in a troubled time.

The worlds are in peril once more, and we need your help.

Maleficent and Pete are on a crusade to re-create a Kingdom Hearts filled with darkness to become unstoppable, and to take over all the worlds.

Sora, Riku, Kairi, they must be stopped.

I send you a light to gain you access to Disney Castle. Look to the moon at midnight on the day you recieve this letter.

I hope you'll join us.

The fate of all the worlds lie in your hands.

King Mickey.

They finished reading the letter and Kairi's heart was racing.

"Maleficent and Pete...ugh, I knew we hadn't heard the end of them!" Sora said, clutching the note in anger.

"We have to go!"

"Sora, we can't. Not till the light appears. Midnight tonight. We'll wait for it." Riku said.

"Yeah, course. We're gonna save the worlds once again, right Kairi? Kairi?" Sora turned to her as she didn't reply.

"Kairi, what's wrong?" He said, gazing at her. Her breath quickened and she looked at him, tears glistening in her eyes.

"You're going on another adventure?" She whispered.

"Kairi, breathe!" Naminé's voice echoed in her head, but she shook it, the tears falling down her cheeks.

"Kairi, I-"

"You're leaving me again!" She yelled furiously. Sora placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Kairi, I have to! Those are my friends-"

"And what about me? Am I not your friend? Do I not mean anything to you?" She whispered. Because you mean everything to me. She so desperately wanted to add, but she held her tongue.

"Kairi, you know you're my friend, and you know you mean alot to me!" Kairi tried to ignore the stabbing pain in her heart at the word 'alot'. She removed her eyes from his, closing them and turning her face. He gripped her arms.

"Kairi, they need my help! The King needs my help! And I can't ignore it! You'll still have Riku."

"Excuse me?" Kairi heard Riku's deep voice exclaim, but still her eyes remained closed, her face turned away, so Sora wouldn't see the tears flowing down her cheeks.

"The letter says 'Sora, Riku and Kairi, Sora. He wants all three of us." Kairi looked up at Riku, his image blurry from the tears still clinging to her eyelashes.

"Bu-but it's too dangerous!" Sora exclaimed, his hands still gripping Kairi's arms as Kairi was leaning away from him, trying to escape his clutches. Riku chuckled slightly and brushed his fringe out of his eyes.

"Like you're to talk. Don't you ever forget, Sora: it was me that battled the Darkness. You wouldn't understand dangerous if it nipped you in the butt. Kairi and I are coming with you, whether you like it or not." Kairi's heart began racing again. Was it true? Could she really be a part of the adventure this time?

"But Kairi...and Naminé..."

"What about Naminé?"

"If Kairi gets hurt, so does Naminé!"

"And if you get hurt, so does Roxas. But you don't hear either of them complaining." Sora finally let go of Kairi as he clutched his head, seething in pain.

"Roxas wants to fight." Naminé told Kairi just as Sora muttered, "Roxas agrees with you, clearly." He rubbed his head.

"I'll never understand that connection you and Roxas have." Kairi thought in her mind to Naminé.

"We share a connection because you and Sora share a connection." She said gently. Kairi thought about it, confused, but brushed it off, focusing on the matter at hand instead.

"Then maybe you should just go, Riku! Cause clearly, if Roxas and Naminé disconnect from our bodies and become Nobodies again, and they get hurt or killed, Kairi and I will become weakened, because one half of ourselves has been hurt, right? So maybe you should just go! GOOD LUCK!" Sora turned away from him, clearly angry. Riku sighed and put his hand on his shoulder.

"We'll all go together. Naminé and Roxas will remain a part of you, they won't detach from you." Sora clutched his head in pain and Naminé whistled inside Kairi's head.

"He's not too happy about that."

"Thank god you're a peaceful person, Naminé."

"ROXAS, SHUT UP!" Sora yelled. Kairi heard Naminé chuckle inside her mind and Kairi repressed a smile as well. Sora did not have as good a connection with Roxas as Kairi had with Naminé. They often fought, and Sora often looked like a crazy person, yelling at what looked like himself.

"Sorry, Roxas, but Riku's right, you can't become 'yourself' again and detach from me. If you do, we'll both be vulnerable. It's too risky. That's the final decision." Sora said. There was silence for a few seconds and Sora sighed in relief.

"Thanks, Roxas."

"He's agreed." Naminé told Kairi.

"Good." Kairi said out loud. Riku sighed.

"This is already getting old, fast." He said, pinching his the bridge of his nose with his forefinger and thumb and hanging his head.

"So, we wait till midnight..." Kairi said, looking at Sora. Their eyes met and her heart fluttered slightly. He grinned.

"We wait till midnight, and then we go and help King Mickey save the worlds."

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